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27 Oct
Stabilized video of the police involved shooting of Walter Wallace. Once in full motion and a second time at half speed to track the knife.

The officers repeatedly tell him to drop the knife.

When Wallace rounded the car, he had the knife pointed at the officer & was charging.

Very sad & unfortunate situation. Despite the others telling the officers they "had him," they didn't.

Video opens with Wallace advancing on Officer 1.

At 00:02:14, Wallace turns his head to look at Officer 2.

00:03:32, he heads in that direction. ImageImageImage
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26 Oct
Yikes, I'd never seen the first bit of this video before.
This is Rashida Tlaib. Congresswoman in Michigan. Former Soros Justice Fellow.

Sorry, I assumed people would know who it is.
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26 Oct
Holy crap. Okay so I just found a PDF that was released in September of 2010 by the Director of National Intelligence called "Global Governance 2025: At A Critical Juncture."
On the next page, it says to direct inquiries to a man named Mathew Burrows, "Counselor to the National Intelligence Council and to the EU Institute of Security Studies."

Burrows worked in the CIA for 28 years and was on the Council on Foreign Relations.
It discusses four scenarios the world might face in the face of a crisis:

Scenario one: "Barely Keeping Afloat"
Scenario two: "Fragmentation"
Scenario three: "Concert of Europe Redux"
Scenario four: "Gaming Reality: Conflict Trumps Cooperation"
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26 Oct
What the fuck is this. I've been working on a great reset video but I hadn't seen this shit yet.

Everything. EVERYTHING. Going on around us has to do with this.

Biden and Kamala are part of it.

Don't let them win.
I'm very aware of what's going on. I've got a video that's already an hour and a half long I've been working on.

If you don't know, you will. And if you do know, I'm going deep into this one.

Gonna get working on it again now, it's pretty close to completion.
Wrote a bit about it a couple of nights ago. Decent thread of info with more videos.

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25 Oct
Emily Freeman works for Microsoft.

Emily Freeman is a public speaker.

Emily Freeman just said, & I quote, "That doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally slide a knife between some asshole’s ribs." in reference to Conservatives.

@TwitterSafety you come after me for less. What gives?
She went protected lmao.
It's okay, Emily. I have the receipts.
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25 Oct
Progressive propaganda in Australia.

They're coming for everybody's kids.

Audit the school curriculums, end tenure, and get rid of activist educators.
Story about it.

Oh no. It gets worse. A few months later, they made a "clapback" video.

It's awful lmao.

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24 Oct
I need to see this full speech. First one I've ever wanted to watch.
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24 Oct
Well thank goodness haha. Got skeert for a second.
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24 Oct
Haha holy shit.

@GKCinspiredCSL found Jeremiah Elliot in an old News report video. Covered by NBC NY (he used to live there) in Denver (where he currently lives).

Crazy. Fantastic freaking job man.

Great person to follow, fantastic researcher: @GKCinspiredCSL
After Joseph unearthed a photo of him in the news story.

Good shit man.

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24 Oct
How about that.
I put it on my YouTube so you can share it wherever you so please.

And if you want to download a copy, click this link and click the three dots in the bottom right corner to pop up a menu and click download. ;)

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24 Oct
Welp. Looks like UPS is coming in hot with The Great Reset. What an insane essay. Give me a few minutes, I'll put together a thread on it.
Yo @UPS what exactly are you trying to pull here? NOT cool.
Oh boy. If you go to their timeline, they've gone full SJW.
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24 Oct
Looking through some old threads of mine for some info and came across this one. Some details on Bill Gates and his many adventures in China. Quick read, pretty interesting stuff!
You can find every thread I've ever written pretty much at the link below. Once you're in the thread if you click a section, it'll bring you back to the Twitter version to share or read comments on it.

Between threadreaderapp and threader app, they're pretty much all there.

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24 Oct
Lol. Twitter is finally sharing information about Hunter Biden... by not addressing the actual issue we're all concerned with when it comes to Hunter Biden. So sneaky. Attack that straw man, Jack. You're doing great.
I covered the reports and embedded the full PDF into my most recent article about the Bidens if you'd like to check it out.

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23 Oct
Listen. I love India. I love people FROM India. But if you're going to pretend like the air quality in Bombay (Mumbai) is good to score woke points, you're doing a disservice to India and its people who deserve cleaner air.

Plain and simple. Image
Agreed. Air quality index is one of the things I DO care about big time when it comes to environmental regulation. Air quality, water table, etc., matters a lot.

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23 Oct
Taking a break from my regularly scheduled shitposting and investigative tweets to bring you this story that is too important to not share.
If I'm having a bad day, watching local news anchors crack up during their reports is almost guaranteed to make it all better.
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23 Oct
Did you know?

Joe Biden's first wife and daughter were both killed in a car accident in 1972. Beau and Hunter were very badly injured. Although there was no indication that it was the case, however, Joe Biden told audiences and reporters that the man who hit them was drunk.

Despite it never being more than local gossip & not corroborated by either the officer that investigated the scene or any factual accounts, Biden continued the lie. Even after the man who hit them died in 1999. He only stopped after the daughters of Curtis Dunn begged him to.

It is tragic what happened to Neilia Biden and the Biden children. But all indications on the scene suggest she did not see the tractor trailed Dunn was driving and pulled out in front of him. The 150-ft long tire marks on the road suggest he tried his very best to stop.

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22 Oct
I'm not SURE what's going on in this video, but the way he's looking around the entire time and then the way he glances around before he picks up the pencil/pen is very odd.

And why did the camera person pan away?

Anybody have any ideas?

(Around the 1min mark.)
That makes sense. The rest of it still doesn't.

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22 Oct



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21 Oct
Where is Hunter? Where is Hunter?

Here he is! Here he is! Image
Board of Directors Page: Image
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21 Oct
FBI has taken possession of Hunter Biden's laptops.

Don't fuck this up @DirectorWray.

"Trump on Tuesday said Barr must appoint someone to probe the laptop of Biden's son (...) after the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani says he handed over what were the contents of Hunter's laptop to the New York Post."
'The FBI has had possession of this,' Ratcliffe said. 'Without commenting on any investigation that they may or may not have, their investigation is not centered around Russian disinformation and the intelligence community is not playing any role with respect to that.'
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