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30 Sep
Under Obama-Biden, “$15B went to energy efficiency, which turned out to be a massive waste of money. 2x as much money was spent weatherizing homes as was saved. The episode disproved the myth that efficiency investments always “pay for themselves.”

“Determined to learn nothing from history, Green New Dealers are now proposing to spend taxpayer dollars weatherizing every building in America.”
FWIW, this is not a left-right issue. Even @MotherJones reports, “the upfront cost of efficiency upgrades came to about $5,000 per house, on average. But their central estimate of the benefits only amounted to about $2,400 per household.”

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28 Sep
"California is what American life will look like if the Green New Deal succeeds"

Only nuclear can replace fossil fuels at low-cost while creating millions of good jobs

Excellent new *progressive* case for nuclear by @dumbaristotle article @BellowsMag

"California's rolling blackouts this summer were caused by decades of costly and poorly planned decisions to replace nuclear and gas plants with solar and wind."

Terrific new video on California's renewable energy crisis by @TheAbridgedZach @reason

The movement for nuclear energy is growing!

- Dozens of bikers did "Ride for Reactors" in Illinois

- Dance for nuclear in South Africa

- Massive virtual pro-nuclear demo in Australia

- Hundreds in Holland, France, Canada!

Check out @StandUp4Nuclear !

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23 Sep
If you care so much about the climate why are you trying to close California's last nuclear power plant?

Diablo Canyon:

- provides clean energy to 3M people

- is needed to fuel EVs

- is set to be replaced by fossil fuels, creating CO2-equivalent to adding 2M cars to road
California had blackouts last fall and was on the brink of 'cascading failures' from a shortage of electricity just a few weeks ago

So in response to our energy crisis you're seeking to a) increase demand for electricity from EVs & b) kill a plant that provides power to 3M?
If you care so much about reducing emissions, why are you seeking to replace the 9% of our electricity that comes from clean nuclear rather than the 50% that comes from fossil fuels?
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16 Sep
Last year, Extinction Rebellion claimed "billions will die from climate change" & "Earth is dying"

Both are lies, and I called them out for it

Now it is lying about me & smearing my colleague @ziontree

Why? Because @ziontree rightly denounced Extinction Rebellion for alarmism
As background, I

- have been an environmental activist for 33 years & a climate activist for 20 years

- helped win massive govt investment in renewables, 2003-09

- helped saved enough nuclear since 2016 to reduce CO2 equivalent to 24M cars on road

Our small nonprofit research and policy organization @envprogress is funded by a small group of individuals with no financial interest in our research or advocacy

And, unlike @XRebellionUK @Greenpeace @SierraClub @NRDC we disclose our donors publicly:

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14 Sep
This is false

No mainstream scientist blames California's recent drought on climate change as Gov. @GavinNewsom has just done with @realDonaldTrump

The most scientists are willing to say is that it made the drought 15-20% more intense

Even the apocalyptic @nytimes says so
@GavinNewsom @realDonaldTrump @nytimes Will the @nytimes — which has been exaggerating climate change's role in California's fires & lionizing @GavinNewsom — report that the governor just grossly misrepresented the science, according to its own 2015 coverage of the science?

Will the news media report that California's high-intensity megafires wouldn't be occurring without ~5x normal wood fuel accumulation?

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11 Sep
Stop politicizing a tragedy

California's top *forest* scientists say main causes of fires are

- 5x more wood fuel in forests due to 100+ years of fire suppression

- Drought (2012-16) that would have occurred w/o climate change
“Climate dries the [wood] fuels out & extends the fire season BUT IT'S NOT THE CAUSE OF THE INTENSITY of the fires. The cause of that is fire suppression and the existing debt of wood fuel.”

— Malcolm North, US Forest Service

The 2013-2014 Rim fire, which burned 250,000 acres, exposed FIVE TIMES MORE PEOPLE to unhealthy air conditions from smoke than it would have if the same area had been burned regularly with smaller “prescribed” fires.
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11 Sep
As governor you

- grossly mismanaged forests resulting in today’s explosive fires

- diverted resources from electric grid maintenance, resulting in black-outs

- replaced reliable nuclear w/ unreliable renewables, raising electric prices 6x more than in rest of US
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10 Sep
“People living in poverty in the Punjab want what we in the West have & it is rank hypocrisy for us to suggest they can’t have it....

