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26 Oct
@GeraldKutney @fanfan21 Here is proof of his racism.
Gerry's kids:
You KNOW oil production in a massively oil dependent society cannot stop tomorrow.
You KNOW the mass fracking & mfg of steel for a wind/solar world would have massive pollution
You KNOW measures are constantly being taken to reduce
@GeraldKutney @fanfan21 CO2:

So I ask you: what are you fighting for? What is climate brawl? No one has denied the climate is changing ... just not that it's unidirectional. No one has question CO2 (except for maybe me & a few others), but not anthropogenic. Yet ... have you looked at the sources?
@GeraldKutney @fanfan21 Seriously ... Even if USA, Canada, & others managed to stop theirs ... the rest of the world is not going to surrender its economy. Look at the breakdown...

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10 Oct
Story Time. (so several posts in this thread)...

I've been involved in "discussions" of late w/CoVID/Climate alarmists, socialist supporters, & some pretty unwell folks. But, some of them ARE scientists. Some are even PhDs. They stand on this system of "peer review". Well,
/2 for a while now, America has been stunted in its innovation growth. Compared to the world, USA is is not leading the way in scientific research ... even though we're supposedly packed w/PhDs. The map: countries leading innovation:
/3 So, I was at an SBIR conference a few years back, it was Q&A time, & it was getting heated. The audience was trying to figure out under peer reviewed criteria, who the NIH, NSF, DOE, & others considered to be worthwhile submitters of ideas. It was not going well...
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8 Oct
When I was a child I played in the dirt, drank out of a hose during summer, mowed the yard, climbed trees filled w/bugs & who knows what else. God ensured that our bodies would be so incredible that we could adapt to a very dirty world ... he even gave us immunity that...
could adapt to viruses which had not even come into existence. T&B cells that would write to memory cells & spread that weakened virus to help protect others. It was an amazing design. Not perfect. But, we also have brains to develop medicine & science to help...
... do you remember playing in the dirt? Make believe? I do. I miss that - alot. Geologists have a fun job, I think.

We were designed to live in a biological ecosystem filled with all sorts of insane, complex structures, some good, some bad, for a reason ...
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8 Oct
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7 Oct
/1 Update: I am once again at the threshold of fighting with the Congress of the U.S., the USDA, & the ODA to protect the industrial hemp industry ... to protect farmers, & to protect ppl.

I am not alone, but I stand alone. The science is proven, the facts are proven ...
/2 & I am trying, w/hope against hope, to help. I am not paid for this. I am not solicited for this. It's an industry I am indirectly involved w/for a client & I am watching ppl's lives be destroyed by overzealous law ... & we've seen how they behave at the federal level now ...
/3 farmers have literally committed suicide- put into financial ruin because gvt bureaucrats fight over 90 year old principles which were later discovered to be a lie ... never to suffer a single penny themselves ...
the agencies designed to protect farmers & agriculture ...
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15 Sep
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard If you're going to stand on this being "in the medical field" -
Every year, millions of people spread other forms of the flu. It infects those w/other issues & causes complications that lead to death. No masks.
You would also know that CoVID, like any other flu...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard Will remain in our systems indefinitely cause ppl spread germs. So, masks will never 'curb' it. Vaccines will only boost immunity. You also know that T&B cells write to memory cells & boost immunity for future exposure: herd immunity - but only if exposed. You would also know...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard ... about the fight against "over" indulging in vaccines, pain medications & other chemical "solutions" vs. using the natural body for those who are healthy. You would also know that masks don't protect you ... they protect others, with only a finite amount ...
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20 Jul
@MillerStream So, for what it's worth, her face looked swollen - like stung like a bee - almost to the point of a clown. So, I fixed it with make-up appropriate to her behavior. However, terrifyingly, when lightening those pitch black demon eyes - I saw just how RED they were: BEYOND bloodshot
@MillerStream /1 Do NOT assume:
Take that original image into photoshop and use the dodge tool on her eyes. Range: Shadows. Exposure: 73% Brush Size 38, Protect Tones is ON.

That's it. That's all I did. Highlight her eyes to bring out the white. White is NOT what came out of that.
@MillerStream /2 Then I thought - maybe she's cocking her jaw to the side, maybe there's a reason? Not every face is perfect. Especially folks who get botox - they have a rigidly odd smile. But, the RED lines show you the "offs" vs. the GREEN -

WAY OFFS? Reconstructive surgery? Maybe not?
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