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8 Dec
Progressives thought they could defund the police without increasing crime, but now we are in a brutal crime wave that is disproportionately hurting the people progressives said they wanted to protect

Brilliant piece by @lwoodhouse

I took my safety for granted and viewed law-and-order as a "right wing" issue until I spent time in places where law-and-order had broken down. I came to understand the horrors that resulted, including rape and murder and the daily stress of just trying to survive. Image
"The push to defund the police has always been more popular in higher income areas... where crime and violence are more of an abstraction... But now...the crime wave is hitting affluent neighborhoods, too"

Outstanding summary of how "defund the police" is a "luxury belief": Image
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8 Dec
Over last 10 years, the homeless population increased 31% in California & declined 18% in rest of U.S. Why? We diverted funding from shelter to housing.

Now, a new poll finds that 57% of California voters support Shelter First & just 30% support the "Housing First" status quo Image
The implications of the new survey, conducted by a Democratic pollster of LA County voters, are massive

Homelessness is the #1 issue, with 73% of voters calling it "very serious"

Shelter First candidates will have powerful advantage over Housing First candidates Image
The evidence is overwhelming in favor of the humanity & efficacy of Shelter First

Shelter First is the reason New York City shelters 95% of its homeless but L.A. shelters just 28% Image
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6 Dec
Many progressives insist police don't prevent crime, but a large body of research, and rising crime amidst widespread police shortages, offer strong proof that they do.

We should be more skeptical of the claims made by criminal justice reformers

Clarence and Jacqueline Avant may not be household names but they are giants of black American music and philanthropy. Clarence is the former chairman of Motown Records, and responsible for the careers of some of America’s greatest African American musicians.
Jacqueline, 81, was president of Neighbors for Watts, an early child care organization, and a much-loved philanthropist. Netflix last year produced a film about Clarence and in October he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with the love of his life at his side
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4 Dec
Most people think global carbon emissions have been rising, but new data show they actually *declined* over the last decade.

Emissions must still decline further, but temperatures are unlikely to rise above 2.5°-3°C, far less than the much-feared 6°C

All else being equal, we wouldn't want to change global temperatures much, since we have created cities, farms, and nature areas around current temperatures.

But all else isn't equal. Emissions are a by-product of modern energy, which reduced extreme poverty from >90% to <10%
If we had to choose, we'd rather the world got warmer than cooler, since more people die of cold than heat, and because warmer temperatures make more rather than less land available for farming, but too much heat creates new risks.

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2 Dec
Many say climate change threatens economies but a major new report by the New York Fed says the impact of extreme weather events has been & will remain trivial

The real threat, the authors warn, comes not from climate change, but from climate policy

Over the last two years, some of the world’s most powerful and influential bankers and investors have argued that climate change poses a grave threat to financial markets and that nations must switch urgently from using fossil fuels to using renewables.
In 2019, the Fed Reserve Bank of SF warned climate change could cause banks to stop lending, towns to lose tax revenue, & home values to decline.

Last year, 36 fund managers representing $1 trillion in assets said climate “poses a systemic threat to financial markets & economy”
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1 Dec
It’s fine to disagree with me but I’m raising a serious question: is the plan here to just maintain the fentanyl & meth addictions of people made jobless, family-less, and homeless by their addiction? If that’s the goal be honest about & don’t claim Europe did the same, it didn’t
In Netherlands & Portugal they pressure homeless street addicts to quit. They shut down the open drug scenes. They required people to live in shelters, not the street. Housing is earned. There’s less than 150 people the Dutch govt let’s shoot heroin bc methadone didn’t work.
Where the New York experiment appears to be headed is to have thousands of people administered fentanyl, heroin, meth, whatever, with no regard for getting people off those debilitating drugs so they can re-unite with families, work, and be independent, not chemically controlled
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30 Nov
Drug deaths & crime are skyrocketing. We demand action.

