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25 Nov
More 666's than we think. This is probably a drop in the ocean ImageImageImageImage
Remember black , white, red are death colours or death head colours ImageImageImageImage
Daily mail, mansion casinos, VAV clothing ImageImageImageImage
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21 Nov
The most evil organisation to date is the Vatican and ruled europe with fear for 2300 years pure toxic, non holy - the cesar of Rome power continued up until 2020.
The Rothchilds were appointed bankers of the Vatican and given their Initial power

Knights of Malta are the Catholic freemasons division.
The 6 main knights of Malta created the CIA.
All the Banking fraternities are run by knights of Malta's Catholic masonary
All the kings and rulers around Europe was given devine rights to rule by the pope as he represented god. Devine =red grape wine= blood of the atonement = holy grail = grapes come from" the vine" (de-vine)
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20 Nov
I Highly recommend this video to anyone interested in UFO technologies and messages, EBENS race of alien ,crop circle messages/warnings, binary codes broken.


Binary codes were being passed on through selected people asleep and written down in 1's and ⬜'s
Written down they decoded it and wrote as standard 100110000 format.
Once broken the messages are clear
A warning of some kind. Killary starting a nuclear war ?, or the organised complete control of the human race by nano technology combined with 5g?

Crop circles also passed on messages in binary.
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