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8 Jul 20
Hey DoJ & FBI,
It is illegal to classify or withhold information from the public for the purpose of shielding government officials from embarrassment, or to willfully interfere in the 2020 election by CONCEALING CRIMES of the DNC.…
The DoJ & FBI have no legal authority to decide to tamper with the election by omission... whitewashing the actions of deep state criminals who did in fact attempt to frame Trump and remove him from office.

10,000s of dishonest negative news stories allowed to stand?
Donald Trump should sue the DoJ & FBI for helping to rig the 2016 & 2020 elections.

Force matters public that 1,000s of #Resistance federal employees are dragging their heels on.

These people have violated their OATH.
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4 Jul 20
Since adulthood, how many fully black eye shiners* have you had?

*full ring, like all the Illuminati shiners
I’ve had 0 my entire life, and that included a solid 2 years of sparring in a dojo.

Why do so many of the elite get them?
Are all these people in a secret fight club?
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3 Jul 20
When Q posted a tweet from .@Goodable, he said nothing at all about their logo... but they deleted the tweet AND CHANGED THEIR LOGO WITHIN A FEW MINUTES.

Now 100's of anons are digging like crazy to find out why Goodable had a p3do logo.

Goodable is like "Oh shit"
Goodable executive linked to Haiti & Soros OpenSociety
h/t @maQi5er & @Q_SentUS

We are the news now. Check out these two anons kicking ass and connecting dots.
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3 Jul 20
Ghislain Maxwell's attorney filed documents the evening before her arrest.

The documents object to the unsealing of 75 'lurid testimonies' from Jane Doe variously referred to as Doe 1, Doe 2... Doe 162.…
Ghislaine seems to claim she was promised her depositions would remain sealed, and she would have immunity in exchange for cooperation.

There were rumors in the past that somebody gave Ghislaine an immunity deal, but such a deal would normally be void if she lied...
Today's unsealed indictments against Ghislaine include at least two counts of lying under oath.

You can follow the case and view two years of documents here:…
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30 Jun 20

Humanity is good, but, when we let our guard down we allow darkness to infiltrate and destroy.
Like past battles fought, we now face our greatest battle at present, a battle to save our Republic, our way of life, and what we decide (each of us) now will decide our future.
Will we be a free nation under God?
Or will we cede our freedom, rights and liberty to the enemy?
We all have a choice to make. .
Evil [darkness] has never been so exposed to light.
They can no longer hide in the shadows.
Our system of government has been infiltrated by corrupt and sinister elements.
Democracy was almost lost forever.
Think HRC install: [2+] Supreme Court Justices, 200+ judges, rogue elements expanded inside DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, WH, STATE, ……
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24 Jun 20
Patriots are asking how I overcame being Shadowbanned. Anybody can do it, and the next tweet explains how.

First, I came to Twitter in Sept '09, shared my dad's intel resume (he was a Q clearance intel guy), and immediately got Shadowbanned.
Then I got mad. Twitter clamped down hard on my account and I had to delete ALL of my tweets to figure out how to beat the system, and start over building up all new tweets.

This thread summarizes what I learned. 👉
Why did I do the tweet purge?
I discovered that being argumentative with other people on Twitter gives them a legal excuse to call us 'harmful' to the Twitter environment and shadowban us. Read the thread.

My communication style changed and I never debate shills now. Win the war
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22 Jun 20
China has counterfeited everything else... what makes anybody think they won't counterfeit mail-in ballots in battleground states?

[D] party sold out to China a long time ago.
THEORY ONLY (Dig time):
Can't prove a connection, but why did California agree to something like $1B/month for masks from China? The price per mask was above market rate... could the premium really be paying for something else? Open pay off for a counterfeit ballot deal?
What if [they] know they can't hold onto California, now that their old methods of rigging elections have been cut off? Would CA flipping red in 2020 fully expose what they've been doing to control the vote?
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20 Jun 20
Anonymity and its Effects on Disinhibition (thread)

YOU are a participant in the largest mass psychological field op ever conducted in history... wether you wear a mask or not, you are being affected by those who do.

Anonymity has long played a role in the manifestation of...
...extreme behavior. This phenomenon has been extensively studied in online social behavior.

It is now fairly well understood what types of aggression, and communications happen when a person is allowed to behave while believing their actions can’t affect them IRL.
What is less well recognized is that the Online Disinhibition Effect can happen offline as well... you’re seeing it play out on mass everywhere that people are wearing masks.
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16 Jun 20
.@realDonaldTrump, I don't know HOW you are doing it SO FAST.

On and off (mostly on), for 6,000yrs, Luciferian creople have laughed, and ruled from behind scenes. Secret deals, deciding who wins & loses. Keeping the masses in the dark.

In 4 years you have them on the RUN.
Every month they make ever more desperate and obvious moves that reveal their "hidden hand" in politics, business, hollywood, education, medicine, military, science, arts & even engineered religions.

Hide and be destroyed.
Fully reveal themselves and be destroyed.
They infiltrated every organization of this country (and all the others too).

Despite the weaponization of ALL their assets, you have managed to push them back, and get them to reveal themselves, again and again.

Sir, I am honored to give you my vote again.
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16 Jun 20
Hmm, why did Epstein, Weinstein and Bill Clinton all have deformed dangly bits?

Why was Epstein into eugenics research nobody wants to talk about?

Hypothetically... if some of them did have a little nephilim DNA... such a thing would be highly valued by the bloodline creople.
Why did the fucked up lefty Silicon Valley elite invest sooo much $ into 23andMe, and other companies, that collect and sequence DNA?

