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1 Aug
.@foxnewstalk @foxnews it is really sad to see you report this without exposing big pharma’s role in why these deaths are occurring and the part they are playing in it. It is sad that you do not expose what is about to be launched upon the American
- the improperly tested and quick roll out of the covid vaccine. It is sad that you do not expose how much per vial Redfield and Fauci personally receive to line the pockets.
It is sad that you don’t expose that government scientists are allowed to collect up to $150,000 per year per patent on their discoveries which are given to pharmaceuticals to produce.

It is sad that you do not expose the fact that vaccines have a special clause -
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31 Jul
This article is from @AOL and is a @usatoday article titled ”America's Frontline Doctors' may be real doctors, but experts say they don't know what they're talking about”.
Here are some direct quotes from the USA Today article:
”And the major theme throughout the event by the group that calls itself America’s Frontline Doctors: touting the alleged benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19 and shooting down the science that has shown it does not have a clinical benefit for COVID-19 patients
and even has increased risks.” “@usatoday confirmed that most are physicians with active state medical licenses, but their specialties and experience suggests they were offering little more than personal opinions rather than research experience on infectious diseases.”
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24 Jul
.@tedwheeler I am not buying what you are selling. You are a liar, disingenuous, unprincipled and have zero problem in authorizing and committing heinous acts of moral turpitude. Simply said you smell so bad that no amount of bathing will remove your stench. We know you are a
paid puppet and do the bidding for the one percenters who believe only they should govern America. The one percenters who have made it clear there is no place at their table for the middle class or the indigent which in your terms makes them the low class. You are doing what you
are doing for one reason. You want one of the very few coveted entrant positions into the elite supremacist club. What if you don’t make the cut? Have you thought about that? What if you are relegated to serfdom with the rest of us? How do you think that will work out for you
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19 Jul
I told you @SpeakerPelosi and @chuckschumer we’re both so low they would steal food from a food pantry and give it away free in exchange for a vote.

Except in this example the food represents our taxpayer money! They - Nancy and Chuck are stealing our taxpayer money
and giving it to a specific race in exchange for a vote. As far as I am concerned there could no better example of two of the one percenter communists congress members committing the biggest public act of racism and public theft I have witnessed .

Nancy and Chuck- there is no D
in Communist. When you became card carrying member of the Communist party you put the Democratic Party in a coffin and buried it.

Not only are you communists , you have now added racist and thief to your resume. These two unprincipled one percenters will commit any act of
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15 Jul
👀 this 👇? I wrote this for very specific people.

For the communist leaders in Congress:
@SpeakerPelosi @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @TheDemocrats

Nazi @georgesoros
These Dems have made their millions off of the backs of American taxpayers

Diane Feinstein-60 yrs
Chuck Schumer-45 yrs
Maxine Waters-47 yrs
Patrick Leahy-54 yrs
Joe Biden-51 yrs
Nancy Pelosi-33 yrs

They blame @POTUS in office for 3 1/2 yrs for all of the problems they have
done nothing in decades!

For the 24 communist governors that planned, aided and abetted in the devastation of their cities and keeping us locked down to bring us to our knees:

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13 Jul
.@JerryNadler I have some questions for you after reading this article:

1. What compelled you defend Bill Clinton’s position for releasing terrorist Susan Rosenberg?

Did you think it would help Hillary get the Puerto Rican vote? I agree that was a
miserable failure on both your parts.

2. This is the same Susan Rosenberg who is with Thousand Currents today! Umm- Thousand Currents collects donations for Black Lives Matter. Maybe you can clear something up for me

A. Why doesn’t Thousand Currents have its own donation link?
B. Why is Thousand Currents using Act Blue, the official donation link owned by and used for the Democratic National Party?

C. Why when I click on the Black Lives Matter donation link why do I get Act Blue?

D. How much does the party keep?
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11 Jul
.@dcexaminer you use the term white nationalist as if it were interchangeable with supremacist.

It is not and here is why:
1.A nationalist is a person who puts the country’s needs first – even if it
is at the expense of another country’s needs. It is no different than putting your family’s needs before the needs of extended family, friends and neighbors. Many many of us in our adult book of life have witnessed an acquaintance that was better to others
than his/her own family and we all know what we think of someone who does that.

Nationalists btw come in all colors and there are many many many of us. There are many many many of us who do not support or advocate violence. Period.
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