“And there is only one reliable, low-carbon energy source that we can invest in now: nuclear”

@ziontree @DailyMailUK

“There are some who believe we should live extremely constrained lifestyles, much like people in the Punjab village my parents are from. I have spent time there and it was heartbreaking. Children die from health problems we in the West can easily cure.”

“Over time, the contradiction between preaching climate apocalypse and opposing nuclear energy will become increasingly untenable. Greta Thunberg & Extinction Rebellion will need to admit that we need nuclear, or face a loss of credibility and relevance”

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8 Sep
2M acres of California have burned so far this year

But *4.4 - 12M* acres (!) burned each year in *pre-industrial* times

It is gross misinformation to blame climate change for our fires
And scientists in February 2020 concluded that California needs to burn 20M acres to restabilize forest ecology

“Of the hundreds of persons who visit the Pacific slope of California every summer to see the mountains,” reported a U.S. government scientist in 1898, who had surveyed the region, “few see more than the immediate foreground and a haze of smoke.”

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7 Sep
@KamalaHarris Hi Kamala,

California resident here

3M people could lose their power & A/C tonight, which is dangerous

Do you think it still makes sense to shut down our reliable nuclear plants and try to rely so heavily on solar, which stops producing electricity just as peak demand begins?
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4 Sep
Britain is set to close 14 of its 15 nuclear reactors by 2030

Now, the UK and @BorisJohnson have major opportunity to lead the West on nuclear energy

Time to go big or go home

My latest with @ChrisBarnardDL
@Telegraph — please share!

@BorisJohnson @ChrisBarnardDL @Telegraph At some point in the next two weeks, the Johnson government will decide whether to build two new nuclear reactors at the Sizewell nuclear plant in Suffolk or abandon those plans for a risky experiment with Rolls-Royce.
Blood, sweat, and tears have been shed building the advanced nuclear reactor design known as the EPR in Finland, France, and at Hinkley Point in Britain.
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3 Sep
If you care so much about plastic waste polluting the environment then why aren't you advocating for higher economic growth in poor nations so they have the money to build the waste-management systems required to prevent plastic from escaping into the environment?

Plastic waste in the oceans comes from

- poor nations that lack waste collection

- rich nations that dump plastics on poor ones by deceiving themselves that their plastics will be recycled when they often are not
It's great that people are raising the alarm, again, about rich nations dumping plastics on poor nations, but people should remember that this is because:

- poor nations lack waste-management systems rich nations take for granted

- we irrationally think plastic must be recycled
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31 Aug
Most everything they say about plastic waste is wrong:

- ocean biodegrades 99.9% of it

- bioplastics worse than fossil-plastics

- landfill & incineration better than recycling

Nobody likes waste but it's wrong to deny plastics to poor nations

In a front-page story in today's @nytimes @HirokoTabuchi @mccorkery5 @CarlosMureithi suggest that that plastic waste is, or should be, a high-priority for poor African nations, and that the best way to deal with it is by not having plastic at all.

In fact, poor nations in Africa need to use more, not less plastic, since doing so will improve people’s lives, just as plastic has improved people’s lives in developed nations for over a half-century.
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27 Aug
Hurricanes not becoming more frequent

Deaths from disasters are at an all-time low

Higher cost of disasters is due to greater wealth, not worse weather

No science for claims that climate will increase disaster deaths

My latest @Forbes — please share!

