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Scaled my old agency to $1.1M+. I teach you to grow from $0 to $50K+/mo with lead gen & systems. Find out how ๐Ÿ‘‡
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22 Sep
How LeadLink epically crashed and burned.

From over $80K invested, 1650 waitlist sign-ups, and a bright future.

To dissolving & breaking up, in just 4 months.

A thread.
The story starts last January

Israeli dev firm hit me up

They wanted to build a LinkedIn automation SaaS together

-I had the organic audience
- was an authority in the cold outreach space
- JUAR came off God-Level First Lines' success

They had the dev team/experience
SaaS is an AWESOME biz model if u do it right

- have 3-4+ ways of consistently getting customers
- keep customer acquisition & dev costs low
- build a moat filled /w competitive advantages

Profits can be 80-90% on millions $ revenue per year

So of course I was EXCITED
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20 Sep
How I lost over $40K this year on a failed Agency.

A thread.
Let's rewind to November 2020

I quit the Music biz for good after my agency hit $1M total revenue

(read more about that below)

I'm now at a Crossroads

What should I do next?

I have $10K/month rolling in thru royalties

I've mastered systems, lead gen, client relationships and sales

So I said "fuck it".
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15 Sep
How I'll STILL be paid $120K+/year in 5 years for a business I quit over 10 months ago.

The business model I used to make $1.1M+, win 2 big industry awards, and build a music Empire.

A thread.
FLASHBACK to November 2020

After making over $1M & winning multiple awards in the music biz

I was 3 months & 4 albums deep into what I thought was a big money-making play

Creating the BEST modern music label in music-for-TV/film history

"Uncivilized Music"

This was my Baby.
1 day I spoke to my friends Russ Emmanuel (CEO of Sony/EMIPM) & Daniel Holter (CEO of The License Lab)

They told me something that changed my life

"Ty, it'd take you 5 yrs to break even on Uncivilized or any other label"

See, the thing is

We created & SOLD our music to labels
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11 Sep
If you're in marketing, sales, business, Whatever

Study these 'till u know em all by heart



I took one on edX 3-4 yrs ago

Still apply the concepts I learned today

Useful is an understatement
This is the REAL 48 laws of powder
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18 Aug
Met a 12 yr old Bahraini kid Ahmed balling at the park yโ€™day

By chance heโ€™s in this pic on the right

Told me he wanted to b successful

So I gave him my course Big Money Skill Mastery for free

He finished it in less than 24 hrs


I have no doubts
Ahmedโ€™s family is rich

But he still has the DRIVE it takes to succeed

At just 12 yrs old

Respect to Ahmed ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ
Oh ya Ahmed was draining 3s too

I kept telling him โ€œmake 2 in a row or itโ€™s luckโ€ and he made it almost every time ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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16 Aug
My 40 Secrets cheat sheet is worth more than a $500 course

Iโ€™m giving it away for FREE

Build a $10K a month agency JUST off this...

Just like & reply with an emoji

Iโ€™ll DM you the link

RT to share ๐Ÿš€

โ€œTy, why do u always give away so much away for free??โ€

Because my paid shit is THAT much better

And I have sooooo much more ammo

Be ready for the next 3 months ๐Ÿฅ‚
**must be following me**

Check out this sneak peek

Insane value ahaha
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10 Aug
Giving away 3 copies of Big Money Skill Mastery

Take this course & quickly go from nobody to making BIG $$ online

Like & reply your fave emoji

Iโ€™ll pick 3 of you to get EXCLUSIVE access before launch

GO ๐Ÿš€ Image
Youโ€™ll get:

10 Skills Guidebook: 100+ page secret guide of 10 high-paying skills

Skill Mastery Calendar: MASTER your skill in a measly 90 days using my unique 4-phase system

Iโ€™ll give you the bonuses too worth $600+

little Sneak peek ๐Ÿ‘€ ImageImageImage
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29 Jul
Entrepreneurship vs. 9-5 jobs.

Why i chose MONEY & FREEDOM.

The FINAL debate.

A thread.
First off, who am I?

Serial entrepreneur

4+ failed companies

Couple uber successful ones

Made $50K a month in the music industry with my team of 8 employees & 50+ artists

worked w Warner, Universal, Red Bull, Mercedes-Benz, Fortnite etc
Many Extreme ups & downs

I made over $1M with my agency

Won 2 industry awards (LA Emmys, Mark Awards)

Changed the Music game, found lots of success

Got that out of the way

NOW... what does the life of a typical 9-5er look like?
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21 Jul
The OFFICIAL Cold Outreach Master Resource List.

A thread.
Do cold email or LinkedIn outreach? Omni-channel?


Bookmark this

Tell a friend to tell a friend

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16 Jul
U should always be leveraging more & more

Here's your process

1) work for free
2) get 5-10 $1-5K/month retainers
3) get rev share + potential equity deals only

Eventually ur agency should be a cash cow

High margins &/or a turn into a holding company if you're getting equity
It's a process. takes time

Work for free

fail, learn, fail, succeed, now start charging low/mid-tier retainers

Learn more, become great at your craft, build great systems & team

then if possible do rev share deals only. Bring in lots of rev. take equity /w startups if u can
You CANNOT SELL an agency doing $1-5K retainers

U just can't

Unless it's for a .5-1x multiple

Why the Retainer model is just training for the big leagues (rev share on big $$ & equity w startups)

Graduate from retainers & get into rev share/equity ASAP
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15 Jul
How to build a $10K/mo cold outreach agency.

