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12 Jan
For today's #FairyTaleTuesday theme:
Here is a Hungarian folktale that is a version of the Twelve Dancing Princesses - but with cats!🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛
The story begins with a girl who sets out into the world, hoping to become rich without doing any hard work. She comes across a king who's selling a haunted castle, and she agrees to buy it, claiming she has the money. Postponing payment for a year, she moves into the castle. 🏰
On her first night in the castle she hears meowing at the door, and lets in a black cat. The cat curls up on her bed and purrs for her - but in the morning he is gone.
In the evening, the cat returns, and brings the girl a gemstone. After that, the same thing happens every day.
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19 Jan 20
Fun fact: In Hungary you *have* to pick your kid's name from a book sanctioned by the Academy of Sciences.

I sometimes forget that this is not a thing in other countries, and the more I talk about it, the weirder it gets.
Right off the bat:
Names are only accepted into the book if they are gendered. Unisex names are automatically rejected, and if one is accepted later on as a girl name it can't be given to boys anymore.
The book has almost 1800 boy names and about 2400 girl names.
There are rules about accepting names, such as:
- They can't be "harmful to the child later in life"
- Historical names have to have documentation
- They can't be nicknames unless they have tradition
and my personal favorite:
- They have to be spelled phonetically in Hungarian.
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23 Aug 18
Alright, #FolkloreThursday, here we go.
*cracks knuckles*
Horrible Hungarian Nursery Rhymes. A thread.
Fly away, ladybug,
The Turks are coming
They will put you in a well of salt
And take you out
Put you under a wheel
And take you out
The Turks are coming
They will shoot you dead!
#FolkloreThursday #WTFHungary
Stork, dear stork
Why is your leg bloody?
Turkish child cut it
Hungarian child is healing it
With whistles and drums and fiddle
[At this point I apologize to all my Turkish friends]
#FolkloreThursday #WTFHungary
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