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I’m a man. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m a brother. I’m a son. I’m an uncompromised journalist at @ghionjournal. I’m human equal before God like everyone::
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8 May
.@Facebook just unpublished my page, this after they deleted my first account that I had since 2007 and deleting my secondary account only to restore it a day later. #Twitter did likewise which forced me to create this account.
It’s astounding that there is this level of censorship for simply questioning the efficacy & safety of experimental “vaccines”, last week they had the audacity to celebrate #PressFreedomDay only to turn around & silence journalists for doing their jobs.
They have normalized fascism under the guise of the public good while they condition billions of people around the globe to self-harm by participating in medical experiments that are expressly forbidden in the Nuremberg Codes.
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7 May

Leveraging Racial Justice to Manufacture "Vaccine" Compliance

The preferred method of racists in government and media is to cunningly turn the issue of Covid-19 “vaccination” into a matter of racial justice.
After ignoring the plight of African-Americans for centuries, after saying nothing while poverty eradicated the hopes of tens of millions of “black” folks, after turning the other way while the crack epidemic eviscerated “black” communities
and after holding their tongues while the prison-industrial complex revived penal labor, all the sudden these duplicitous snakes are leveraging the pains of America’s second holocaust survivors to pressure “black” people to take part in these ongoing human experiments.
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6 May

Why I'm Speaking Against the C19 "Vaccine" Agenda

Let me state from the outset that I'm not blind to the suffering that C0vid-19 has purveyed throughout the world, I lost my mom to complication related to coronavirus last year,
so I understand very well the pains people are facing and the gut wrenching decisions people make when they decide to get jabbed. When my mom was in the ICU and facing death, we were willing to do anything to save her including signing her up for experimental plasma convalescence
treatments and Remdesivir. Had these "vaccines" been available last year, we would have ok'd those as well because her situation was so dire that the risk of death from the jab was less than the risk of death by doing nothing.
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6 May
ANYONE who says “get ‘vaccinated’ to protect others” is either willfully ignorant or willingly pushing malicious lies. The CDC & the C19 “vaccine” manufacturers admit that getting jabbed will not prevent contraction nor transmission of coronavirus, at best they lessen symptoms.
The fact that @CNN @MSNBC @FoxNews @washingtonpost @nytimes and the rest of mainstream media are pushing this “get vaccinated to protect others” lie instead of challenging these demonstrably false Fauci talking point is proof we are being conditioned to self-harm.
It’s astounding that 50% of Americans have lined up to turn themselves into lab animals for biotech corporations, but now they want the rest of us—whom they malign as either anti-vaxxers or vaccine hesitant—to follow suit by gaslighting us to death.
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4 May

The CDC and Enron Accounting

Last year, the CDC set the PCR test cycle at 40 ct, a level so high that it led to a significant number of false-positives being included in the overall C0vid infection data.
Now that there is a "vaccine", they lower the ct to 28 which decreases the likelihood of false-positives. Invariably, the number of new daily infections dropped precipitously. Of course there is a reason for this, the "vaccines" can now be touted as miracle drugs that
significantly lowered the rate of infections. That is precisely what @CNN, @NYtimes @washingtonpost @MSNBC @HuffPost et al are doing, instead of telling us about the Enron accounting practices that the CDC used to manipulate the infection rates, they go along
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3 May

Deconstructing #Event201

In 2019, a global exercise—at the behest of @BillGates and other unnamed oligarchs—launched “Event 201”. It was a dry run for a “theoretical” pandemic that included world governments, media and major public and private institutions.
Event 201 called for a coordinated campaign that would curtail the impacts of this “global disaster”. Mandates like lock-downs, quarantines etc were all drawn up as part of the eventual response plan.
Part of the “get-well plan” included the introduction of a miraculous “vaccine” that will be sold as a cure to the dreaded hypothetical virus. Another component of Event 201 was to discredit and silence anyone who dared to question the “vaccines”.
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3 May
Last week, I hinted at an event that occurred recently that shook me & made me very contemplative. No need to be cryptic, the catalyst of my angst was @tina_nguyen from #Politico asking me via texts a line of questioning that had red flags all over it. ghionjournal.com/threatcon-911/
Her specific ask is if I was instigating insurrection in such a legalistic way that it made me think it was a matter of time before the shoe drops. Keep in mind that all I did was quite Thomas Jefferson and cited our nation’s Declaration of Independence.
But I’m aware of what happens to people who advocate unity and asks questions of authority that might inspire others to follow suit. After a few days of anxiety and trying to figure out my next steps, I realized that I could only walk in faith.
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2 May
Unreal! @reddit just permanently suspended my secondary account for my reporting on the C0vid “vaccines”. I’ve never witnessed this level of censorship in my life; independent journalists are being silenced for exercising our 1st Amendment rights.
I’m at a point where I’m going to post only at ghionjournal.com and then let our readers and people who value my work share it because clearly non-corporate journalists like me are being explicitly targeted for censorship.
To count, #Twitter permanently suspended my previous account, @Facebook deleted my account, @reddit did the same and so did @LinkedIn. My writing & my beliefs are a matter of public record, I do not advocate violence, I extol the virtues of love and unity
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