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2 Feb
1. Thank you Mr O’Keefe for pointing this out. As a high school teacher I find the actions of this person reprehensible. Many young people look to Wikipedia as a reliable source of information from whence to launch legitimate research by learning the basics about a topic.
2. This kind of blatant propaganda and falsifying of information is exactly why @realDonaldTrump calls the media #FakeNews I cannot believe @BruceHalperin would be so proud of his unscrupulous actions that he would post it on Twitter for the world to see.
3. His actions have killed Wikipedia.
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25 Jan
1. The significance of this contrast cannot be overstated. Anyone familiar with their Bible knows that God has promised to heal the land of the country that turns away from sin and back to Him.
2. Over the past few years God - through the use of alternative media - has slowly revealed the true purpose of the abortion industry. We’ve seen baby parts for sale, people chanting satanic mantras etc in support of late term abortion. We’ve even seen people cheering infantacide
3. This all started in the courts. The day they removed God from public schools, was the day that Satan and his minions began to take over the culture of America and, through osmosis, the rest of the world. When it comes to culture, most countries have followed the US lead.
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9 Nov 19
1. So I just purchased Jesus is King by @kanyewest . I’ve gotta say I love it. Nothing fake. Nothing pretentious. Nothing banal either (which is often the case with modern Christian music.) This is an album about faith, family and the struggle that comes from being judged
2. As someone who went through personal hell thanks to the judgement of so called “Christians” who were far more concerned about religion and outward appearances than a relationship with Christ, this song resonates with me very strongly

3. I have seen mixed reactions to @kanyewest & his profession of faith. Let me tell you, what I have seen & heard from him is far more authentic & deep than most of what I’ve seen in the dead denominations for a very long time. He is bringing life back to my faith. Thank you Ye.
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8 Oct 19
1. Initially I was a bit sceptical about @realDonaldTrump ‘s withdrawal from Syria because of the Kurds. After all haven’t the Kurds fought valiantly alongside their American brothers and sisters to eliminate an evil invader? Then I thought about it some more...
2. Let’s imagine for a second that Syria is a section of a school playground and that a bully called ISIS has decided he wants that particular part of the playground. One little guy who hangs out there named Kurd, calls on his older bigger mate to help him get rid of the bully...
3. In fact a number of his mates ask the bigger mate for help. The bigger mate, Merica is happy to help out. He brings a few friends along to watch, and roundly beats the 💩 out of ISIS. For a short time, Merica decides to stick around to make sure ISIS knows not to try again...
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25 Sep 19
1. This 👇🏽 is the whole point. YOU the ordinary people, YOU support your president.
2. YOU had the (in the words of Atticus Finch) unmitigated temerity to think you could vote for someone who was not a puppet of the cabal. YOU had the audacity to think your vote mattered and you elected a person who put YOU first.
3. HOW DARE YOU American voters actually choose a person to represent YOU.

For at least 70 years, the cabal has appointed their own puppets. They missed with Kennedy and Reagan, but even they were controlled - by a bullet. This President will not do as he’s told.
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24 Sep 19
1. Lets see if we can picture how this went down.

POTUS: Hey, trusted SS agent. Trusted advisor, and KerryAnne.

ALL THREE: Yes Mr President.

POTUS: We have a leaker in the cabinet. Can you three put it out there that I said something bad to Ukraine?
2. Trusted SS agent: Yes sir, but why Ukraine?

POTUS: I need to throw some bait out to catch Biden. The fake news will bite if they think it’s me that’s done the wrong thing. Then, we scoop Biden into the net. So put it out there that you overheard a dodgy phone call.
3. KerryAnne: Anyone in particular you want us to target?

POTUS: Try Bolton - he’s always seemed a bit off. Maybe a couple of others, but Bolton for sure.

Trusted Advisor: Sounds like a good plan Mr. President.

