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23 Jun
1. Believe underrepresented folks signalling/telling abuse, aggression, anxiety, & bullshit they navigate.
2. Those w/privilege must be >good, we must be helpful.
3. We are learning about reprehensible behavior, we can expect bad responses.
So, THREAD: brutal 🇨🇦 defamation laws.
Before we start and just to be 100% clear about where I'm coming from: this thread is about making sure that survivors are armed with enough information so they avoid accidentally putting themselves in a situation leading to to further trauma by court processes/abuser plaintiffs.
While social media/Internet allows "whisper networks" (an important tool of the oppressed) to be made public, it would be awful to see anyone re-traumatized by shit-heels that ALREADY abused their privilege or power. This is not meant to silence, but educate. Links coming @ end.
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27 Mar 19
Attending @VanEconomic talk about Benefit Corp legislation in British Columbia. Good to see a diverse crowd.
In opening remarks, CEO of @VanEconomic mentions there are nearly 70 "B Corps" (I assume certified by @BCorporation). Pretty good organic growth!
Now @AJWVictoriaBC presenting on the initiative. Benefit companies build on our brand in BC, the quality of our social democracy. Legislation is necessary to protect our strategic asset: our social infrastructure.
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23 Mar 19
1/11 - FWIW, & unsurprising given her expertise, @carolmliao nails it. I share many of her concerns. Despite looking into it since this conversation restarted, I can't uncover any good reason for "benefit corporations" under BC law. THREAD INCOMING #socent #CSR #ESG #companies
2/#Corporations in BC are already "benefit corporations", as best I can tell, less just the branding and/or (paid) certification. I've been a lawyer for 15 years, roughly the life since the BCE/People's cases, & have always advised directors to look after broader stakeholders.
3/I worry benefit corp or "B. Co" (I'm sure JUST COINCIDENCE it's so similar to @BCorporation brand) will imply that other corporations don't have same duties. Also, in trying to legislate "public benefit" may limit breadth of court (@SCC_eng) interpretation & oppression remedy.
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