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10 Jun 20
Exposing Evil - The Pixel Matrix

Backchannels, secure comms, game theory, classified information, mapkeys, stringers, keystone, news unlocks the map/news is the key, we are the news now, coordinated, silent war, shadow gov, image/vid format...all words or phrases we have heard
Q mention on more than 1 occasion. My personal favorite “you have more than you know”. We really do.
Did anyone else find it strange that out of all of the insane capabilities our government has and how advanced their technology is, they never created a program capable of
scanning the content of memes? And if “memes” are the enemy of their false narrative/information stream, why not just completely remove the ability to post them? One would think...problem solved. Unless, you were using these images and these videos to securely communicate with
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9 Jun 20
The Illusion of the Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is the legal principle that the law should govern a nation of people equally, rather than be governed by arbitrary decisions made by those with selfish interests to gain, such as individuals that influence society, are in public
office or are government officials. Rule of law implies that every citizen no matter what their position, rank or wealth is subject to the law including the lawmakers, bankers, intelligence agencies, and politicians themselves. If we consider an intelligent debate about how
Materialism and Consumerism have become the primary world religion at a terrible cost to those less privileged, it is easy to see the conflict of interest that occurs when the pursuit of profit and materialistic consumerism is pitted against the Rule of Law. When a society is
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8 Jun 20
I'm guessing most of you know about Jeffrey Epstein (his island, what it was used for, who he “entertained”, his creepy eugenics baby farming ranch in New Mexico, the entire lab dedicated to Eugenics he funded and basically created at Harvard) and Pizzagate, Spirit Cooking, to
name only a few things, all of this human trafficking, the thousands of recent trafficking arrests, Executive Orders issued by president Trump against trafficking, etc. (if you have not, there are your keywords to research 😉)
So with this general knowledge, I want you to also think about these facts for a moment...
-800,000 children go missing in just the US every year.
-That's approx. 2,200 children PER DAY.
-8,030,000, that's the number of children that go missing globally every year.
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7 Jun 20
Understanding the Schumann Resonance Spikes....

Stellar Activation
The process of dissolving the lower-dimensional energy layers within the Auric Field and transmuting their particle content into the next dimensional band of frequency is referred to as a Stellar Activation.
As the planetary body or human body evolves through these multiple levels of frequency accretion, the energetic layers within the Auric Field progressively undergo transmutation of form.
Once a personal energy or Auric Field has accreted most of the frequency bands from the dimensions that compose one Harmonic Universe, (i.e. the Earth's Field) the energy layers that correspond to these lower dimensions begin to dissolve. The particles contained within the
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6 Jun 20
I’ll post tips from my 2nd Account in the comments.
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5 Jun 20
Who remembers my post about trying to wake up the incarcerated in our prisons? Well, I’ve been officially shut down. But, I was able to send TONS of information in text form before it occurred. The person I was in contact with has now lost all contact privileges for 2 weeks and I
can no longer send info. Want to see the images I sent that got us both the axe? 🙃
So, to the nay sayers. If NONE OF THIS is real, why on earth would our prison systems respond this way? 🙃 Im not giving up. I’ll get through.
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2 Jun 20
There’s some weird shit goin’ on in my neck of the woods tonight. These were not just “holes” in the clouds. Those black portions were moving separately and were visibly black and they completely hid the moon like it vanished when they passed by/infront of it.
I have a video too if I can get rid of the sound/my stupid commentary I’ll post it 😆
I gotta post the video so you guys can see the difference in the sky. There was something in those “clouds” because it is not the weather.
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1 Jun 20
@carmenxbrook @EntheosShines @takeverything20 Best thing I’ve seen someone say today. And this is exactly why some of us have fought so hard to make sure our right to own and carry them has not been taken. The ONLY reason we even have a shot at saving humanity, is because of our 2nd Amendment. If it were for gun owning
@carmenxbrook @EntheosShines @takeverything20 USA citizens, they would have finished us off and taken over decades ago. There are only 3 countries that have the right to bear arms protected in their constitutions. And the USA is one of them.