Your blueprint to MASSIVE success.

A thread.
In THIS thread

Yeah, the one you're reading right now

I'll teach you exactly HOW

To do Cold Outreach

and build a $10K+/month company

In just a few hours a week

(**you can easily get to $50K+/month too)

What is Cold Outreach?

Reaching out, 1 on 1, to a hyper-targeted audience, through LinkedIn & Email

Goal: getting prospects on sales calls

and converting them into clients

You'll be doing this FOR other companies (your clients)

Keep reading โฌ‡๏ธ
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13 Jul
Made 3-4+ songs for Fortnite

past few yrs with my now-disbanded music agency

Here's one which hit 30M+ views
Made this song in 2018 for Universal Music

Listen below ๐Ÿ‘‡

My share of royalties (50% of musicians share, 25% of total) was $1.1K for almost 31M views

Not bad Image
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13 Jul
How to build business systems.

A Masterclass worth thousands of $$ for FREE.
How do you scale? build an infectious culture? sell your company for millions?

ANSWER: Build Fortune 500-level systems

Systems are THE ENTIRE BACKBONE of the biggest companies in the world

Today I'll show you exactly how to build these systems

Welcome to my Masterclass


What does this Systems Masterclass include?

- What software u should use
- The anatomy of a system (explanation + example pics)
- Exclusive video of my agency's HIGH-POWERED project management system
- Chance to sign up to my email list at the end

Let's GO
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7 Jul
5 secret strategies I used to 3X my agency's revenue during COVID.

A thread.
At it's HEIGHT in 2020, Shut Down Music (my music-for-media agency)

Had 8 employees, 50+ artists, & made $600K+

We went from $200K in 2019 to $600K in JUST a year

Won 2 industry awards (LA Emmy & Mark Award), had our music in 1000s of TV shows, movies, video games, & ads
How did I build Shut Down Music to a powerhouse?

Why were people in the industry calling me a legend at just 21 yrs old?

How did I make over $1M in the MUSIC INDUSTRY?? Which is notorious for being hard to make money in

HERE are the 5 secret strategies I used

Keep reading
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7 Jul
Crazy fucking thread coming tomorrow morning

8 AM sharp

Have your notepad ready

Sneak peek

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28 Jun
How to build an unbreakable company culture.

8 game-changing tactics straight from the Fortune 500 playbook.

A thread.

you Need an unbreakable culture

As boss, it all falls on YOU

Here are 8 powerful ways you build that culture

Follow me @THETYFRANKEL and keep reading ๐Ÿ‘‡

employees who have:
- drive
- leadership
- high energy

they'll motivate, lift team up, & be an extended version of you

Like the point guard of your agency

give these pillar employees raises, responsibility, and promotions

more pillars = more success
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27 Jun

SEO, email marketing, cold outreach, paid ads, copywriting, SMS marketing

Become really good

Get 2-3 clients

Build your team

Build your Agency to $100K+/month

You can do ALL this in 24 months
Months 0-3: get great at a skill

Months 4-6: find first 2-3 clients, work for free, then start charging

Months 6-12: grow to 5-10 clients, start doing rev share deals

Months 13-24: scale up to 20 clients, take on rev share & equity deals only

Thereโ€™s your gameplan
Not gonna sugarcoat it


12 months minimum to go from $0 to $100K a month if youโ€™re a fucking hustler and top 1% IQ

24-36 months for most people: still gotta hustle, build a great team, systemize, and constantly be leveraging yourself & your biz more & more
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24 Jun
SO many industries are DYING for great marketing.

Pick one, dominate, build an Empire.

Here are my 9 favorite industries you can do that in.

A thread.

- E-com makes up 18% of all retail sales and is growing QUICK
- Over 2 billion buyers worldwide
- Tons of companies taking advantage
- Lotssss of $$ in this niche

- Branding
- SMS marketing
- Email marketing
- Influencer marketing
- Paid ads (FB, Insta etc)

- Marketing agencies SUCK at getting leads
- High deal sizes
- Easy to close
- Have $$ to spend
- Industry is getting bigger & will never go away

- Lead gen (cold outreach, FB ads, SEO...)
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21 Jun
8 FUCK UPS that will destroy your agency.

(you gotta avoid these)

A thread.
Bit about me:

Went from 0 to $50K/month music agency in 3 years

8 employees, 60 artist roster

we created the best modern music for TV/movies/video games

Super Bowl, Mercedes ads, Fortnite etc

Our biggest clients: Warner, Sony, and other Fortune 500s
I fucked up SO MUCH along the way

Tons of mini-failures

Eventually turned into Big success



Here are 8 Terrible mistakes I made when building my agency

Keep reading & take notes โฌ‡๏ธ
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16 Jun
distribution partnerships are a cheat code for agencies

If you know you know
it's simple

anyone with organic traffic who's client/customer is your client

hit them up

they sell ur offer(s) on ur behalf

kick u back a commish
a few deals can take agencies from $10K/mo to $100K/mo+
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13 Jun

"Ty, I'm starting my own agency/freelance. What niche should I choose?"

So I FINALLY made a list of 191 big-money niches and 51 money-printing services you can sell them

Want it?

Reply below & I'll send you a DM ๐Ÿ‘‹

100% free

RT to share ๐Ÿš€ Image
PS: you gotta follow me to get it

check out my pinned tweet

if you want this, you should probably follow me anyways
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Best free resource in Twitter history
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