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10 Jun
I find applying a pseudo evolutionary psych layer to politics takes the edge off conflict and the impulse to dehumanize. Because we are reductionists, we often don’t appreciate where we actually sit in, let’s say, Political Telephone. The children’s game where you sit in a circle
and send a word all the way around. Political Telephone tends to involve threat identification and freaking out. In the course of things being passed around the threat can be somewhat obscured or muddled while the frenzy over it remains high. I think this throws off intellectuals
And causes them to ignore the important signal - that someone is freaking out - in favor of stigmatizing their freak out over something. The question is how do you both get people to respond without overreacting. Intellectuals can do this. I see no evidence the public can.
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10 Jun
This is the thing about sexual identity and gender and all the rest. It’s very possible the majority of elite liberals will be identifying as non-binary in the next decade. Not as a sexual identity but to “show solidarity and reject white patriarchal society, whiteness, etc”.
Of course it will only work for a little while. Which is fine. Many liberals who will do this work in high income fields where if you max out your earnings over 20 years you can probably retire from real work.

Expect people to start talking about gender fragility.
Also, expect insecure elites like whites and Asians to intermarry more often. This will follow the trend line and therefore people will be able to deny there’s a conscious (or even unconscious) effort being undertaken, but the effort will be real. White liberals will want their
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10 Jun
NHJ may not be the NYT, but considering her influence in getting people fired there, she might as well be. So the point I’ve been making in the Rufo/Lindsay thing was that anything to the right of orthodox wokeness is the same to these people. It’s built into it. So when you
spend your time policing drawing out of bounds lines around people, as opposed to just criticizing them (a distinction *with* a difference), to what end are you doing it? If Jesse Singal, a liberal with criticisms of left excess, is as bad as Rufo to these people, why do you
think you’ll be safe?

We need to focus on ending the scourge of wokeness on our institutions and society. The notion we are going to do so by writing thoughtful pieces in alts *alone* is not born out by the last decade. The Remnicks and Banquets have given in.
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