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8 Jul 20
I've been following a back and forth on my TL on the achievement of the Mr. Peter Obi led Anambra State Govt. in the area of security. As someone who lived through the Obi administration, who observed the ruthlessness of these kidnappers and the speed with which this vice spread.
From the SS, across the 5 SE states with Anambra State being the epicenter, and media making sure Igbo taste for money, was the cause.

it is quite irritating when I find these revisionists and apostles of bad governance attempt to erase/trivialize the achievements of Peter Obi.
Anyone who lived in Anambra and was an adult at the time before Obi came on board will recall that bank robberies and robbing of bullion vans were common in Awka- in fact, there was an armed robbery incident in the early 2000s, a lady was part of the robbery,
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29 Jun 20
Nigeria was a terrible place for Igbo to live in after Civil war.

They subjected them to the worse form of dehumanizing treatment.
They were ostracised.

They stole their money through the confiscation of all the millions of pounds that Igbo had in all the Nigerian banks
They gave every Igbo person £20 regardless of how many millions they had in the Nigerian banks before the war.

They Militarized every part of Igbo land till date!

Every shop in Igbo towns were occupied by either northerners or westerners.
They took over oil companies, industries, FG jobs
Rendered everyone without exception a pauper.

They Banned importation of stockfish & used clothes to deprive the Igbo of any economic ability to compete in buying into the British assets they sold to themselves.

Look at us now!
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29 Jun 20
How Awolowo ran down western region:
In 1962, Coker Commission of Inquiry was set up during the political crisis in the West.
George Baptist Ayodola Coker was appointed by Moses Majekodunmi, the sole administrator of the Western Region, to chair the commission of inquiry.
He looked into the affairs of the Region’s six statutory corporations since October 1st 1964.
Here were his findings!

~As at 1962, the crisis between Awolowo & Akintola in the regional ruling party, Action Group, had escalated into unprecedented mayhem in the region.
People and properties were set ablaze by political thugs. This crisis was named “Operation Wetie”.

Obafemi Awolowo, the first premier of the Western Region, was found guilty of monumental corruption and abuse of office by the Coker Commission in 1962.
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28 Jun 20
MI Okpara placed HID Awolowo under ministerial salary with Private Vehicle.
He also played major role during orgy violence (operation sweetie) in Western region.
He formed UPGA with Awo which included NCNC,AG,NEPU & UMBC

Let me educate you on the coalition of NCNC & NPC.
Awo's AG offered Zik Premier position with NCNC but here are things that worked against it.

1. Most Yoruba members of NCNC said they would never accept a coalition in which Awo would play a prominent role. They threatened to leave NCNC if Zik chose to form alliance with AG.
Zik spoke about this in a speech to NCNC members on December 22, 1959 too.

2. While Awo was making concession with Zik in Onitsha.
Ayo Rosiji, a key player in the Action Group, and others were also talking to Sardauna (Sir Ahmadu Bello) of the NPC.
These are historical facts!
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28 Jun 20
I have been waiting for someone to dispute the fact that Awolowo's Wife HID Awolowo was placed under ministerial payment roll and private vehicle by Eastern government in the 1960s while his husband was in Prison.

What did Awo payback with?

I will wait..
For those of you who do not know.
This is a historical fact!
While in prison, his son Segun Awolowo died in a road accident along Lagos-Ibadan exp.road.
His wife was placed under ministerial payroll by M.I Okpara.
He came out of prison, partook in the war.

Read this book!
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24 Jun 20
That Revolutionary war against the British Government, started in April 1775, which led to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, but the fight did not end until 1783.
The Americans collapsed the empire and an american Empire emerged. These Caucasians never forget anything.
The Americans never forgot the oppression they suffered under the British crown.
They fought a revolutionary war to free themselves.
White on white.
This relative advantage turned the USA into the world leader as she took the world war opportunity to sell loads of ammunition.
As the war drew to an end, the USA set up the World Bank, the IMF and other subsidiaries. The American Dollar was announced as a global currency, to which other currencies should be pegged.
The British Pounds which was the former global currency lost 60% of its value overnight.
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18 Jun 20
Benjamin Adekunle,the Black Scorpion mocked the pope,Red Cross, Caritas, world council of churches, UN etc, & boasted of his killing spree on the Igbo civilians.
And how did his life end on earth?
He died a miserable contractor, he was literary begging for contracts just to feed.
This is a man that ranked higher than IBB, Danjuma, Obasanjo in his hay days in the military. 
They used him to prosecute the unholy war on Igbos, and they dumped him after mission accomplished.
The bloody general was stripped off his military title; he was discharged dishonourably without his benefits, till he died he never received a single pension from the Nigerian State.
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12 Jun 20
This thread is not only replete with concoctions but pretty obvious it was hurriedly put up to do a dirty hatchet job which has already failed from the get-go.
I know where this came from.
Let me give you a snippet of History and burst their lies as usual
Please Retweet!
Except for the arrest of Mr. Isaac Boro by the Head Of State, Gen. Ironsi; every other claim made on the thread are lies and concocted.

This writer failed woefully in all ramifications at putting doing the dirty job.
Nice try BMC. The days of propaganda is over!
1st! he couldn't differentiate between political region & ethnic group. He ignorantly lumped them together to achieve his evil aim.
It shows where the writer is coming from.
With the volume of likes and retweets it got, it has gone to confirm the reasons Govt hid History..
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