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28 May
1/ IMPORTANT update to my best thread @alexanderdecroo @PedroFacon @FatEmperor @NickHudsonCT @torfsrik @LievenAnnemans
Seasonality has now been PROVEN WITHOUT DOUBT. Since I explained the real development of Covid in Belgium 6 weeks ago, all my predictions have come true.
2/ Deaths have risen at Exactly the same point as one year ago, though obviously they only reached more than 13% (!) of least year's peak because this virus is now endemic & there is a very considerable amount of a) prior immunity b) GOOD HEALTH and c) immunity throughโ€ฆ
3/ โ€ฆexposure in the population. Contrary to my prediction, deaths fell a good 1-2 weeks later than last year because SUMMER is only arriving now in BE, a good 3 weeks later than last year.
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5 May
1/ Want to understand viral transmission? Ask yourself the following questions: How come Covid spread around the world so incredibly quickly? How come new 'waves' start again in all regions of a country simultaneously (e.g India)?
2/ How come it is proven that most 'infections occur in the home' but at the same time a large percentage of those sharing the same place don't get it? Actually, how can infections occur in the home during periods where everyone is locked inside?
3/ What about the example of the two sailors who came back positive after three months at sea? How do 'clusters' start? How many patient 0s are there? How does one prove patients get infected by asymptomatic people? How come all curves are seasonal?
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3 May
1) Clarification as some of you have asked about my position on things Covid, so want to make it clear here what I think of certain topics:
LOCKDOWNS: I think they are absolutely, completely and utterly useless at stopping viral spread. It is logical that they...
2) ... have largely been implemented when numbers were rising and are therefore seen as coinciding with a drop, which in most cases was purely seasonal. Virus transmits through the air and human contact is majorly overrated, plus lockdowns keep people unhappy indoors - bad idea..
3) SOCIAL DISTANCING is complete nonsense because it assumes transmission is person to person and close contact and through droplets, when virus particles are too small and social distancing is actually one of the things that keeps people in fear of each other and bad for the...
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3 May
1) Funny how they're all now insisting how safe activities in the open air are. This is of course just their way of moving attention away from the now obvious seasonality. "The government's outdoor plan" saved us etc etc. ...
2) But let's think about SPAIN for a moment. A country where visiting other people for dinner is not embedded in the culture at all. It's bar crawls and outdoors all the way. What would their last year have been like if they hadn't imposed the strictest lockdown of them all?...
3) Let's think about the ludicrous idea that man should be able to "socially distance" for over a year. Let's think about masks. How many outdoor meetings have been prevented through these policies?...
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13 Apr
1/ The most important tweet for everyone in Belgium - or interested in Covid @alexanderdecroo @PedroFacon @FatEmperor @NickHudsonCT @torfsrik @LievenAnnemans

These are hard facts to consider before you even dare to talk about our situation.
2/ We have proven in the past that Covid problems are seasonal, though Belgian media and "experts" have been embarrassingly slow to this discovery (initially they had no clue, now they know but cannot say it coz they claim "our behaviour influences the curve" etc).
3/ Below graph clearly shows that temperature and humidity are the main influence on the curve. This holds true in all countries except those with heavy air conditioning use.
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6 Apr
1/ COVID is finished. A vitally important thread.

As Belgium has entered a third lockdown (which in itself is interesting as we were supposedly in the middle of a second lockdown), here are some observations and questions.
2/ Let's start with a thought experiment: You gather the world's best scientists around a table and present them with a new problem. You give them 2 min to offer a solution with the absolute minimum of information that they have. You write down that solution.
3/ Then, you give them one year to go away, inform themselves, read all the literature, perform studies, live experiments, hold conferences, enlist help from all available sources, study like they have never done before.
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3 Mar
1/ OPEN LETTER to the Belgian government @alexanderdecroo @GLBouchez @ducarmedenis @torfsrik @StevenArra All my friends on here, please re-tweet.

"Dear government, elected to act in your citizensโ€™ best interest,
2/ With this open letter, I ask you to consider several points before you take the next decisions regarding your countryโ€™s handling of the โ€œCovid situationโ€.
3/ Letโ€™s make it less abstract than that: your decisions about how your citizens are allowed to live their lives (the people who voted for you, by the way).

Iโ€™m going to make this very easy to understand and very easy to digest and very easy to share.
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29 Jan
I have a dream that one day, a leader of the world will wake up and say all the things that are logical and heal us. Since they seem to be useless, I have written the speech for them. Please retweet it if you like it: 1)
2) "Society has been in the grip of a bad disease for a long time but we must look forward. We must understand the situation in its entirety and adopt new measures based on a realistic view. One year ago, we locked down entire countries because a new, scary, invisible enemy had..
3) presented itself. We didnโ€™t really know how to react so we were really cautious and assumed that by creating minimal exposure to each other, we could protect you.
Today, we have so much information that it is possible for us to start living our lives in an almost normal way...
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19 Jan
(1) BELGIUM: @alexanderdecroo @GLBouchez @ducarmedenis Number of false PCR positives of asymptomatic people still high and obviously not showing right picture. Deaths way down and show the absolute uselessnes of mass testing.
(2) On top of that, overall mortality during expected winter resurgence not nearly as high as during first wave whatever the media may tell you. Excess mortality clearly above average for ONE MONTH in autumn.
(3) Graph missing last month so would be even more normal. The BE curve follows all models for new viruses that we saw ONE YEAR AGO. Measures have had extremely limited impact - arguable made the curves sharper and harder to deal with for hospitals (pp locked up = indoors).
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