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The end of the world is never the end of everything he/him
25 Feb 20
#COVIDー19 @ewarren @BernieSanders We need a progressive agenda on epidemics STAT! There is going to be panic, an emergency, hoarding and if Dems in office and Dem candidates do not prepare an agenda that is more than Trump is screwing up then Trump ultimately will win.
1. RELIEF FUND: Until we have univ. health care we need an emergency health relief fund. The # of critical cases, meaning cases requiring significant medical intervention, are more than ten fold the number of deaths. For many this will result bankruptcy levels of medical debt.
2. ER COVERAGE: Health Insurance companies should not be allowed to deny coverage for treatments that are not 'pre-approved' or "FDA approved' as all of the treatment options for severe cases of COVID are 'off-label'
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