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16 Oct
1. Australia we need to get on the same page with who we vote into run this country. I understand that it’s rigged 🥴 but every party is starting to show their true colours, unfortunately even the ones who are supposedly campaigning for our freedom,
2. What bills were previously passed? What did they vote in?
I’m not great with politics and knowing how it works but I have only seen Riccardo mention the suppression orders…
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11 Oct
So my grandparent isn’t allowed to have any pain medication UNTIL given take the jab. Multiple drs, natural treatments etc nothing working! To treat the elderly who have fought for our county! Where can u get medication or pay for it to stop people suffering!
I seen so many people tuned away recently myself after my hospital treatment! But I will NOT let them make the last part of someone’s life in pain!
People needing to ask others to check medical cabinets if they have any they done use even out of date! I can’t watch anyone in pain especially people I love. This part is hard to have no way to help!!!!
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11 Oct
If anyone asks me for proof of vaccination I’m going to ask of proof they’re not a Peadofile
I really am. It’s a valid question
Can’t spell it correctly because the … shadow ban it just like the V..ceded
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10 Oct
So you’re vaccinated but are scared to associate with the unvaccinated. What was the point of getting the 5-10 shots?
You took it so you don’t die when the survival rate is 98.7%.

Ivermectin, zinc etc is now being shown to cure it

You can still catch, spread, die, have to wear a mask & isolate.
If you took it to go to the pub that is your decision. To keep your job also your decision. To travel, not sure where in the world you want to go at this time 🥴
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7 Oct
So when we create this new world what profession will you go into.. We will need new media, teachers, medical professionals 😂
What should I be 😂
@PoliBard has to be movie making 😂
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7 Oct
Aussie Cossack
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20 Sep
Patriots from around the WORLD, Australia needs your help, can we get #IStandWithTradies Trending number 1, Aussies are fighting a huge battle and it’s far from over. Let’s go! Together we are strong divided we are weak WORLD UNITING #IStandWithTradies 🙌
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20 Sep
#Istandwithtradies - 24 hours let’s start tweeting!!! 🙌🙌
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16 Sep
My mum just tested positive for covid, she is so sick and spewing is that normal? The ambulance came and they wouldn’t go near her! Didn’t check her temperature nothing! They left my little sister there & said to just keep an eye on her 🤯
She is 56, a lot of underlying health conditions & can’t move, she is a patriot and has been fighting to expose the lies for 2 years, I’m making some HCQ to drop off.
My brother and his girl friend tested positive they were only sick for one day now are ok my little sister tested negative
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10 Sep

Conditions of entry

⭐️No face diapers allowed
⭐️Sheep spray available
⭐️Must be within 1 meter of the person you’re talking to so they can hear you
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9 Sep
Being a spiritual person I never was the religious type, I still won’t go to church because I don’t believe I need to go anyway to connect to a higher being. I always believed in a God of cause but I now see that I was indoctrinated to think,
That you had to go to church. I have had family members who have experienced horrible things from a lot of priests, but just like all police are not bad, my experience in the hospital taught me that some Drs & nurses are kept in the dark
There were some that seemed so confused, they looked after me & I am so great full & they were concerned if I had already had the jab if it was a side effect, I seen many in there with side effects :( so it gave me a new perspective
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30 Aug
How do people not see 👀
Do you see it yet
Do you see it yet
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28 Aug
My business page on Instagram, Feel free to use this if you also don’t discriminate _ashealing_ ❤️… Image
*prejudice 😂
Lucky I’m not in the business of being a spelling teacher 👩‍🏫 😂
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21 Aug
I had a friend write to me saying she would like me to get the jab so her life could go back to normal 🥴 umm I’m probably the LAST person you want to say that to 😅 information overload incoming…..
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21 Aug
If the 💉 passports do come in & it’s up to the businesses if they let ‘unvaccinated’ people in I can tell u

The ones that don’t discriminate will be BOOMING 💰

We won’t forget when the TRUTH comes out the businesses that pushed for this to be mandatory 😉
And ‘I didn’t know’ won’t work. You were SHOWN by your own MEDIA by your ‘conspiracy’ FRIENDS and anyone with half a brain. It’s not that we want to discriminate but it took a lot to stand up and speak out so I know where my money will be spent
You pushed for division so you can’t cry poor me when the storm is over & the truth comes out if u couldn’t put your ego aside to even question what was happening to YOUR children YOUR grandparents and your fellow HUMANS
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21 Aug
Looking like he ate a hundred Xanax for dinner
'Cause censoring the president and kicking him off Twitter
Is a bigger threat to freedom than foreign ballistic missiles- They can’t stop us because we’re ready to FIGHT 🙏
They can't stop us 'cause we're ready to fight
Try to brainwash us but we won't let freedom die
The whole world's brainwashed
Everybody pick a team, start a riot in the streets
The whole world's brainwashed
It's us against them, it ain't you against me
How did monkeys become people and people turned into sheep?
They put fluoride in the water that's keeping us all asleep
Claim they want what's best for us, I find that hard to believe
'Cause they been selling us cigarettes since we was eighteen
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19 Aug
We knew that it would be tough, take time, REMEMBER what you think is what you create, The only thing u can do is say NO, Learn ur rights, write to ur local representatives, and when ur down we can pick each other up GOD wins WE win! so start believing it 🙏
Lived backwards is devil, spelling is to cast a spell so no matter how bad it gets DON’T let them bring you down, I have had people pass away, I have really bad days, but I know in my heart, soul and my gut that the more they drag this on
The more it’s to set them up! Drink your beer through a mask, no farting, telling u how to be intimate 🤯 it has to be so outrageous so that it wakes others up, NO one is coming to save us! We have to stand up, no violence
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19 Aug
If you WATCH ANYTHING today PLEASE watch this. PT 1. Share, like , Retweet. We are all struggling, frustrated, confused but you need to hear this 🙏
1 million views we all need to hear this 🙏
Part 2 try not to cry 🙏 Thank you
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18 Aug
Feel like I’m tweeting to myself 😂 next level shadow banned.. can you see this tweet?
My account
Watch this all so many people need some hope, if you see people struggling post on their tweet sharing the vibration & love
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18 Aug
A lot of new people waking up who weren’t given information as easily as us, so go through your old memes, videos that helped you, funny ones, inspirational ones, I see so many being posted from 2 years ago that people haven’t seen so throwback time ImageImageImageImage
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4 Aug
#BREAKING #SHARE screen record send to everyone you have ever met the mail man, the lady at your coffee shop! Share watch & learn…
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