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19 Sep
Journalists like this (who are actually just activists disguised as journalists) are not helping the Virginia Governor’s case.

You labeling it as a “fact check” does not erase what he stated or implied.

Terminating an infant’s life due to extreme deformities is still Murder.
I mean for sure, we would NEVER (sarcasm font applied) want a mother to see the life she is about to execute on a screen, right? Or to get counseling on the infanticide? Or hear it’s heartbeat?

Fact Check: The intentional taking of another’s life is Murder.
When we have reporters trying to avoid and contort the facts, you have crossed the line from being a journalist into activism.

We all know what he said. The long form video still exists. We also know the law was changed to allow for the “mental health” of the mother.
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18 Sep
So where to go for unbiased news? I have been using podcasts almost exclusively since it’s easy to listen anytime, and you can speed them up by 200% to save time.

Here is what’s on my podcast list currently (not all are “right wing” which is important to get balanced info):
Podcasts (part 2):
Podcasts (Part 3):
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18 Sep
There were SO FEW completely independent voices left. Rogan was one of the largest out there... until @Spotify came along. With a $100 Million price tag, they now own Rogan.

Rogan used to brag he couldn’t be “cancelled.” He can, and will be now if he “steps out.”
The left knew Rogan was pulling away from them. Rogan doesn’t support Biden (he is a Bernie Bro). He supported Gabbard as well.

Then he started leaning towards Trump.

His audience is too large; the left needed a plan.

He was offered a golden carrot ($100 Million on Spotify)
Now... Rogan (who claimed he would retain ALL rights to say whatever he wanted to on his show) posts an apology for “saying something inaccurate.”

There are around 50% of Rogan’s podcasts where he says something inaccurate.

Today, with Spotify holding the $$$$, it’s different.
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18 Sep
Spotify got to Rogan...


Raise your hand if you thought Rogan moving over to Spotify for $100 Million was a good idea...

(Now they Control Rogan... name the last time Rogan EVER apologized for saying something factually correct)
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17 Sep
FUN FACT FOR TODAY: While the claim that wildfires stop at the US 🇺🇸/ Canada 🇨🇦 border is FALSE... here is what is TRUE:

- Canada currently has only FIVE (5) active wildfires burning out of control;
- NONE are near the size of US fires;
- Other fires exist but are contained ImageImageImage
In contrast, the US has a total of TWO HUNDRED AND SIX (206) wildfires currently in an uncontrolled burning phase. There are dozens more in various controlled or partially controlled phases. ImageImageImageImage
If we look at ALL wildfires in Canada 🇨🇦 in all phases of burning, there are 16 (SIXTEEN) in total.

This is a mere fraction of wildfires in the US; in fact, it’s a mere fraction of the wildfires burning in just Washington stats alone!
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17 Sep
Here’s a fun idea: Let’s take away ALL less than lethal tools from police completely. No “heat rays”, no LRAD’s, no CS or OC Spray.

That leaves only open-hand techniques, or lethal force.

The most effective open-hand techniques are essentially banned now.

What’s left?
Deadly Force.

Anti-Police morons that have NO CLUE what is involved with providing security to thousands of people subjected to uncontrolled riots / anarchy, should really not have a say in what tactics should or shouldn’t be deployed, or make policy on it. ImageImageImage
“Well then don’t have police intervene!” Or even better... “Defund / Abolish the Police!”

Ok Einstein! 👌🏻

So even IF the police were to be abolished, do you think people won’t defend themselves???

Of course they will!!! And do you know what THEY will use?

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16 Sep
Funny how @ABC News is selectively choosing portions of the town hall last night and not showing ALL of it.

Trump had a fantastic town hall, DESPITE @GStephanopoulos not being neutral and stoking continued divisions, fears and hate.

ABC News lost a chance to redeem themselves
This clip however, is one of the few ABC posted that shows just how compassionate and caring @POTUS @realDonaldTrump really is.

And there were many moments like this; if ABC actually shows the full clips.

Instead ABC is picking their “Top 5” moments which were hostile exchanges
WOW... @ABC / @GStephanopoulos ...

