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12 Dec 19
🇬🇧 It's Election Day in the UK 🇬🇧
As Tom gloriously displayed on his guitar this year... FUCK BORIS! So to celebrate exactly 10 years since Killing In The Name shocked the UK to become the No.1 single, let's tactically kick Boris OUT of power. To do this in a UK election... (1/9)
📍Aberavon to Bridgend (2/9)
...you may need to #VoteTactically depending on where in the country you vote. Here's a definitive list of all the 'seats' and what the best vote would be to stop a Tory candidate winning it. If enough do this, Boris Johnson CAN be kicked out of power
📍Bridgwater & W to Dartford (3/9)
So let's celebrate @RATM being No.1 a decade ago by removing Johnson from No.10

Find your nearest polling station and any last minute seat updates here: tacticalvote.co.uk

"some of those that vote Boris, are the same in Trump's office"
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