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Nov 27, 2020 19 tweets 43 min read
@realDonaldTrump @LoneStarMama4 @OANN At the GA rally, we are looking for witnesses and you will get them. The biggest witness list in the history of man. Affidavits Mountain. Set up the intake tents and call Rona Daniels. lets rock!! @Lrihendry @bfraser747 @MarkYoungTruth @chuckwoolery @ChuckCallesto @SidneyPowell1 @realDonaldTrump @LoneStarMama4 @OANN @Lrihendry @bfraser747 @MarkYoungTruth @chuckwoolery @ChuckCallesto @SidneyPowell1 We will find out after setting up several tents for people to speak out and provide affidavits to what they saw. This GA Rally is the biggest witness pool in the history of man. People will come with their iphone footage, stories we do not yet know about. etc.