@carmenxbrook @EntheosShines @takeverything20 if it were not* damn typos. 😆
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31 May 20
So I’ve been working on a really deep and thorough dig for a while now. Ive also sort of been avoiding sitting back down with it to finish it up. Then something interesting happened today. I’ve been cleaning out unnecessary crap from the house and listed some stuff locally on
FB marketplace. I always peep the info of the person responding to ads such as this and this time I had noticed he did not even live in our state. I expand this dudes info and realize he works for the facility that is the center of the dig I’m working on and all of it’s research.
Some time ago I would have dismissed it as nothing but a coincidence but, as many of us have already discovered, there are no such thing. So obviously now I’m intrigued and ready to knock this shit out and cause some trouble, haha.
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29 May 20
I debated whether or not to share this. But, fuck it. So, yesterday I received a phone call from an inmate at a correctional facility. Hadn’t talked to this person in a very long time, accepted the call and then didn’t know what to say so, I of course start with DO YOU HAVE ANY
FUCKING CLUE WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW? 😆 He says well yeah the whole COVID thing I mean we still get all the news channels, CNN etc. (cringe) I said stop watching the news it’s all fucking bullshit!! Then I begin to inform the caller of our current
global events...AND THE FACILITY DISCONNECTED THE CALL. And has not allowed them to make another...
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29 May 20
@LionOfWhiteHall Dude. I feel you. Right now I’m averaging about 1.12 million impressions every 5 days or so, but you’d never know it by looking at the numbers shown. They won’t let any of my posts go more than 10 or so above 1500MAX.I’ve literally experimented with other people, haha
@LionOfWhiteHall I am not paranoid this shit is literally happening. 🤣 But being serious for a moment, I’ve been watching this for quite a while. That’s why I’m so confident. So many more people are seeing this information than I think we really even realize yet. I’ve
@LionOfWhiteHall gotten notifications for 35 new followers over the last 20 min or so and my follower count literally DECREASED by 3 🤣 I’ve been saving information since it started happening I fucking screenshot everything hahaha, this stuff will shit on them in a class action.
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28 May 20
At any given moment of your lifetime on earth you are at a crossroads. Every minute, every day, every choice is a crossroads. As an energetic being in a human body you exist at the nexus of a network of potential futures. Each choice you make aligns you with a particular
energetic future. Good or bad. Light or heavy.

What determines which path you take, is the energy and emotion you hold from moment to moment. You can at all times align with the most positive, loving, happy future available – by getting into and staying in the corresponding
energy vibration. Your choices align you with either happy or unhappy “futures” and developments.
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28 May 20
FYI: this is an awesome book for kids. Mine ❤️ it. I’ll give you the basic idea (copied the description, haha) “Each of us has an invisible bucket. When our bucket is full, we feel great. When it’s empty, we feel awful. Yet most children (and many adults) don’t realize the Image
importance of having a full bucket throughout the day. In How Full Is Your Bucket? Felix begins to see how every interaction in a day either fills or empties his bucket. Felix then realizes that everything he says or does to other people fills or empties their buckets as well.
Follow along with Felix as he learns how easy it can be to fill the buckets of his classmates, teachers and family members. Before the day is over, you’ll see how Felix learns to be a great bucket filler, and in the process, discovers that filling
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28 May 20
@austere1717 And why the Vatican has the telescope named Lucifer here in AZ that they use to spot the ET’s they know are coming back. 😬
@austere1717 Fascinating info regarding this btw. Lucifer, which stands for (deep breath) "Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research," is a chilled instrument attached to a telescope in Arizona. ...
@austere1717 That's right, the Vatican has an observatory in Arizona, manned by Jesuit astronomers. “Lucifer Instrument Helps Astronomers See Through Darkness to Most Distant Observable Objects”.
