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Public Health: Criminal injustice, Substance Use, and racism. Some hiphop thrown in when I can. PhD student @UCLAFSPH @busph Alum @HiJAction Masri-Amerikey 🇪🇬
17 Oct 20
1/ Why I am voting NO on #prop25 @noonprop25ca . I will cover the dangers of what the original legislation #AB125 did by replacing cash bail with what is known as “Criminogenic Risk Assessments (CRA).” I will use this 🔥 paper by @benzevgreen

2/ To start, the words Criminal Justice Reform, have become a hot topic in US politics. There is general consensus from both democrats and republicans alike that our system needs “reform”. Unfortunately, the “reform” movement can come under the guise of a simple shift of power.
3/ Foucault warned us about this: “The true objective of the reform movement.. was not so much to establish a new right to punish based on more equitable principles.. the reform of criminal law must be read as a strategy for the rearrangement of the power to punish..” Disc&Punish
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