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I am a Sanyasi since 40 years. Staying in HP & associated with various institutes of advanced studies in Rajasthan, I also have a keen eye on Indian politics.
18 Aug 19
@RajivMessage @PankajBSWriter Tilak was not at all a scholar.
1) His book "Arctic Home of Vedas" is based on totally illogical presumptions.
2) His #GitaRahasya was refuted phrase by phrase by a scholar Pt.Vishnushastri Bapat in his 3-volume treatise during Tilak's lifetime 1/n
3) #GitaDharmaMandal, a prominent institute in Pune was founded by Pt.Bapat, Pt.Sadashiv Shastri Bhide & Pt. Jog Shastri to refute Tilak's 'politically motivated' version of Gita on his face. The institute stands there even today.
4) Tilak's venture in Jyotish was a joke.. 2/n
His calculation of equinoxes defies all established Maths of VarahMihir & Bhaskaracharya. Tilak's #Panchang is the most absurd Panchang that follows neither Solar nor Lunar cycles of a year.
4) Tilak was against education in Indian languages & preferred English medium. 3/n
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