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He/Him. I’m tired of the creeping fascism of conservatives worldwide. #UnionStrong
12 Jul 20
@InsiderOilers Well Done Insider. I was born into a left leaning family in Saskatchewan and was fortunate to learn the importance of labour unions and by extension NDP. In my late teens I was converted to a full blown right winger because of my dislike - at the time - of gun control 1/x
@InsiderOilers And because I worked for one of the biggest grain farmers in Southern Saskatchewan. I was nearly a true believer. The interest that “saved” me was political geography. The riding I lived in always voted conservative. I was perplexed why the one geographic area 2/x
@InsiderOilers Near Briarcrest College google.ca/search?client=… voted overwhelmingly conservative. Usually 90+%. I took a human geography course circa 1995 and wrote a paper. My hypothesis was that the voters in the area were voting based for a religious reason. 3/x
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