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3 Feb
Sikhs keep projecting their Langar, the "We saved Hindus" trope non stop.

Hindus on the other hand are not even sure if Yoga, Bhagwad Geeta are Hindu, or if Hinduism is a religion or way of life.
Point is most Hindus are more busy in nitpicking, discussing semantics, labels, while non Hindus are pretty clear about what to project.

Yaar if you are not clear about your identity, why should you expect others to understand you.
Like it or not, projection, PR, Lobbying, Marketing is what really counts in the world now, and most Hindu organisations have a long way to go in that aspect.
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1 Feb
With petrol prices sure to shoot up,plan your driving well, also auto accessories will be costlier, so if you are planning to get some for your vehicle, better to look out.
Mobile components, accessories too become costlier. And your fridge, AC too, with the compressors prices likely to increase, so plan your purchases accordingly.
Prices slashed on most of the industrial raw material and components, especially steel and iron industry.
Again nylon gets cheaper, while cotton, silk are likely to be costlier #Budget2021
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1 Feb
Schools and colleges reopening in Hyderabad/ TG from today after one year, thoough as of now it's only for higher classes in schools. Also it's not fully open yet.
While the State Govt has directed all schools, colleges to reopen, many are going as per parents and students decisions. Issue is the transportation availability.
While schools are reopening, bus transportation is still on hold. So parents will have to drop and pick up their kids daily, and for working parents that could be quite hard, even with most WFH.
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