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25 Nov
So that mysterious monolith that showed up in Southern Utah? That set my lil antenna buzzing. Let me set it up for you all....
I know, Im sorry about the following source... I just take it where I can get it.. kek
Then we get the coordinates, which is REALLY what I want, because then Mapping happens :D
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22 Nov
Ok reminder! Doing a live show today. Digging 101-200.. kek.
Have a dig already found, did a bit on it myself already and I think we may have some fruit bearing on it. So I will leave it and we can all discover it together! Remember, if you want to be in the live stream....
Be here in 2 hours. 12:30 PST. Ill post that Im looking for those who want to be in the video. We will get that all setup, and go from there. We will be recording. So have Zoom ready, your mic's and cameras ( Camera optional ) ready to roll, and your quiet house routine in place
This will be recorded and kept for future references for others. I hope to do a series of these featuring different dig styles and ways. So we do my way first :P

Subscribe and set notifications.
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15 Nov
I had a bunch of new and interested in learning diggers asking how, when, what. IF you are interested in a quick "course", then toss your name in here. Ill create a DM group, and then we can go from there. Lets see how many we can get in the next 20-30 mins. Dont be shy!
Wow, I did NOT expect that kind of response. I apologize to everyone before hand, but Im going to have to limit it at this point. I cant fit you all in! lol. Class size matters :P
Guess Ill have to do this again. For those of you that didn't get into the DM, keep your eyes peeled
Also make sure you add me, if I don't have you as a follower I cant add you to the DM. So get that done so that we wont have any issues there! Thanks :)
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13 Nov
Ok, another lil quick thread.
Some of you may not know, but I am, and have been since I was a child ( literally.. like age 5 ) an avid science fiction fan. I started to read VERY early ( I wont tell you, you wont believe me ) and was reading normal books at 5.
I would routinely devour a book a day. That was normal. Sometimes two if I was bored. So that explains why I have so much goofy and spread out knowledge. Ive read a TON of stuff. If you have seen any of my videos you'll have noticed the bookcases full of books behind me.
Yes, I have read them all. Multiple times. Ok I lied, there are a few I haven't read yet because I just got them recently. But anyway, the point being is that Ive been reading avidly for decades.
One of my favorite authors of all time is Robert Heinlein.
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12 Nov
Open call to any of my deep digging buddies. I got handed a pretty huge election interference dig thats WAY to much for me to tackle. Whos up to take it on? CCP, Facebook, Zuckerberg, Plouffe, election workers..... 350 million... little things like that.
And while I do appreciate all of the people willing to try who haven't dug before, this isn't the place to start for a beginner ;) Sorry. I have other ideas I can toss at you if you want things to work on. Not knocking anyone, just been there, so I understand whats involved.
ok Added a link on Kun..