Recovering addicts, parents of addicts, & residents will protest in San Francisco at 11:30 am

Our demands:

1. Shut down the deadly drug markets
2. Shelter & Treatment First
3. Housing Earned
We are @calif_peace

We are recovering addicts, parents of addicts, community leaders, and parents of children killed by fentanyl

We advocate nonpartisan, evidence-based solutions

We seek local, state, and federal action

Please learn more & join us:

We considered civil disobedience and decided against it because SF is experiencing an acute police officer shortage, which is contributing to rising crime. Moreover, there is greater awareness of the urgency of the problem. And so our protest will focus on demanding action.
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29 Nov
Progressives have long claimed homelessness is just a result of poverty, but a growing number of insiders are admitting that the unsheltered homeless live in tents to support their addiction, and that so-called "homeless advocates" are making the problem worse

In my new book, San Fransicko, I describe why progressives create and defend what European researchers call “open drug scenes,” which are places in cities where drug dealers and buyers meet, and many addicts live in tents.
Progressives call these scenes “homeless encampments,” and not only defend them but have encouraged their growth, which is why the homeless population in California grew 31 percent since 2000. This was mostly a West Coast phenomenon until recently.
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27 Nov
Not that long ago progressive cities like Seattle and San Francisco held conferences promoting themselves, smugly, as models of “livable, walkable cities.” Now, their downtown stores are boarded up and open drug scenes have taken over the sidewalks
Oh, and Portland. These are from a lovely stroll I took in September. Totally walkable and livable ImageImageImageImage
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26 Nov
In early 2020, San Francisco’s progressive D.A. said drug dealing was a “victimless crime,” theft resulted from inequality, & the police were too militarized.

Today, SF is 400 cops short of the minimum, 700/year die from drugs, & looting is commonplace.

There has been a lot of gas-lightening of SF residents by highly ideological activists seeking to deny the obvious increase in crime. Often they show graphs of crime in the aggregate, inappropriately conflating homicides, robbery, & shoplifting, which is deliberately misleading.
Some crimes declined due to covid, and many of them, like car break-ins, are today above 2019 numbers, while others, like shoplifting show radically lower arrests per reports, which follows directly from the D.A.’s pledge to reduce prosecutions.

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25 Nov
“You have to reduce the American experience to a few ridiculously grim variables, and remove everything from movies to rock n’ roll to monster dunks, to spend today sulking.”

This @mtaibbi defense of Thanksgiving is so good it pisses me off a little bit

“We don’t ask Russians how they can sit around the yelochka every New Year and open presents knowing that Ivan the Terrible used to roast prisoners in giant frying pans, or how they can smoke Belomorkanal cigarettes knowing the White Sea canal is filled with the bones of slaves.”
“The Founding Fathers may have been scum, but they didn’t just steal a continent from the indigenous, they stole one from a British King, which is, come on, hilarious. These revolutionaries — Kurt Vonnegut called them “Sea Pirates” — then drew up a document sanctifying…
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24 Nov
Father of Ahmaud Arbery just now: “ALL lives matter. I don’t want no daddy to watch his kid get shot down like that. It’s ALL our problem. So let’s keep fighting to make this a better place for all human beings. Love everybody! All human beings need to be treated equally.” ❤️👏🏼👑
Marcus Arbery, father of Ahmaud, who was senselessly murdered, had every reason to give an angry & vindictive speech, & he would have been applauded for doing so

Instead he affirmed his faith in the Kingian vision of racial equality, and in so doing restores our faith in America
I hope that, one day soon, @peterboghossian & I will be able to remove “All lives matter” from the list of “Taboo Speech” on our Woke Religion Taxonomy.

Its affirmation by Marcus Arbery, and its repetition by @TheRevAl Sharpton, has just brought that day much closer

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24 Nov
More people will be killed in Philadelphia this year than at height of crack epidemic in 1990, and more than during any other year since at least 1960 & perhaps longer, since that's the first year the Police Department started tracking homicides

Long discussion of what could have caused the homicide increase with precisely zero mention of Ferguson effect, despite overwhelming consensus among criminologists that it has played a major role, or the election of Phillly's progressive prosecutor in 2016.