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28 May 20
Alright I need some input, everyone. We all know the days of Twatter land are numbered. I’ve been struggling with ideas on how to make sure so many don’t lose access to such important information when that time comes. I also want to do something that does not require anyone to
pay me for this information 😅 because I think that’s total crap. (One of the few things I speak out against concerning other Tweeters are those who take advantage of the pain and confusion and desperation of others for their own monetary gain using our current times as their
foot in the door to do so) So after toying with thoughts for a while, I’m thinking podcast/blog posts are my best option. What do you all think?
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27 May 20
Alright guys. I say we start buying up billboards. Who’s down? 🤣
When I get to 10,000 followers. I’ll fucking buy one to celebrate 🤣 can you say “fuck you...” on a billboard. Or...is that frowned upon?
We are gonna make this happen, guys. 😆 how cool would it be if they start popping up everywhere??
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27 May 20
12 Universal Laws:
-Law Two: The Law of Vibration
-The whole universe is but a vibration. Science has confirmed that everything in the Universe, including you, is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything we experience through our 5 physical senses is conveyed
through vibrations. The same applies to the mental realm. Your thoughts are vibrations. All of your emotions are vibrations where “unconditional love” (in the sense of love for another) is the highest and most subtle of the emotional vibrations and “hate” is the densest
and most base. You can learn to control your mental vibrations at will.
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27 May 20
Demons or Fallen Angelics are a part of the human and nonhuman collective consciousness on the earth and exist as energetic interplay between human beings that were designed to manifest the required polarities that are necessary for manifestation in the material realms.
In this density of the earth counterbalance points were required for the evolutionary process of “synthesis of these main polarities” through the three main sets of forces. However, many of these forces have been abused through the hidden NAA invasion histories and have
created severe schisms and destruction.
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27 May 20
Earths Natural Stargates

1D Stargate Sedona, Arizona 35° N, 111.8° W
1D Inner gate Cyprus 35.1264° N, 33.4299° E
2D Stargate Temple Mount 31.7781° N, 35.2360° E
2D Stargate Sarasota, Florida 27.3364° N, 82.5307° W - FPM
2D Inner gate Easter Island, Chile (Grual-Grail Point)
3D Stargate Bermuda Triangle 25° N, 71° W
3D Inner gate Johannesburg, South Africa 26.2041° S, 28.0473° E
4D Stargate Giza, Egypt 29.9753º N 31.1376º E
4D Inner gate Central Mexico, Aguascalientes 21.8853ºN, 102.2916º W
5D Stargate Machu Picchu 13.1631º S, 72.545º W
5D Inner Gate Vatican City 41.9029º N, 12.4534º E
6D Stargate Caucasus Mountains at Russia & Georgia border 42.639ºN, 44.155ºE
6D Inner gate Thar Desert at India & Pakistani border 27.47ºN, 70.6ºE
7D Stargate Lake Titicaca 15.9254º S, 69.3354º W
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27 May 20
The Planetary Stargate System are the Earth’s connection points or Portals into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. They were once sealed off and closed, but now these Stargates are progressively opening during the Ascension Cycle.
The organic Planetary Stargate System or Universal Tree of Life Templar opening has been damaged from NAA and the Alien Machinery abuse from the Negative Aliens collaboration to control the earth. This necessitated Krystal Star Guardian intervention and this intervention is
referred to as Ascension Plan B with Mission Upgrades.
Science knows these energy vortices as wormholes. However, in this context, Stargates function differently than wormholes. Wormholes are generally created with the abuse of technology, and thus, lead to black hole
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27 May 20
The old energy purging on planet could be described as the "patriarchal exorcism" of the False King of Tyranny, and this theme would be synonymous with the events that have transpired from the choices made since the Atlantian Timelines that split the brotherhoods of humankind. If
we follow that timeline, the Atlantian Cataclysms is where we had a catclysmic shift in consciousness that propelled humanity into a fallen state, the descension spiral and break between the Universal knowledge and the level of multidimensional consciousness. Humanity and other
races along with us, became fully lost in the duality and separation consciousness with an Negative Ego filter. The Ego Filters were Mind Controled by the NAA (intruder races) to control the planetary mind through the patriarchal dominion, greed, warring culture, along with
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