A few days go by...
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5 Sep 19
1. Bearing this lecture in mind, I have a theory. We’ve all been subjected to the propaganda machine that is Michael Moore, and his award winning programming piece about guns. One significant question he asked in his bias fest... why does this only seem to happen in America?
2. His thesis basically amounted to... “Americans are all frightened racists” (yes I know it was slightly more nuanced than that, but this is Twitter and here brevity is the soul of wit)

My theory is slightly different.
3. One observation that Moore made was that American culture is no more violent than others, and people all over the world have been exposed to violent video games etc... it therefore MUST be the gun laws. I disagree. There’s one factor that I’ve not heard anyone discuss.
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25 Aug 19
1. The left is attempting to usurp the anti-globalist movement in Hong Kong by claiming that the Christians and other anti-communist protesters are somehow akin to the Antifa (Anti first amendment) morons in the West. They cannot openly support the Communist Chinese dictatorship
2. ... so they pretend that the protesters are “progressives” just like themselves. Yet we see the protesters using patriot iconography like Pepe, the American Flag, MAGA, Q and Christian hymns to express their dislike of the communist ideology and oppressive Chinese govt.
3. If the left were honest, they’d support the Chinese dictator whose political ideology more closely mimics the socialist agenda than anyone on the side of the protesters. Their “white supremacists” meme doesn’t work anymore because these patriots are not white yet support Trump
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10 Aug 19
1. The optimist in me wants to say the following:

Those who would’ve preferred Epstein stayed alive, also benefit from his name staying in the headlines.

Those who would’ve preferred he disappeared or died, need his name to be forgotten...
2. Their FF from last weekend successfully kept his name out of the headlines. But, it was starting to pop up again, this time with some very big names attached. So he has been eliminated from the equation

But...he is now front & centre...and NOBODY is believing the cover story
3. Could it be that they have cooked their own goose 🤔

I think this will be the “suicide” that blows the whole list of “suicides” open... no one will escape this one, too much is already known.

Part of me thinks that the white hats anticipated this move, and will counter
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26 Jul 19
1. There is NOTHING “wow” about this. NOTHING. This literally applies to EVERY President. Note the way the question is worded... “could” NOT “will”. Denotes a hypothetical situation rather than this SPECIFIC situation, deliberately done for a sound bite.
2. Note also that Mueller doesn’t elaborate, merely says “yes”. This is important. Legally he cannot answer a “will” question because he knows he won’t do it, but a “could” question is hypothetical and therefore can receive a “yes” without perjury. Semantics are everything in law
3. The member asking the question, (note he corrects himself) understands this perfectly & has deliberately framed the question to avoid a “no” or “probably not” answer. Whenever listening to these hearings, watch out for the low modality verbs. They make all the difference
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21 Jul 19
1. Watching this, I was immediately reminded of the Covington kids who were merely minding their own business waiting for their bus when a group of militant activists began throwing slurs at them, this was followed by the famous incident where a child was intimidated by an adult.
2. I wonder, if this had been a BLM rally, what their reaction would have been if Bikers for Trump showed up.
3. I also note a very stark contrast between this, and what happened with Antifa in Portland ... the difference is, Trump supporters understand that identity politics is designed to divide people.
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16 Jul 19
1. I distinctly remember a Law and Order episode that depicted a billionaire pedophile predator who coaxed young girls to his home under the guise of employment as a model or some other ruse only to sexually assault them. He had a gf who was also a victim that he kept on.
2. In the episode, a young victim reported the billionaire and an investigation was run. If I remember rightly it resulted in the predator getting a slap on the wrist due to his having connections in high places. His gf was, however, jailed for soliciting.
3. When I heard the Epstein victims talk about their ordeal, it reminded me of this episode. The message of the episode was basically, don’t speak out because YOU will be the one who ends up in jail. Considering this story, it seems interesting 🤔 Law & Order also did a MJ story
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7 Jul 19
1. Once again twatter has seen fit to put Democrat propaganda on my timeline. So once again I will need to refute the BS.

1. The Democrat party is the party of the KKK - remember the Klanbake?
2. The most oppressive policy against women and minorities is unfettered abortion
2. ... this is because a massive number of abortions are carried out to rid the world of unwanted female and minority babies.

3. Pretty sure lots of people, other than white rich men, have benefited from tax cuts. Many people I follow mentioned how much extra money they have
3. ... plus the fact that the unemployment rates for EVERYBODY are the lowest they have ever been.

