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6 Oct
When two types of players on an exchange market with different preferences and endowments independently submit the quantities of the goods they wish to exchange, communication is crucial to limit the collusive effect from the opposite sides. 1/7
These decision makers tend to behave in a particular way that involves conflict thus leading to a social dilemma on the basis of conflict between individual and collective wellbeing i.e prisoner’s dilemma. 2/7
Therefore, money has been introduced as a tool to improve life in society by the exchange and reallocation of goods, facilitating interaction between sellers and buyers of different goods. 3/7
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23 Sep
What the *actual fuck* is going on with these DeFi Staking models!!

Defi is implemented through stored smart contracts on a public distributed ledger which in return can automatically be executed upon financial instruments and digital assets.
More so, the properties of this immutable public ledger guarantee publicly audited content.

Open finance is one of the stepping stones of new regulation designs and building approaches, potentially enhancing the transparency and accountability of finance and regulation.
Now there is plenty of room for further comments in different DeFi properties as they mostly focus on active decentralized margin trading (automated markets), token lending and borrowing, price oracles and financial derivatives
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5 Jul
In Summer's Heat by Ovid:

In summer's heat and mid-time of the day,
To rest my limbs upon a bed I lay,
One window shut, the other open stood,
Which gave such light as twinkles in a wood
Like twilight glimpse at setting of the sun,
Or night being past and yet not day begun. Image
Such light to shamefaced maidens must be shown,
Where they may sport, and seem to be unknown.
Then came Corinna in a long, loose gown,
Her white neck hid with tresses hanging down,
Resembling fair Semiramis going to bed,
Or Lais of a thousand wooers sped.
I snatched her gown, being thin the harm was small,
Yet strived she to be covered therewithal,
And, striving thus as one that would be chaste,
Betrayed herself, and yielded at the last.
Stark naked as she stood before mine eye,
Not one wen in her body could I spy.
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19 Jun
The value of the rights that have been exchanged determines what has been exchanged, linked to commodities or services.

The social impact of property rights convey the right to benefit or harm either one self or others
Competitive advantage— superior product quality harms the competitor (cannot shoot him) but benefits the owner.

One benefits by shooting an intruder but is prohibited from selling below price floor.

Thus, the relationship between property rights and externalities intensifies.
Therefor, beneficial or harmful effects are converted into externalities through the cost of having to bear the consequences by the interacting parties.
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25 Apr

#Betrayal is a source of a mental contamination, impacts of a trauma that create moral conflicts, one is vulnerable to the illusion of being significant pushing the limits and going against his own kind, following a false narrative.

Betrayal is an act of cowardice, associated with damaged self-esteem, shock, self-doubting and anger.

Bearing ugly connotations of deception and dishonesty of a disgusting person who turns against his own, to betray their trust on behalf of an outsider (a foreign government)
Spartans a fierce nation of undefeated warriors, decades after #Persian attempts on invading #Greece, fell due to the betrayal of #Ephilates member of the Greek Malian tribe which chose discretion over valor to collaborate with Persians. Image
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22 Apr
One of the biggest challenges in electronic financial transactions we have had so far has been the high transactional cost / fees, including different bitcoin forks i.e btc the most costly one so far.,

This is due to the narrative fallacy and the path these forks of #Bitcoin have chosen to build and create their model on, while there might still be hope if all goes well with the original protocol follower like the #Bitcoin SV
The most famous fallacy is the hodl and digital gold model, it contributes nothing to what the satoshi white-paper indicates or had envisioned for its invention. To unlock the endless opportunities of #bitcoin itself in micro-payments and a virtual utopia fueled by it.
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5 Apr
Fair and open governance means that governments are not biased and provide their citizens the right to information. Therefore, a solution for open governance frameworks would ideally facilitate an oversight on governmental functions.

i.e Tendering bids.
Tendering process is an activity which captures several different levels of trust and bureaucracy before arriving to the conclusion to select a winning bidder:

1st would be the opening.
2nd the bidding period.
3rd the closing and winner selection.
The opening is valid once the organization has made the call and publicly placed the offer with clear rules of participation on an immutable ledger, preventing the organization to favor the participating bidders later on.
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28 Mar

Unacceptable boomer response by @WHO official when asked about #Taiwan’s membership.

Where we all know #Taiwan is the best example to follow to how it has been handling the Covid-19 situation.
I have unfortunately had the opportunity to fall under the sharp knife there and experience #Taiwan's healthcare system first hand, which is ridiculously cheap once registered in the Insurance program and extraordinarily professional in services and patient treatment.
Talking about professionalism and a carefully thought healthcare system there is no better proof than that of how #Taiwan has been handling #Covid-19 despite the fact, being only a few miles away from China and one of the first to have Covid-19 cases outside China.
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20 Mar
In Biological terms being the FITTEST does not mean the smartest, strongest or healthiest, but the ones most able to reproduce and pass their genes.

However, exposure to a deadly disease has a high probability that would interfere with this biological survival process.
There is a good chance there will be un/wanted pregnancies here.

Therefor, they are to be passing their gene despite the fact of not being SMART to be partying in a time like this.

How does the natural selection work in this CASE. vs The smart not getting laid quarantined ones
Although, this is still stupid and has a higher probability of contracting "the virus" but still better chances on reproduction than the ones staying at home believing that by not doing anything nature will do its thing.
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12 Mar
It doesn't make any sense to "Complain" about a flowing financial system based on FIAT when you have no other better option (No btc is not). The least it must be competitive or tends to fix its flaws and upgrade the whole system (Yes there are options for this see BSV).

However, complaining and in the meantime promoting a false narrative of hodling something of no value or better a speculative asset is wrong as it does not help combat the flaws of the former.
And why force something unrelated. The market itself will dictate the outcome
These are two very different domains with uncorrelated market events.

