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7 Apr
This is the first article in a short series I'm writing regarding the transgender debate. I encourage everyone to read it, but i figured i'd do my best to compress it into a twitter thread, too, so people can RT the parts they like 👇 (1/56)…
Issues like the athletic performance disparity between sexes, for example, are very important, but I feel like enough attention isn’t paid to getting TRAs to say what the terms man, woman, male, and female mean to them, which is where the disagreement fundamentally lies. (2/56)
TRAs need to define what these terms mean to them, because either: A) we’re using the same definitions and they have literally no ground to stand on, or B) we’re using different definitions, and we’ve all been talking past each other. (3/56)
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3 Mar 20
@ProlUnit so i think we might have different definitions on what lead means, but to me a leader implys followers. the only person you should be leading in any sense of the word, in my eyes, is yourself, because all other forms of leadership are incompatible with direct democracy. having
@ProlUnit classes of superiors and subordinates is inherently undemocratic, because in a true direct democracy all citizens of age would be equals. authority would still need to exist where absolutely necessary, as well as respect, and some degree of social prestige, but none of those
@ProlUnit necessitate leadership. we dont need gods or masters, all we need is reason and cooperation between ourselves. just like you may not have been a socialist at one point and were able to be reasoned with to become one, i think every human is able to be reasoned with as long as your
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