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21 Aug
Why does #BeauBidens military uniform say #Hunter??
-0:33 mark
Pretty sure thi is the right one.
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14 May
Q team created the MAP & require the postings to be in chronological order. After the algorithm is understood, you can then reorder the posts to create a circular proof. A messaging system beyond the 1:1 crumbs you were to read on their own.
Winding the clock was the clue that was given to us. There are a few faces of the clock. I have figured out a few, and @hmcd123 has a great handle on one way it works.
The one that works best for proofing is using the time of the tweets (EST).
The clock winds in 12 hour intervals. We now have over 4k Q posts. So if you restrict yourself to a 12 or 24 hour clock, you hamstring half of the MAP.
The key is to wind the clock backwards & forwards from your timestamp.
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21 Jan
Frens, if (You) are following accounts that pretend to be insiders, you are following (((them))).
@BarackObama @brhodes #WhoWeAre
High Res Link: i.ibb.co/PTRrN6g/1-20-W…
#Fun #QAnon
All images archived on: memewarrior.net
@BarackObama @brhodes Tweets unpack by using the markers and the times. Wind the clock to find the paired times. Within those Q posts are more times...it goes on and on and on.

@BarackObama @brhodes I quit drawing connections in the graphic so i didnt lose the importance of the overlying message.
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23 Oct 19
Today, I am stepping into a new role within this community.
It is time to #LearnToReadTheMap.
Big thread incoming.
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Before I get into the minutiae, let me tell you about me. I am (You). A normal person, a parent, an average American who found themself thrown into an unfathomable whirlwind a few years ago. I witnessed firsthand things that couldn't be dismissed....
I saw this leader of the free world interact with a small image board set off in the bowls of the internet. A refugee center for those who still clung to the ideals of unlimited free thought and speech. I still remember jumping on the bed the night of, "What a beautiful map."
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1 Jan 19
Last tweet: 09:55:01 EST
This tweet: 10:32:30 EST
#Delta = 37 min #Q37
Find the news articles for today.
TODAYS News Story - federalnewsnetwork.com/defense-main/2…
Time Stamp 7:48 7-4+8 = 11 = 🗝️
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1 Jan 19
#Q17 Digging on crumbs to see if i can find the news stories
Crumb - "Why does Obama travel in advance of POTUS to foreign locations"
TODAYS News story - ifpnews.com/exclusive/no-p…
Time Stamp in news article: 11:29 1-1+2+9 = 11 = 🗝️
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30 Dec 18
Timestamp is CST (I'm phonef@$%ing)
will follow up later with news stories.
This one looks like the Godfather III crumb.
Timestamp of story 4:29
I will update this thread through the day as i find more.
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21 Dec 18
Phone f@☆☆ing atm. just thought I'd drop this (sorry my ss are in CST)
POTUS tweet this am with "NOW" was part of a delta 167.
Q167 crumb, What is the keystone.
Story in next tweet. Look at the pic...the key is 11.
"The Cineforum 463"
Every number in the story is another Q post to search.
Example, Q80
"Alice & Wonderland"
Remember the POTUS tweet from this am that had "NOW" in it?
The Wall + Alice & Wonderland.
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17 Dec 18
Today started with Delta 966.
Search - "God Will Judge our Enemies"
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
#FutureProvesPast Story
This site is interesting. I got here from the Delta 5 this morning using the crumb, "Follow the money"
Singapore based billionaire networking...🤔

They have dossiers built on most of the global wealthy...
Company symbol reminds me of the VV

ha, actually it's a delta 6. no coffee yet. the crumb is curious though. now I need to see if there is actually a 5 marker.
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11 Sep 18

I figured since I had a little attention for a few minutes, it would be a great time to drop my Q Proofs!


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