@Forbes Just 2,900 people lost their lives in natural disasters in the first half of 2020

That's far fewer than the average for same period during last 30 years or last 10 years

That's on top of a 92% decline in the decadal death toll from natural disasters since its peak in the 1920s
@Forbes There's been no increase in the frequency of hurricanes

And the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts the max. intensity of Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms will rise 5% in the 21st Century, but their frequency will decline 25%
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24 Aug
California's fires are *not* "unprecedented"

Fires did *not* destroy ancient redwood forest

Forests, including redwoods, *need* fire for new life

Fires have declined 80% since

Please stop blaming climate change for everything

This viral tweet with 7.5k retweets by @dwallacewells claiming that fires have destroyed ancient redwoods is misinformation

David, you should delete it, apologize, and come camping with me in our redwoods so you can learn some basic forest ecology

@dwallacewells According to scientists, 4.4M acres/year of Calif. burned before the arrival of Europeans

The annual area burned has declined over 80%

Today, a big fire year means that 1.5M acres burned

That's not necessarily progress

Fire is often good not bad!

Learn your ecology, people!
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19 Aug
We're killing endangered species to save endangered species

In 2012 we let solar industry kill desert tortoises

In 2013 we let wind industry kill condors

In 2016 we let wind industry kill eagles

Will we let the solar industry kill Joshua Trees?

To learn more about why we're destroying nature in order to save it, please read Apocalypse Never

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18 Aug
Hi @AOC hi @KamalaHarris

I agree with you that we need environmental justice. But why then are you advocating the closure of Indian Point nuclear plant in New York, which is being replaced by fossil fuels, and whose pollution disproportionately hurts poor people of color?
A statement issued by your office last year said that the goal of the Green New Deal was “to transition off of nuclear.”

You later said you wanted to leave “the door open on nuclear” but then said Indian Point “should have been shut down a long time ago.”

Well, it’s being shut down now, and being replaced with fossil fuels, increasing air pollution, & hurting the poor

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17 Aug
Hi @KamalaHarris - Berkeley, Calif. resident here

We are in 3rd night of blackouts b/c of our over-reliance on unreliable renewables & the closure of nat gas & nuclear plants

Genuine question: why should the rest of the U.S. follow our lead?
@KamalaHarris You say "we'll create millions of jobs"

But won't most of those good jobs in renewables be manufacturing solar panels in China?

Won't the US jobs mostly be the same low-skill and low-wage installation & weatherization jobs California created?
Also, California's climate agenda resulted in power prices rising 6x more than in rest of US

Don't economists on the Left and Right broadly agree that making energy more expensive is highly regressive — even more so than making food expensive?

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15 Aug

- is imposing black-outs for a 2nd time in a year

- saw electric prices rise 6x more than rest of US, 2011 - 2019

- is shutting down last nuclear plant which creates cheap, clean, reliable power to 3M people

- is the model Democrats want to impose on the rest of US
California is experiencing rolling black-outs

They could result in heat stroke and even death for sick and elderly from lack of air conditioning

The causes are incompetence, corruption, and unreliable renewables

The black-outs are a result of political corruption and incompetence by @GavinNewsom and his cronies who have been ruining California for 50+ years


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8 Aug
This is gross misinformation

The flooding in India is because the government failed to create a modern flood control system, not because of a couple more inches of rain from climate change

Stop blaming poverty, underdevelopment, and bad governance on climate change!
Deaths from natural disasters declined 92% over last century and 80-90% over last 40 years

We've almost eliminated deaths from floods ImageImageImage
The "scientist" who tweeted that apparently believes that those floods are due to heavy rainfall rather than the lack of flood control!

Hey @AndrewDessler are you seriously saying that if they had flood control like you have in Texas, they will would have had that flooding? Image
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29 Jul
Yesterday I raised hard questions about the $2 trillion that Biden & the Democrats want to spend on green energy

In response, sitting members of Congress publicly smeared me — and then denied me a chance to defend myself

Here’s the full ugly story quillette.com/2020/07/29/why…
The context was a special House Committee hearing to evaluate a Democratic proposal similar to the one proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, which would spend $2 trillion over four years on renewables and other climate programs.
Congressional interest in my testimony stems from the fact that I advocated for a Democratic energy proposal very similar to Biden’s between 2002 & 2009. Back then, the Obama administration justified $90 billion for renewables as stimulus, just as Biden’s campaign is doing today
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