YOU ARE 😺😸😼😽🙀’s !!!!!!

You DO NOT have the full Town Hall published anywhere!!!!!


Not to worry... we will do it for you. Hit me with a copyright.... IDGAF....
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16 Sep
Hurricane Sally bringing life threatening and historic levels of storm surge to the Gulf Shores region....
Latest info from the @NHC_Atlantic / National Hurricane Center as of 11:00PM EDT ImageImage
This is the busiest I recall the Atlantic being in mid September....

Also, there will be an upgrade status for Hurricane Sally from Cat2 to Cat3 most likely in the next few minutes as wind speeds appear to be at least 125 mph in some of the NE quadrant Image
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16 Sep

IF EVERY COUNTRY stopped ALL carbon emissions today (in accordance with the Paris Climate Accord)...

It would drop the earth’s temperature by exactly 0.17 degrees Celsius by the year 2100!

That is 0.3 (3/10th’s) of a degree Fahrenheit!

#NoChange Image
That takes into account that EVERY nation on the planet gives up ALL carbon producing emissions. If even ONE country (such as China) doesn’t play by the rules, the 0.17 degree change becomes a 0.0 change.

Which it essentially is anyway.
While virtue signaling liberals shout at the top of their lungs that Trump and conservatives are “science deniers,” the irony of that is...


0.17 C degree change is not going to save our planet. Do you know what will?
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14 Sep
3 Seconds was the amount of time a Police Officer had to react earlier today in Lancaster, PA.

Leftists want social workers to take these types of calls.

What is your opinion?


This may help some who have difficulty with time...

Look how quickly the officer needs to:
- Assess the situation;
- Assess again;
- Draw Service Weapon
- Aim on Target;
- Fire
- Assess again

Non-trained people would not get past “assess”

- A TASER would not have worked (not accurate enough);

- Pepper Spray would not have worked (takes up to 30 seconds to kick in);

- DeEscalation not an option (suspect is charging officer with weapon brandished);

- Officer ALREADY is retreating!
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12 Sep

You find it highly suspect that suddenly all of the BLM-ANTIFA “direct action” live streamers (fake press activists) have suddenly switched from filming daily riots...

To now doing live streams about getting food donations for those affected by fires 🔥
And I ask this not because there is a need for assistance.

I ask this because these same morons (like “MilitantMom” or “Rosa Daniel Watts” or Adam Costello) who had NO PROBLEM participating in daily riots, are suddenly concerned with STATE & LOCAL EMERGENCY SERVICES.
The mainstream media is making a concerted effort to advise everyone that ANTIFA is not starting the Oregon fires.

Which is funny, since as we’ve all been told repeatedly...


It can’t be both ways. Either it exists or it doesn’t.
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11 Sep
On this day, in 2001...

I was consoling wives of firefighters and people working at WTC 1.

I got the call from the best man at my own wedding, both of us FireFighters, who said “look out your window, we are at war.”

We were also sworn police officers, and knew we were going.
The day is a blur.

One of disbelief. And anger. And incredible pain. People I knew and worked with vanished.

I had my own family to worry about. Both in NYC and outside the city.

Ultimately I ended up at my Police Department. We knew it was the end of an era.

F16s over NYC
Most on Twitter can’t remember 9/11. My own kids don’t even though they are well into adulthood now.

Thankfully, they have been spared the horror of watching people jump from 1000 feet up to avoid getting burned on live TV.

To many, it’s a slogan.

For me, this was yesterday.
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11 Sep
September 11, 2001
🕯 🕯 🕯 Image
September 11, 2001
🕯🕯🕯 ImageImageImageImage
September 11, 2001
🕯🕯🕯 ImageImageImageImage
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10 Sep
This was the single most RESPONSIBLE thing Trump did with the COVID response.

It sounds counter intuitive however, had Trump said on day 1 that this would be a massive pandemic,the following would have happened:

- Food supply instantly stops;
- Run on banks;
- Run on pharmacies

- Runs on PPE;
- Runs on house supplies;

As it was, around 3% of the nation was aware of the impending risks (because you follow folks like me 😁) and stocked up early.

