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We need the catharsis of a public House inquiry! Queer Leather Daddy/Bear 🏳️‍🌈#TheResistance #Resist #BlueWave 🌊
16 Jan 20
When smart liars, like @RandPaul, feebly try to insinuate that all whistleblowers are equal, be quick to reframe the narrative and correct it, leaving them to defend their lie. Do not engage the lie, directly.
Professor Emeritus at UC Berkley, George Lakoff, explains this phenomenon beautifully. Engaging a lie or repeating a lie, even if you are arguing against it, reinforces it and grants it weight.
If I were a Republican, I would be offended when #GOPMisrepresentatives like @RandPaul essentially tell me that they believe I am ignorant and stupid. I guess a lot of them don't see that he's telling them what he really thinks of them. Image
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8 Aug 19
(THREAD) A homicidal mental state is not a mental illness. This is why our laws hold persons accountable who act with homicidal intent whenever a mental illness does not account for that intent. Stigmatizing mentally ill people, unjustly, isn't helpful. The problem is "#Bigotry."
A "#Bigot" is a person who has a baseless bias (or baseless biases) against a group (or groups) of humans. By itself, bigotry is not harmless. It influences the way one speaks, acts, thinks, votes, and advocates. #BigotRhetoric is pernicious, insidious, and infectious.
Repeated exposure to #BigotRhetoric can literally alter how others perceive stimuli. They will inevitably begin to experience confirmation bias that reinforces and augments growing bigotry, in their minds. In any large groups of humans, some will have homicidal mental states.
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23 Jul 18
@EdKrassen @mschreiweis66 @SenateMajLdr Mitch #BenedictMcConnell, a.k.a. Mitch "#MerrickGarland" McConnell, will be remembered by history as one of the @GOP co-conspirators who tried, and failed, to destroy the Republic for which our flag proudly stands from within our halls of power. Koch failed, guys.
@EdKrassen @mschreiweis66 @SenateMajLdr @GOP @HouseGOP/house-republicans

Do yourselves a favor, if you knew of or participated in any secret meetings among @GOP and/or NRA lobbyists where Russia or money from unclear sources was discussed, make a statement to the FBI now. Save yourselves time.
@EdKrassen @mschreiweis66 @SenateMajLdr @GOP (prison time, I mean ... seriously ... clock's obviously ticking on this one)
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