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23 Feb

Hiyaa flat issue is one of the biggest scams in recent history.

If you want to know why, follow up, i will be sharing here the reasons, with proof from news articles.
In 2019, current government started to convince people why Hiyaa flats are too small to live, hence the design of all structures needed to be changed, reducing the total number of housing units.
Initially it was 2 room 7000 units, 2 room 2500 units and 1 room 1621 units. Total 11k

In 2019, 7000 was planed to reduce to 3588
2500 to be reduced to 1700
1 room flats, SOE were building.

Gov promised to build new flats to compensate for reduction.
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3 Sep 20
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For those of you who have no idea what is going on with indian military presence in Maldives and #indiaout hashtags, i'll summarise the past 10 years here.

In 2010, during the time of president Mohamed Nasheed, it was agreed to bring 2 helicopters from India 1/8
to Maldives as a "gift" to MNDF. 20 military personals from India were brought with each to operate them. It was said back then in news sources that indian military personals will stay here UNTIL Maldivians are trained to operate them. President Waheed and president Yameen 2/8
also renewed the agreements.

Fast foward to 2017, there was a news during Oct 2017, that a Maldivian pilot would complete training and be ready to operate them in one month. 2018 happened yet the helicopters were still under full operation by Indian military. 3/8
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