One, has global utility which the world economy revolves around it.
Whole supply chains, payments, are functionally fueled by it in accordance with the laws and regulations of more than 200 gov'mts
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9 Feb
@realDonaldTrump and @RichardGrenell are actually promoting prosperity by bringing the best out of everyone as we all assist in making America great. Its a win-win situation. The tariff fallacy stands on considering mere immediate effects rather long-term gains.
Tariffs are a tool that hurt the domestic economy with its adverse effect on job losses and domestic income lowering / stagnating economic prosperity and not only.
A leader must understand that you shouldn’t try to make something at home if it costs more than buying it.
Rather focus on strengthening the areas of where we have the competitive advantage and do the things we do best.
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7 Feb
Micro-transactions on a digital macroeconomic environment such as the “internet” to promote, trace and authenticate transactions amongst peers and utilize #bitcoin ‘s store of information capabilities.

Therefore, I am interested in @_BitcoinSV approach.

According to Coase theorem negative externalities can be internalized when eliminating transactional costs or to moderate it as "micro-trx’costs" to validate economic efficiency in competitive markets.
This would ideally define property rights on-chain.

See, defining property rights through micro-payments and attaching the “content” / information to an “owner” we would potentially eliminate bargaining costs at a given situation.

An Equilibrium of Marginal profit and Marginal damage.

3/8 Image
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23 Oct 19
Since the dawn of age we have tried to answer questions that have plagued human life,
diseases and viruses unable to be treated, where in the 1950s the life expectancy was avg. 48 yrs old & 2019 is -> 70~75 yrs old. /1
Today, we are on the verge of solving most of the deficiencies that we live with as we are an experimenting and problem solving species thriving to fix the medical, environmental, financial and social issues up until the organism genetic alterations through DNA Technology. /2
Scientists have been conducting this for ages now, be it in plants or animals, be it for science or for fun. The work is there and we have witnessed it... /3
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30 Aug 19
"In science complexity is considered a cost, which must be justified by a sufficiently rich set of new and preferably interesting predictions of facts that the existing theory cannot explain"
The asymmetric difference between positive and negative expectations and experiences is financially evolutionary towards income when treating threats over opportunities thus enabling a higher chance of survival and multiplication.
Emotional fluctuations determine tolerance towards loss which it increases proportionally with the stakes.
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2 Aug 19
Price fixing policies are dangerous.

- Put item after item out of production leaving no incentives.

- In Long-run, prevent balance of production with the actual consumer demands.
If ought to be a free-economy:

- Demand would be free as well -> some areas of production would make "excessive profits" and those behind it would be called "profiteers" But...
- It would cause business and production line expansion.

- Incentivized to re-invest profits.

- Attract Foreign Direct Investments.
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27 Jul 19
To as why decentralized #cryptocurrencies and more so those that consider #privacy in their protocol are in advantage to fiat is because of the lack of price-fixing by a larger entity even-though there will be attempts through diff. devices. 1/5
Fixing the max-price for a particular commodity will bring out shortage of that commodity and <if shortage -> unfair climate created in allocation. Hence, try to set priority who can have access to it and by what quantity, set limitations and use the rationing as control. 2/5
If using rationing a parallel currency system might emerge to control the supply and demand of the "commodity" by say holding "coupons" in a given amount of fiat so you can purchase it. Something a decentralized and a freely estb. currency would naturally do it. 3/5
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9 Jul 19
Watching this video from Rick and Morty got me thinking about digital Identity in #blockchain where Beth has an identity crisis and can't have a proof of Identity to confirm whether she is the real one or the clone.
So I did some research on it...
Hence, a self-sovereign identity solution is needed for users to store and manage identities at the same time maintaining full control over all the data on an open immutable digital ledger. #DLT
Say if Beth had doubts about her identity or she ran in a situation to where she needed to provide a proof of Identity what would be the quickest, easiest and safest way to do so? #Blockchain. Why?
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8 Jul 19
Anyone Hiring in Blockchain business development?
Or anything related to it...
Asking for a friend
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29 Jun 19
Trade tariffs have immediate results and tend to be miss-leading. Claiming to protect the local producers, whilst the cost of production is higher in compare with those of the "tariffed"country. Causing an increase on price for the same products by 1/3d of it.. 1/5
On the other hand if tariffs are lifted the goods and services would be of the same quality for a lesser price while the difference is to be invested/spent there in another sector of its economy -> help employment and promote free-trade. 2/5
And labor in each country is better employed in the areas to where they are the best at instead of being forced to produce/create something inefficiently. In this way consumers (population) of both countries are in a better situation. 3/5
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18 Jun 19
is targeting the one sector of which everyone at #bitcoin was hoping to target the unbanked, according to its white paper there are 1.7 Billion adults out of the financial system, meaning no access to a traditional bank. #FacebookCoin #Facebook 1
in its white paper stresses out that people with less money pay more in transfer because of fees of which in this part is not fee-less also unlike ... 2
is actually well aware on the economic benefits of providing such a service for more commerce across the world and it undeniably boost the cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. 3
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16 Jun 19
Unpopular Opinion as of why "#facebook coin" might pull it of and actually be a successful coin against is because of the positioning of in the market as a digital asset and all the "gold" hype rather than an onchain mean of exchange (high trx fees)
FBcoin will be a quicker and cheaper mean of exchange replacing btc (#LNetwork sadly) on small trx .One that could have a positive impact on this would be as a quick & feeless option or go down with LN if fbcoin chooses an agressive entrance strategy also Economies of Scale
However, this would bring an influx of new users and they might get lured by the volatility of the market and try to make a quick buck out of this, pouring a large percentage on bitcoin and altcoins, increasing the total marketcap.
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