Magnify that by 100 million X’s!

The nation would descend into instant CHAOS!
It’s also CRUCIALLY important to note that the following people / agencies said COVID wasn’t a big deal:

- Dr Fauci
- Dr Birx
- Dr Redfield

Now, that said, I did publish info that this would be a pandemic (from the WHO) early on (from leaked data)
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7 Sep
Livestream of Trump Rally: Oregon…

Join the watch party ... say hello when you get there! #Trump2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Additional In-Car Livestream:…
Link on YouTube:

Additional In-Car Cam

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5 Sep
*** BREAKING ***

No matter what NARRATIVE the media uses to spin the #Patriot vs #BLM confrontations in #Louisvilleprotest,

PATRIOTS are trying to discuss how to work PEACEFULLY WITH BLM to help get their message out without violence, looting, burning cities! ImageImageImage
The Black Conservative Patriot is live-streaming at the lead position of thousands of armed Patriots, and a lot of intense and heartfelt dialogue is being had.

Patriots are asking “How can we RESET this narrative today?” “How can we help you”. “We are not against you”
Thousands of #Patriots showed up heavily armed due to #NFAC saying they would also be at Louisville Kentucky and have made overt threats of violence.

There is a good chance for peace and collaboration if everyone listens to each other like they are right now.
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4 Sep
BARELY A BLIP on the Twitter radar.

- White ANTIFA member that shoots Trump / Patriot Prayer member Jay Bishop is killed by US Marshals Service

- BLM-ANTIFA member is a white guy

- He took one for the team, move on

If you are white and support BLM-ANTIFA, you are EXPENDABLE
I find the lack of outrage by the left very telling.

The BLM-ANTIFA member that killed Patriot Prayer member Jay Bishop was an animal and I’m not losing sleep.

But the fact there is no outrage on the left perplexes me. Why no outrage?
Answer: Doesnt fit the narrative.

Ultimately the news will focus on the ANTIFA member’s Vice interview where he stated he needed to kill Jay Bishop in “self defense” (a blatant lie; we all have the video).

So either that is what the news will run with, or they will drop it.
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2 Sep
Breaking: Magician David Blaine has launched himself into the sky with multiple helium balloons 🎈... currently at around 6,000 feet in the air... holding on with one hand!

Currently at 10,000 feet: just put parachute on... planning on rapid ASCENT now ImageImageImage
24,900 feet was the jump height. Blaine passed through the hypoxia region without oxygen on. Eventually placed oxygen on around 16,000 feet (purge valve breathing).

Min Temp: 1 degree F.
SP02: 85%
HR: 144 ImageImageImageImage
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1 Sep
It was a rough one to watch Joe... Image
On Biden’s medical knowledge: Image
On Biden’s seemingly rambling thoughts: Image
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30 Aug

-Portland Police Bureau does NOT have the proper resources to stop violence / riots by ANTIFA

- District Attorney admits to not having the correct resources to deal with crimes OTHER THAN violent crimes

- Mayor can’t see beyond Trump tweets
- Mayor Wheeler becomes VERY HOSTILE towards media questions but states he foresaw the violence coming.

This begs the question:


It’s clear:

Mayor Wheeler talks a big game but is merely another hot headed anti-Trump suit.
- Additionally, Portland Police Chief states that his Department simply doesn’t have the resources to quell violence.

AGAIN, begs the question:


This is mismanagement at the highest levels!
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30 Aug
Reports of the executed Patriot Prayer member as Jay Bishop appears to be accurate.

This was a horrible event, and our prayers are with Jay, his family and friends at @PatriotPrayerUS

This should never have happened.
I mean GOD FORBID a Pro-Trump or Pro-Police rally be allowed to happen without BLM-ANTIFA MILITANTS showing up (even at the staging areas)!

Why is it SO IMPORTANT for BLM-ANTIFA to inject themselves into every aspect of life?
WHY ARE BLM-ANTIFA MILITANTS even allowed to arm themselves as combatants with ballistic helmets and body armor?

You know who does that?

People that anticipate getting into armed conflict.

Their funding should be examined, and orders DENIED. Image
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