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20 Dec 18
Going to try a thread here (I'm new at this, give me some slack). #sgf report coming from Tempe, AZ.

1/ Observed the Tesla Holding Lot on Hardy Dr in Tempe, AZ this afternoon. Lot has approximately 250 vehicles of a maximum capacity of 350. Mix is difficult to estimate
2/ due to the property being sandwiched between multiple industrial properties, and there is no way to get a view of the entire lot, but my best guess is 10% trade-ins, 10% lot repairs, 40% Model 3 ready to sell, 20% S, 20% X.
3/ About ten people were on-site, including a hauler dropping off a load of 3s. Notably, Dent Wizard (a subsidiary of Manheim Auction) was running a small reconditioning operation (detailing and paintless dent repair). Recon is probably for new vehicles as well as trade-ins.
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