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22 Nov 20
There are so many answers to this simple question...
One thing that happens is that people suffer, and some die.
Because of Covid, to be sure. But people also suffer or die of trauma from car crashes or slipping on icy sidewalks, of heart attacks and strokes, of kidney infections infections and bowel infections and appendicitis...
... because the hospital is overwhelmed by people who all deserve the best care.
Remember the stories coming out of Italy in the spring?
People who would normally have been cared for and survived, had to be declined care (that means they died) euronews.com/2020/03/19/ber…
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19 Mar 20
Lots of anxiety over this article...
Let's break it down and see what it really means.
In case you want to read the original paper, it's here: nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NE…
Basically, the researchers wanted to find out how long the virus was “viable” on surfaces and in the air as an “aerosol”
"Aerosols" are 5 microns or smaller in size, and float in the air, but “respiratory droplets” tend to be bigger than 5 microns, and drop to the ground within 1 metre of where they come from (your face)
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