Please twatter... stop trying to change my mind by putting BS on my feed. It won’t help. It just makes the left appear desperate 🙄
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3 Jul 19
1. In 1996 my husband and I decided to travel 4000+ km across Australia to find work. We had two small children under 3. We had to live in a tent for three weeks in 110 degree heat. My 5 month old got badly sunburnt and we had limited shade, money etc. We slept on roll out mats
2. One night there was a tropical storm that lasted hours. My husband literally had to hold the tent up with his hand. Admittedly we were not in danger of being deported because we had not broken any laws. We were, however, in danger of not being able to pay the bill for the site
3. If we had not paid, we would have probably been arrested. It was a very uncertain and uncomfortable time. Thankfully my husband found work and we were able to piece together the money to eventually move into a house. At one point the owner of the site wanted us to move on.
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28 Jun 19
1. @realDonaldTrump @dbongino @seanhannity I do not follow a single Democrat. I do not want to read their propaganda as I am not interested in their bad ideas. Yet, this is what my timeline looks like.
2.Also, when I typed @realDonaldTrump @dbongino and @seanhannity into the first tweet in this thread, the auto suggestion list moved each of them from first place on the list to second or third so that I could not see them without scrolling. The subtle art of account suppression
3. So this app is outright forcing me to see political tweets that I do NOT want to see, and hiding the people I DO want to see, including @POTUS... If this isn’t election meddling then I’d love to know what is!! #2020Election #GoogleExposed #ReditCensorship
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4 May 19
1. The fact that there is so much debate about the obstruction question proves that there is no case to answer. If the case was proven “beyond all reasonable doubt” then there would BE no debate. The debate itself proves there is reasonable doubt. So, there is no point charging
2. The Democrats can kick and scream all they want, it will not change the fact that reasonable doubt exists because no one can PROVE intent because there was no ACTUAL OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE OF OBSTRUCTION!!
3. Sure, the president TALKED about doing certain things, but in the words of AG Barr “That’s not a crime.” I have talked many times about the idea of robbing a bank - I’m sure many people have - but I’ve never actually DONE it. I may have even made hypothetical plans... no crime
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23 Apr 19
1. My rival for my job accuses me of stealing her mail (given to my boss by someone I’ve never met) and makes sure everyone knows about it. My boss gives me the job anyway. Under pressure from my rival and her friends, I agree to allow a “neutral” person to investigate.
2. The investigation drags on for months. Meanwhile I do an excellent job but my rival’s mates continuously make up stories about me and spread rumours often yelling in public about how I should never have gotten the job and should be fired.
3. Once the investigation is complete, the investigator discovers that I had nothing to do with the stolen mail. My boss is satisfied, but my rival finds out that I was a bit upset about the investigation and chatted to my friends about how I think it should not be happening.
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13 Apr 19
1. Your tweet assumes that as a black woman, @RealCandaceO cannot possibly think for herself. It assumes that she had never considered that she might be being used or taken for granted. It assumes that she has not got a mind of her own and cannot spot a fraud when she sees one.
2. I would say that it is exactly your kind of attitude that has allowed her to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what your tweet assumes. She has indeed thought for herself, and doesn’t like what she sees in people such as yourself. You are a hypocrite and a fraud who claims to speak
3. ...for people who define themselves in ways that go against your narrative and step away from the stereotype that you are attempting to perpetuate. You need to check yourself and your attitude. Only a bigot would say such things to a person trying to think for themself.
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3 Apr 19
1. Anyone who has been listening to @dbongino or paying attention to John Soloman of The Hill, knows that there is far more to this than meets the eye.
2. It has recently been revealed that there was a quid pro quo deal done with Ukraine involving the DNC and the spying on the Donald Trump campaign. Biden and his son Hunter were in the thick of this deal.
3. This #MeToo set of accusations against Biden could have come at any time over the past 30 odd years since he’s been in office, but it came out this week. Why? What else came out this week? The Ukraine collusion scandal (which has not been discussed in the mainstream media)
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21 Feb 19
I wonder how that conversation went 🤔 maybe something like...

Harris: we’re losing the black vote, and the gay vote. He’s blocking the illegals.

Booker: I know. What are we going to do?

Harris: We need some kind of event that highlights how bad the orange man is for the NPCs otherwise we’re all off to prison.

Booker: A lynching...
Harris: Perfect 👌

Booker: Obviously it can’t be real, but it has to look real. We’re gonna need a professional actor.

Harris: I know a guy. He’s black and he’s gay. He’s also a professional actor.

Booker: Well that’s a coincidence. So do I. He’s actually a close friend.
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