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8 Apr
1. The sophistry of Tucker Carlson. He says the insurrectionists were old people who got there on a bus and walked through "the People's House". He says they "talked." He doesn't mention the beatings, the deaths. Carlson's spew was a clinic on gaslighting...
2. This is the right wing's newest thing. They need to destroy the reality of 1/6. They'll do it any way they can. Tucker does it by cherry picking irrelevant facts and pretending those facts define the entire event.
3. Trump outright lies about it, defining it as some kind of a love fest with kisses and hugs. Much like the South's reaction to losing the civil war, the republican party has to bend the facts, diminishing what those facts say about the right wing.
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9 Aug 20
I wrote a response to the question of how could this have happened to the US that I think got lost in the shuffle. Let me try to explain. Henry Kissinger wrote a paper many years ago saying that a revolutionary force could take over America by a ploy....
If that force succeeded in winning an election to high office it could promise to adhere to constitutional rules and norms without actually doing so. The US works because political parties generally play the same game by the same rules.
If a revolutionary movement refuses to adhere to the rules of our government by insisting that it IS playing by the rules, it forces any other dissenting branch of government to resort to legal remedies. While these dissents crawl their way through the courts
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