If DNA is the haystack, what are the needles they’re looking for?

Why did they really create ability to insert found sequences into a host?
Of course they promised not to use the ability to string together custom DNA on humans, and of course we trust them... but what if.

Probably a coincidence that flesh was “mingled” in the days of Noah, and Jesus said that’s coming back.
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12 Jun 20
BREAKING: $6M cash seized, suspects arrested... for bribing Ukrainian officials to end the investigation of Burisma, and involvement of Hunter Biden.
Allegedly bribed: Director of the Natl Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and the Special Prosecutor.…
NABU Director [Artem Sytnyk] last year was caught bragging on tape how he had helped the Clinton campaign against Trump in 2016 by released the faked ‘black ledger’ against Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.
An official of the previous Poroshenko government, which was tied to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, tried to give the bribe. Reports are the person behind the act is Nikolai Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma. The man arrested was his right hand in the Ukrainian government.
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12 Jun 20
1/ STATEMENT BY .@GenFlynn, released yesterday June 11, 2020

There are seminal moments in American history that test every fiber of our nation’s soul.

We are facing one now.
@GenFlynn 2/ Revolutionary forces are causing every American citizen to question which direction the country is heading. To determine the outcome, we must examine our nation’s history to project ourselves forward into the future.
@GenFlynn 3/ Once again, tyranny and treachery are in our midst, and although we feel we’ve descended into a hellish state of existence, we must never forget, hell is conquerable.

Prayer is the greatest weapon and a consciousness of God is the ultimate “thought of the day.”
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11 Jun 20
Gates landed $100B deal just before virus?

Aug 2019: Satellite images now reveal surge in Wuhan hospital activity.

Aug 2019: Illinois Congressman Rush travels to Rwanda for a week long health event by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund
At this event:
Representatives from the Gates Foundation met with U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush in Rwanda, East Africa in mid August 2019 to hash out who would score the windfall from a government CONTACT TRACING PROGRAM "If one ever became necessary". 👀…
Nine months after the meetings with the Gates Foundation in Rwanda — Rush, a Democrat from Illinois, introduced the $100 BILLION H.R. 6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

But it wasn't just $100B. That was for 1st year only.
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6 Jun 20
Do not forget why we are enduring all of this resistance... or just how dark the enemy is.
There are 1,000s of posts from people into interesting "art". $ to support the "arts" has been a TOP source of $ to the beast system.
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5 Jun 20
I'm old enough to remember the coordinated MSM attack on HCQ that took place when Lancet study came out.

They sure are quiet about the study authors "retracting" it as a flawed study...…
What happens when data from 40,000 medical staff taking HCQ proactively comes out?

What will the MSM say then?
When media and [D] elected officials [coordinate] [knowingly] attempt to prevent a 'medically verifiable' solution [prevention] re: COVID-19 [prev_death] we enter a STATE OF CRISIS.
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5 Jun 20
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I pledge to support the authority of President Donald J. Trump, and oppose those who seek to undermine his efforts to heal this land's divisions and #OpenAmerica.

It's been YEARS since I was in a situation where I got to actually pledge allegiance to our flag. I did this so I could join you in doing the pledge right now.
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5 Jun 20
Take with grain of salt.
Riot [coordination] in select safe-zone cities [D] control mayor(s) [allow] staged event allow former-active MIL brass assertion of 'Unconstitutional' 'Threat to Constitution' _Mutiny
MSM public optics 'staging' underway.
ALERT readiness: severe-critical

4 important links next
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4 Jun 20
DC Guard is Trump's last line of defense in the case of insurrection by assets loyal to Obama.

Before this poll... did you know that Trump replaced the General of the DC Guard in the first minute of his Presidency?

(evidence follows poll)
At 12:00 EST on Jan 20, 2017, Trump became President.

At 12:01 EST he replaced the Commanding General of the DC Guard. One of, if not his first, acts as Commander in Chief.

Today that Guard is his last line of defense against DS rogue agents.
Interestingly, the Commanding Gen of the DC Guard was relieved of duty on the day Trump was being sworn into office. Which would imply (.@AwakenedOutlaw) Trump knew he was DS and (almost certainly) was already aware of what we would be facing today.
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4 Jun 20
NY Gov stated he has emergency power to remove NYC Mayor...

What precedent did that set?

If true, can DC Gov (Sec of Army) remove DC Mayor if necessary?

What if WH is allowed to be breached for optics?
There are so many moves Trump can play if he needs to. This is one example.
Does an undisciplined enemy advance into a gap when you make a strategic withdrawal? How can that tactic be used? So many ways.
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4 Jun 20
Before this poll... did you know all 4 dirty cops who helped kill #GeorgeFloyd worked out of the 3rd precinct building that was burned down on first night of riots... conveniently destroying evidence they all 'may have been' involved in a counterfeiting scheme?
Great thread compiling many strange facts about this case.
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3 Jun 20
Explosive alternate theory of the #GeorgeFloyd murder. May have been an organized crime HIT.

Why? Because he was broke and used counterfeit cash from the 'alleged' money laundering business where Chauvin was a guard for 17 years, and Floyd also worked.
(1/5) plz RT & Follow
This theory has been bouncing around on the 8kun research board for days, but without sauce (evidence), I chose not to report on it until now.

All the strange facts of the case make sense now. 4 officers dispatched to the scene after original arrest.
Video showing Floyd taking a beating in the car before being pulled out. Floyd was originally not resisting at all... later he was after taking a beating and knowing he was going to be snuffed?

Did he put a lucrative laundering operation at risk by using counterfeit cash?
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