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31 May
Tory brexiters have convinced me that Boris has been totally maligned by the biased #scumedia only 80% of which is biased in his favour

Rage at these smears has impelled me 2 the record straight with a portrayal which conforms 2 standards of impartiality tory brexiters expect
The world has seen Great leaders Dear leaders Duce's fuhrers and fathers of nations

But not since Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned has there been a leader like Boris the world king I give you the GREAT SPAFFER #scumedia
It is claimed that because Boris talks out of his arse he talks shite yet the truth known by tory brexiters yet ignored by the #scumedia is that not only do his wisest words come from his behind but his very farts are philosophical musings worthy of plato and aristotle
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8 Mar
Getting seriously fucked off at quitlings demanding we move on from #Brexit when it is an injury yet to be inflicted

When they don't give a fuck who it hurts
Getting furious at being told by quitlings to grow up when they have absolutely no interest in the practical real world consequences of brexit or inclination to take responsibility for them
Being called a traitor by brexiters when the whole project is backed by a hostile foreign power and may well result in there being no more great Britain
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25 Jan
#brexit cannot now be stopped

however getting it done is a huge labour of at least a decade

I do not believe there is any serious chance that project #Brexit
Will Be completed

Sooner or later the attempt to divorce the EUwill be abandoned fit the following reasons
Those who sold #Brexit are largely fantasists their ignorance of the European Union is not only well documented but it is something so universal they feel no shame in admitting it

for every visionary that embarks upon a seemingly impossible task a 1000 fools do
Getting #Brexit means the energy and resources of the UKgov being largely consumed for 10yrs plus replacind ivery trade deal we now with the entire world & 100s of international treaties with worse ones than we have now

An project that is titanic and futile in equal measure
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18 Aug 19
I am proud to present the Ladybird book of FAKE NEWS part of the key #Brexit concepts series
#Brexit Britain is a land of Propaganda Plenty on TV radio on billboards on buses and on the Internet it is all around us
Living in this cornucopia of cobblers has helped make the people of this septic Isle some of the most misinformed in the world world
In global Britain we receive not only British made up news but made up shite from far flung places like Russia and Iran here a Russian troll farm puts out a continuous pro #Brexit shite troll farms have helped make the UK the funny farm of the world
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14 Jul 19
I am proud to bring you the ladybird book of Scapegoating part of the key #Brexit concepts series
Brexiters are the most blameless people in the entire world. Whatever goes wrong someone else is always to blame in #Brexit Britain brexiters can blame anyone for anything so long as its not the people actually responsible
Even when Brexiters do bad things newspapers other people are to blame here in a typical story in #Brexit Britain Boris Johnson starts a fire and the Daily telegraph blames it on Remainers we are thus governed by people who aren't responsible for their own actions
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7 May 19
Comrades I write to you from the bright lexit future where I languish in a DeEducation camp 4 My dequitivist revocateur stopbrexoise wrongness & 2 get out of solitary I now pay tribute to the dear leader Jeremy Corbyn and heroes of #Brexit class struggle 4 lexitism in one cuntry
Now @UKLabour is a glorious dictatorship of the Lexetariat in which the cadres of Jezbollah are guided by the infallible mutterings of comrade Kipper but not all realise the struggle 4 lexit through #Brexit was opposed by powerful dequitivist revocateur counterbrexiteer forces
it is often thought the salvation of #Brexit was entirely due to the genius of comrade Kipper corbyn class warrior and Eric morecambe impersonator but we should not forget the heroic cadres of Jezbollasists who inspired by the teachings of comrade corbyn worked 2 save #Brexit
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3 May 19
OK @bill1303 let me explain to you in detail why lexiters of the I voted remain but variety such as yourself make me monumentally fucking angry.

I don't expect you to agree just understand where I'm coming from so you dont unintentionally make angry people even more angry
#Brexit is far right project for every Tony Benn there are multiple nigel Farage's Rees moggs overt racists like Tommy Robinson yet alleged social justice warriors delight in lecturing remainers on the necessity of implementing the reactionary wet dream of Facists
Often lexiters pretend l there is some kind of choice between a labour government and stopping brexit this is totally false since 1 a general election must happen soon anyway and the tories would be destroyed by #Brexit being stopped
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16 Apr 19
I am proud to present the updated ladybird story of #Brexit the story of a heroic national triumph
It is true that some are bored Shitless of #Brexit but contrary to the claims of remoaners this boredom will disappear and there will be renewed enthusiasm once people realise that this is just the end of the beginning there is 10yrs of 10x more intense #Brexit to come
Some say #Brexit deferred is brexit cancelled but this would be surrender to naysayers. @DominicRaab famed brexiter plans to celebrate #Brexit day by jumping off a high building with wings to disprove so called experts who claim this will not allow him to fly to a soarway future
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25 Mar 19
So why is @theresa_may so stuck on her lousy deal? Well she has 4 objectives and her deal meets these and nothing else does I believe this explains much about her conduct the objectives are as follows THREAD
1/keeping the tory party together and in power this of course is the top priority. Theresa may is aware that any other options be it dal no deal or some BRINO deal with Corbyn would instantly result in a walk out by one faction and with no majority the gov would fall
2/ May is actually terrified of no deal. All the evidence is that this lwould result in awful consequences for millions of people which would destroy any government that presided over it if she wanted no deal she would not have negotiated a deal 2 start with
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12 Mar 19
24 hours of photo shopping
Pictures all produced Monday 11th March I think this is not unimpressive
JAVID the Sadj Hussein
Theresa may the daft schoolgirl 11/03/19
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1 Feb 19
I have noticed that some on the Labour left greet news of any set back for #PeoplesVote with almost as much glee as hard brexiters this cannot be because they want #Brexit as they will often state they voted remain and would vote remain again so bears examination
Labour left tend to produce a constant steam of excuses why they can't oppose #brexit they will say corbyn can do nothing because he isn't in power thus rejecting the very concept of opposition
They will claim they can't offend labour leave voters the implication being remainers who voted tactically to deprive the tories of a majority in 2017 may be ignored with impunity or claim a 2nd ref will anger the far right who hate @jeremycorbyn anyway
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30 Jan 19
As a remainer I scratch my head as to why #Brexit continues to enjoy significant support despite overwhelming evidence its a really bad idea so thought I'd offer a psychological explanation for its appeal to some of its supporters which simply cannot lie in objective reality
I have no knowledge experience or professional qualifications in psychology whatsoever but as this is #brexit Britain this means I know more than professionals like @RichardBentall so offer my brexpertise on the psychological appeal of Brexit confident in my total ignorance
Being a Brexiter means being part of a huge crowd where not only are you all cheering for the same thing but this crowd permits and even encourages behaviour and attitudes which are normally forbidden and some brexiters at least feel liberated from decency and reason
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29 Jan 19
To the tune OF the WILD ROVER I bring you the HARD LEAVER





