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20 Jul
#France to restore #NotreDame as it was before fire

Church officials hope Notre Dame will be open for mass by 2024 when #Paris is due to host the Olympic Games


Catholic Churches Under Attack!

In France at least 47 attacks in February 2019 alone!
....and now they target America!

And they say Notre Dame was just an accident? Oh really?

Trend shows no signs of abating. More 1,000 anti-Christian attacks occurred in France in 2019, according to data compiled by Daniel Hamiche, editor-in-chief of Observatory of #Christianophobia, chronicling the destruction of Christian heritage in France🤨

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14 Jul
#Boston police investigating after #VirginMary statue set on fire at Saint Peter's Parish Church

Rev. John Curran, parish's pastor, said incident, which is being investigated as #Arson, left him shocked & saddened


In a statement to the Boston Herald, Mayor Marty Walsh (D) said, "Any act of hatred and destruction towards religious figures is deeply saddening and unacceptable. Regardless of faiths, it's our responsibility to be respectful towards others' religious beliefs."

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19 Jun
👉Watch! Pause for just one moment...A day in the life of a #PoliceOfficer

"Our concerns have always been the victims, the #StateTroopers in this matter, protecting them," Houck said. "But after speaking with them, they wanted it released, as did I."

Dashcam video: Daniel K. Clary opened fire on two PA state troopers, critically wounding one, Route 33 Northampton County in Nov 2017. He was convicted of attempted murder.

Trooper: 'I didn’t want to die in the highway, in the gravel I was crawling in.'


Seiple fought tears as he remembered finding Kelly bleeding heavily on the embankment off the highway. Seiple recalled the frantic efforts to save Kelly by cinching a tourniquet around his thigh, where a bullet had severed his femoral artery.

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10 Jan
25+ People & 1 Billion Animals Dead
Over 2K Homes Destroyed

What should punishment be for the 180+ Arsonists in #Australia?
We demand their identities!
This was not #ClimateChange

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