8kun.top qresearch/res/11613694.html#q11613741
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11 Nov
I knew that would get your attention. That’s the fear of Friday the 13th. Well, we have one coming. Friday. Good excuse for a short thread! KEK.
So, what’s the big deal? Silly superstition? Or real issue? Well of course it’s a silly superstition, but that doesn’t mean that a person’s belief in it, wont manifest bad things for them on that day.
Turns out that the superstition over the day is pretty ancient. The Ancient Norse feared it because it was said that Loki was the uninvited 13th guest at a feast in which he killed Baldur, which put a darkness over the whole world.
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4 Nov
First thoughts.
If you want to know what’s REALLY going on. Newsmax. End of story. Dump FOX NOW.
Secondly, relax and stay calm. We know that the win will be called falsely by blue... let them. We know it’s coming. It’s part of the Plan.
ACB was installed just in the nick of time. Can you say MIL precision? I knew you could. Patriots are in control, and this is obviously needed to wake more normies. We had the same feeling in 2018 and we squeeked by with exactly what we needed. Same here.
So sit back, know you did your part, and enjoy the movie. More redpilling of normies coming at rapid pace...
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3 Nov
Just a bit of a note as I head to sleep tonight. Tomorrow marks the day when we take our Country back. I have no doubt we will do so. But it’s going to take each and every one of us voting as if our life’s depend on it.
They do.
But also consider this: Joe Biden is TELLING us exactly what the stakes are. They aren’t hiding it. It’s right in front of us. This IS a battle for our souls.....
So keep that firmly in mind tomorrow as you stand in line. Don’t give up, don’t quit, every single damned vote is crucial to our way of life and future!
God Bless President Trump, The USA, and ALL of the Patriots who have fought to keep her free. This Vote is for you!
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2 Nov
The Philosophers Stone, The Holy Grail, Food of the Gods, Manna, Elixir of the Gods, Ambrosia of the Gods, The Fountain of Youth, and the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge. What was it really?
Well, funny enough, there are Three answers to this question. One white, and two red. Confused yet? Good, that’s right where I want you. Let’s tackle White first.
First, read through these two articles to get a feel for what’s coming. Lots of information here, so take your time and absorb…
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1 Nov
So we get the Navy dropping this tweet yesterday...
And then our favorite MIL insider drops this link today?
Things that make Danno sit back and go hmmmm...... something is cookin.
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1 Nov
Ok working on another doozy for you guys. Got the bug to tackle the Philosophers stone and Manna..... Not sure when Ill get it done, hopefully this weekend. Lets just say that you will have to readjust your thinking to EVERYTHING once Im done with you :)
Here is my thread creation music tonight....
Switched it up a bit. VAST is an old favorite of mine...
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27 Oct
Ok, now a reminder that I will be joining @bvoice_p and @PainsAngels2 at youtube.com/channel/UChTfQ… on Nov 13th to discuss my Antarctica digs and findings. Can’t wait!
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26 Oct
Ok, a semi quick thread to help teach something tonight, as I see it happening again. There is a term, fearporn, that is used to describe Chan posts that cause people to fear for a future outcome....
What happens is someone, probably a 🤡, posts a message on Kun with enough truth to ring true, but a startling thing added in that brings fear. Those of us that have been around awhile recognize it for what it is, but many of you newer folk won’t have encountered it.... yet
Get ready for a wave of it through the election. I’ve seen a couple Kun posts come across tonight already that tell me this is the new plan. First rule. Discern. Slow down, read it carefully. If it doesn’t make sense logically, then disregard it.
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24 Oct
WAY different thread for me here. Something I decided to write awhile ago, but just haven’t had the time to do so. But now I’m making the time 😉
The impetuous behind this thread is behaviors I have seen in my own, and in others, threads. Maybe some of this doesn’t jump out as obvious, so that’s why I figured this might not be a bad idea to write, especially for Twitter newbs 😊
First off: READ THE WHOLE THREAD BEFORE YOU COMMENT!!! I cant tell you how many times I get people commenting on a thread, and whatever they are commenting or adding or saying is contained later in the thread, sometimes in the next tweet!
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20 Oct
The HUNTER for Red October Becomes the Hunted….
Yes, that’s a melding of THREE different Q phrases:
The Hunt for Red October
The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Red October
And POTUS Where IS Hunter as an added bonus...
There is a reason for this. Let look at Hunt for Red October, which everyone thought was a hunt for a missile Sub, but Q said no.
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17 Oct
OK folks, late notice, so please spread this one like wildfire. Once again joining @QquietVvoice on their YouTube Channel for a discussion about?!?!?!?!

Atlantis, Leylines, CERN, Bermuda Triangle, Little St James ( Epstein Island ) and oh so much more. INCLUDING an open Q&A!
@QquietVvoice Link to their channel. Subscribe, hit that notifications button, and be there on Sunday at 1 PST, 4 EST for some great talks about yes.

And by yes I mean everything :D Who knows what we might accidentally cover that we don't want to get banned for.... cough...
For those that like to prep... cough... here is the link to the thread that we will be covering. Feel free to bring your questions! Id love to try to answer them all :)
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17 Oct
Time to do another must follow thread. I am first going to list my digger buddies who helped get me started, and helped me grow. They deserve MUCH of the credit for where I am now. ALL are worthy follows. Next tweet will start the list ;)
Next are the strong Patriots I found early on. Many have helped me by RT'ing threads, others by showing me tricks on digging etc.
@RampTheresa <--belongs in 1st grp
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14 Oct
Bit of a quick thread here. Ill admit up front that I am gut jumping with this one, and possibly ignoring an unknown Cue decode. There will be a lot of symbolism in this one too, so be ready, here goes.
@MAGAMedium2 posted this today in reference to @kayleighmcenany post with the clock. 3:16 on the clock, but below the clock and not so visible was a SINGLE lantern…
Now Kayleigh put a TON of emphasis on today's post. Her clock has been the subject of speculation for a few days now.
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11 Oct
Hmm... something odd here... let’s see who can spot the anomaly...
To save everyone the guessing, it’s a complete bullet and casing being ejected from the weapon.
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10 Oct
Another reminder folks! If you want to hear me yammer about Antarctica for an hour or two, make sure you tune in! I will be covering my main Mt Erebus thread, but will undoubtedly be touching on ALL of my Antarctic digs. Might even show you my heavily doctored version of GE 😉
One of the threads we will touch on...
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10 Oct
Ok quicky time. This is interesting, and needs WAY MOAR eyes on.
P Allen Smith. Arkansas TV show host. Owner of Moss Mountain Farm. Appears to have some Epstein type proclivities....
Thanks to @SharonLEllis for showing me this.... look closer to the upper left of the farm. This is what you see zoomed in...
@SharonLEllis Now he is in Arkansas, this could be notable if he has ties to the Clintons right? I mean like Epstein right? Well, guess what...

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