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28 Jan 19
#BREXIT craziness update so maybots deal is blown out of the water l. Similarly corbyns vote of no confidence fails and won't be backed by SNP and lib dems
Despite her #BREXIT deal being defeated by biggest margin a government has lost a vote ever maybot seeks concessions on backstop despite being told to bog off by the EU with no realistic hope of a different answer
Corbyn meanwhile refuses to talk #BREXIT without no deal being ruled out despite knowing she can't do this whilst maybot makes no concessions either.
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25 Jan 19
A constant refrain from my fellow remainers is name be a #Brexit benefit many devote immense energy writing detailed explanations of trade tarrifs or how the EU works. I am grateful to them as I have learned a lot from them yet we all wonder why it makes so little difference
It seems to me that a better question to leavers is what are you getting out of #Brexit why do you support it in the face of so much evidence that its a terrible idea and I would like to suggest the answer lies in the realms of feeling
We have all seen that #Brexit licenses all kinds of opinions that 1l0 years ago would have been unacceptable but more than that it licences BEHAVIOURS that usually are unacceptable and thus gives many adherents a immense pleasure
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23 Jan 19
Thought I'd offer a few thoughts as to how this whole #brexit business is so bitterly divisive to the extent that foreign diplomats liken the divisions as being akin to that preceding civil war
For one thing there simply is no middle ground any soft #brexit means losing any say over the rules we still have to obey maybots duff deal was an attempt at compromise and was blown away as a worse version of the status quo.
#brexit also tears up the democratic social contract for both sides. Any democracy relies on all parties accepting the result of a vote but any campaign must also be conducted within the law
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22 Jan 19
So #brexit today. The EU confirms hard border in Ireland will result from no deal. Asian industrialist and brexist James Dyson withdraws from UK but interestingly brexit is really cutting across labour tory divide
We hear that many more labour Mps may refuse to back a 2nd Ref than previously thought you may think this is a convenient obstacle but my friend in the Labour Party told me this months ago BUT against this there may be more tories who will back #PeoplesVote than expected
Amber Rudd says if no deal becomes the default then 40 ministers will resign to try and stop no deal #Brexit Doubt Amber Rudd is saying this off the top of her head
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18 Jan 19
So what are the latest symptoms of the brexophrenia that afflicts our country #Brexit
Maybots deal is dead there is no prospect of another deal but maybot is terrified of both no deal and no #Brexit so she goes to EU and is perplexed to discover they say what they mean and mean what they say
She cops the biggest defeat in the history of parliament but the Ln survives a confidence vote and the funniest bit is that having survived an internal tory confidence motion the tories can't remove her
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16 Jan 19
A 2nd #Brexit referendum will solve nothing apart from the status of 5million people l replacing Euroatom europole open skies agreement every single trade deal we now have with the entire world the Irish border problem and the need to renogiste 100s of international treaties
We can't have a 2nd referendum cos we might lose again so you are about to start a life sentence on devil's Island and don't appeal as though you may be released you run the risk of your existing sentence being confirmed #Brexit
You can't have another ref just cos you don't like the result. Like europhobes who spent 40 years whining about EU and nigel Farage who said 52 48 would be unfinished business by a long way or like John Redwood and Dominic Raab who both said theyd want a rerun
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13 Jan 19
Jeremy Corbyn's true purpose in calling a general election is to secure not just brexit but hard #Brexit this election can only happen if mays deal is voted down and therefore the default becomes no deal
Any general election would dissolve Parliament and therefore make any steps to avoid no deal #Brexit impossible for most of the remaining time to brexit day . Jeremy corbyn is aware of this
Corbyn said on Marr he would submit a no confidence vote at a time of his choosing but soon. Corbyns intention is to table it so that any general election is held so close to brexit day no government will be able to halt no deal
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12 Jan 19
If #Brexit has a constitutional doctrine then it is the sovereignty of the whim a Brexiters want what they want with no understanding of the consequences or feasiblity just like toddlers
In the immediate aftermath of the referendum a petition to demand a rerun received 4 million signatures it turned out it was a leaver who put the petition up as he thought leave would lose. He protested it wasn't supposed to be used by remainers
All Leavers are fond of saying you can't have a rerun just cos you don't like the result. Yet nigel Farage Dominic Raab and John Redwood all made clear they'd demand a 2nd ref in the event of a remain win sauce for the goose isn't sauce for the gander evidently
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