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2 Aug
1. This is posted on Whiplash’s board. I don’t know who “Maryann Chambers” is, but she deserves a shout out and a hug. I know very few people that understand the Templar connection. If you don’t know it, you’ll point your finger in the wrong direction. WARNING: a lot to read.
2. If you get nothing else out of this, just know that the “Red Cross” is much bigger to the plot than is generally understood.
3. They’re hand reaches all the way back to Egypt and they’re the REAL bankers. Everyone else is just a front. Like the movie Casino…. The “Face”’of the casino is just a useful idiot. More in the background than what’s on the surface.
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1 Aug
1/5 Pool’s got some good morning pics. ☕️
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25 Jul
1. [SNO]wden Capture. [1A](Free Speech) Kill.

2. Cue Group Mission: Mr. Contractor.…
3. Sn0wd3n: OP3RATION F1DDL3R -

Miss1on 4: EXP0SE (NSA) to harm.

Miss1on 8: Wh1stle blower Tr@ps [1A - K1LL].
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24 Jul
1. Whip’s Telegram Channel via RT: MESMERISING full moon rose over the ancient temple of Poseidon in Sounion, Greece on Friday - WATCH!


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2. Poseidon is the violent and ill-tempered god of the sea. One of the Twelve Olympians, he was also feared as the provoker of earthquakes and worshipped as the creator of the horse. 

Poseidon - Tsunami creating Torpedo.
3. Pool. 🧐
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24 Jul
1. Paul was the most zealous apostle because, in his mind, he was the least worthy. We all have a cross to bear.
2. In Jesus own words, whatever is done to the least of his followers, it is done to him.
3. Paul wasn’t just a Pharisee. Paul was a Pharisee OF Pharisees. In accordance with the law, he persecuted the followers of Christ unto death. Paul had the blood of Saints on his hands.
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19 Jul
1. Thank my fren👇🏽 I’ve been wanting to talk about Britney and this gives me a great spring board. Anyone that has input, please feel free to share and I will “incorporate” 🤣 << you’ll get that joke by the end.

Is “Free Britney” more important than we know?
2. Frens are already noting there’s more to Britney than meats the eye.
3. @BrebDaily has already started a thread on Britney and human “trafficking” please keep in mind this term “trafficking” it will be useful.
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18 Jul
1. Arabian Peninsula.
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18 Jul
1. Grassley’s corny post. Drinking a fountain drink. On the wall 675 shiny… mirror 576

The flood is coming.

Emails, videos, audios pics.

FBI accidentally deletes texts.

NSA accidentally releases it all.

After $6.75 NC___

[N]othing [C]an Stop What Is Coming 🙏 Image
2. Time Stamp 10:30 / 103 also mirrored 301 takes us to 1827 (25 301 29) there’s Grassley’s Popcorn and drink.

Tales from the crypt. Skeletons in the closet… some horror stories coming. Image
3. Clinton Emails.
Hillary: Finally Peace.
Suicide Weekend?

(Maximum Effort) 😂 ImageImageImageImage
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18 Jul
1. 12 Hours Away. Missing [R] Photos.

322 = Skull and Bones. The Brotherhood of Death.

Who is [R]?

What was the USSS name for Hussein?

Missing [R] Photos?

TS 12:03

#123: +++ Everything has meaning.
2. TS 3:22 (Missing) photos will surface of Hussein [R] holding an AK47.

Internet Kill.

“Coming Soon” post “+12”
3. 1213 / 123. Holy crap. He’s been diddling her since she was 10.

Who currently protects Hussein? ☠️

Why is this relevant?

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17 Jul
1. 1794 CFR… Playbook Known. “Never interefere with an enemy when he’s in the process of destroying himself.” Image
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13 Jul
Navy Tweeted out 👁 in the sky. The “Hawkeye” is 603. The time stamp for 1182 “SKY EVENT” is 603.

Plane Crash “The Start”.
As the world turns.
Note from fren above:
Plane Crash Sky Event? 7/16. 👀
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13 Jul
1. What do I mean when I say soul? Forgive this mistake. This is a question I’ve had to ask myself. 🙏
2. I used to have this idea that there was this ghost thing in my body, maybe in my head, and it was separate from my physical body… like the real me is a ghost in a meat machine 😂… the strange things we come up with.
3. Part of my ignorance was still holding onto the belief that there is a physical body. Science hasn’t supported this idea for decades, but like holding on to an artifact that’s lived beyond its usefulness, I often find that i still hold on to vestiges of old ideas.
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13 Jul
1. The Book of Giants, an Antediluvian (pre flood) narrative.…
2. Why?
3. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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12 Jul
Totally Umbrella Corps.

Totally Templar.

Totally a Pyramid unfolded from above.

Totally Part of Orion’s Belt.

Totally Sirius.

What are the chances?
Totally 666.
Totally Creepy
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12 Jul
Victoria’s Secret is that she’s a dude. ☕️
V = 5 , S is 5 in numeric form.

Pentagram… Venus, Satan. Wonder why they dress like angels? ImageImageImageImage
Bet you thought Elvis was just a nobody entertainer… sounds like he knew Victoria’s Secret. ☕️ Image
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12 Jul
Have you ever thought that maybe it’s a female cult that runs the world?

Just winging it. ☕️ ImageImageImage
You don’t say. 👇🏽

That where we’ll see their symbolism…the “slip ups” Image
👇🏽How do you control a puppet? Follow the wives. 👇🏽 Image
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12 Jul
1. The vaccines weren’t manufactured for the virus. The virus was manufactured for the vaccines. Infiltration instead of invasion.
2. Problem: How do we depopulate the world?

A. Manufacture a pandemic.

B. Reaction: the people run to the vaccines.

C. Solution: The vaccines depopulate the world.

Problem, Reaction, Solution. Image
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11 Jul
SQvage Dawg… 🔥 ImageImageImageImage
Another anomaly: 11.3 The law of War - End of occupation. 👀

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7 Jul
MelQ: “Durham” following Evergiven.
Emergency Alert System (EAS). Watching the water.
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7 Jul
Wait, the Eisenhower recently transited the Suez Canal? Strange timing. Maybe we should… Watch the Water?
That’s an interesting symbol. Wonder what watching the water, child trafficking, and Evergiven / Evergreen have in common? ☕️
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