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information is the key knowledge is power question everything dont just believe the narrative spoon fed to us for years . Time to change the world dark 2 light
28 Jun 20
The link to download about mkultra mind control etc is a very mind opening read . I've took a few parts out and will post below . Warning it does goes into detail how they train children from birth 😔😔
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23 Jun 20
Ok I'm not sure if this is anything or not someone mentioned Q drop 441
Which mentions iridium will post drop below , where it says about the missing i and @POTUS missed the i out of history as we know there is usually a reason behind that . So iridium is a communications
Company that has 66 satellites if you read screen shot it planned for 77 and they called the company iridium after the metal read screen shot above for iridium. 🤔 7's again
Now if Trump brought in nesera and possible Nikola Tesla's free energy would this company stand to lose
Anything look at previous screenshot at just how much there company is worth .…
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16 May 20
This is a long one will post all pages then you can share etc coronavirus = crown is a virus omg !!! #QanonUK #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE
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3 May 20
The lockdown is not for safety it's to stop human to human contact because they know we need social interaction with each other to make as feel good like family friends etc thats why pubs and businesses were closed that's why they said about wearing face masks when out there no
Facial expression between each other it's all to make us feel crap . The huge amount of deaths are where people have been able to have life saving operations treatments etc and the flu all conditions made worse by lack of oxygen and radiation. We need to stand up and be counted
Before it's too let . Next thing they will want us all vaccinated for a virus that doesnt exist. We are heading towards a world of being controlled with an Ai chip all chances of having children gone so they can bring out gender less people the who has even said the want to teach
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