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17 Sep
What would you choose?

A Memecoin
- $FLOKI $SHIB #BabyDogeCoin

Or an Altcoin Gem

#Altcoins #altcoingems #cryptocurrencies
A Memecoin is a crypto inspired by jokes/memes.
The most popular memecoin is $DOGE which was created in 2013 as a parody.

Most of the time memcoins are ridiculed because they have no real utility compared to others #Altcoins

But they are still invested on because of Greed.
On the other hand #altcoingems are cryptos that have a strong real case utility and Fundamentals.

Like $MRPH is the official token for @MRPHSupplyChain where it can be used to pay for the services offered by platform.

What is @MRPHSupplyChain ?
Let me explainπŸ‘‡

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15 Sep
Top 5 staking APRs on BSC - Mid-Term HODL

1. @PancakeSwap $CAKE 230%+
2. @Landshareio $LAND 150%
3. @autofarmnetwork $AUTO 133%
4. @dypfinance $DYP 100%
5. @ape_swap $BANANA 80%

#YieldFarming #BSCGems #BinanceSmartChain Image
🍷APR: 230%+

βœ… FARM: Pancakeswap
βœ… TVL: $11 billion
βœ… EARN: Cake
βœ… Coingecko: #38
βœ… CMC 24 hr Volume: 381 Million
βœ… Exchanges: Binance, FTX etc.
βœ… Audit: Certik, Slowmist
βœ… Rugdoc: Least Risk

#BSCGems #staking
.@Landshareio is a Blockchain Real Estate platform allowing investors to earn yields on rental profits and property appreciation.

You can also stake $BUSD OR $LAND tokens in yield farming vaults to earn rewards.
APR- 150%

#BSCGems #staking #YieldFarming
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