I annotated the graph
The reporters wrote 6 paragraphs on guns, even as they admit there's no evidence more guns caused more homicides, and zero on Ferguson effect, i.e, anti-police protests resulting in withdrawal of police and emboldenment of criminals
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24 Nov
Milwaukee's progressive D.A. said the $1,000 bail that released a man who killed 6 at the Waukesha Christmas parade was "unacceptably low," but the D.A. diverted other homicidal criminals with low cash bails as recently as Nov 11 & 13

My latest scoop

On November 11, Kenneth Burney was charged with four counts of attempted murder. Burney reportedly shot & wounded 3 police while he awaited trial for 'disorderly conduct with use of a dangerous weapon as a habitual criminality repeater and with domestic abuse assessments.'
Burney was reportedly released on a $1,000 signature bond in March. A signature bond does not require a defendant to deposit any money. It only asks for a promise to pay the bond if they fail to show up at trial.
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24 Nov
Over the last 18 months, we demonized, defunded & demoralized police officers. In response, many quit, creating acute shortages

It's now clear those shortages are resulting in the avoidable deaths — from homicides to heart attacks — of innocent people

At 1:24pm on Nov. 2, 13-year-old Drew Yurek called 911 to report an emergency: his father Will didn’t feel well and needed help. Medics arrived six minutes later, but were told by dispatch to wait for the police before entering.
There was a cautionary note that flagged the occupant of the address as being hostile to first responders. But the note was outdated, and referred to a previous tenant.
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22 Nov
From lootings to homicides, America is in a crime wave. Why? Covid plays a role, but the underlying causes are demoralization of police, staff shortages, & emboldening criminals

At 12 noon ET today join @CharlesFLehman & me on @TwitterSpaces to discuss

Background reading: The three chapters in San Fransicko about homicides and crime. ImageImageImageImage
Continued ImageImageImage
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19 Nov
Over 100,000 Americans died from illicit drugs in a single year. Progressives blame drug prohibition, conservatives blame lockdowns. Both are wrong. The reason the carnage continues is because we're failing to do what Europe did

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) yesterday announced that 100,000 Americans died from illicit drugs in the 12 month period ending in April, a nearly 30 percent increase from the same period the year before.
Progressives blame laws that treat addiction as a criminal rather than public health problem, while conservatives blame lockdowns to covid.

Both sides are wrong. The cause of the 100,000 deaths is the normalization of hard drug use and the liberalization of drug laws.
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17 Nov
I propose to take the affirmative side in a debate over the following:

“San Francisco & other U.S. cities should do what Amsterdam did & shut down open drug scenes by arresting dealers, mandating rehab to addicts who break the law, and redevelopment”

Any takers?
Would you be interested in attending or watching this debate?
Here’s background on the resolution I propose supporting in a fair debate with anyone who would like to take the negative side

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17 Nov
Netherlands once had a drug death crisis, too. It solved it by arresting drug dealers & mandating rehab as an alternative to prison. Progressives oppose both. Yes, a tiny # of addicts for whom methadone didn’t work get heroin in sanctioned drug sites. But fewer than 150.
Researchers have known since 1997 that “patients who have been forced to enter a substance abuse treatment have shown during and post treatment results that are quite similar to those shown by supposedly ‘internally motivated’ patients

Progressives justify their withholding of the best-available medical treatment of addiction in the name of reducing racial disparities in jails and prisons. But the result is skyrocketing drug deaths that, surprise surprise, are higher among African Americans
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17 Nov
Biden is asking the Fed. Trade Commission’s @linakhanFTC to investigate gas price manipulation. Will this be non-partisan? If so, please start in California, home to some of our highest prices, a “mysterious gas surcharge”, & long history of oil/gas influence over Dem governors
Californians have over-paid $20B (!) on gasoline since 2005 & nobody knows why because @JerryBrownGov & now @GavinNewsom refuse to investigate

California's “mystery gasoline surcharge” cost the average family an astonishing *$1,800* per year *before* the recent increase in prices

And, no, it’s not explained by
“refinery issues, “fuel blend” or taxes

I bet it’s not a “mystery” to somebody!

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17 Nov
For decades, Greens said Europe could shut down its nuclear plants & rely on renewables & a bit of natural gas. Last week Euro leaders pressured Africa & India to give up coal. Now, Europe finds itself at the mercy of Russia and is burning coal plants like there’s no tomorrow
Having warned of all of this for more than a decade, am I enjoying this? To some extent I am. Call it energiewendeschadenfreude.
Who could have ever guessed that the people who said industrial civilization was a mistake were trying, through their energy policies, to destroy industrial civilization?
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