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2 Jul 20
Time to dispell some bullshit

Did you know that in the hotspot states where Corona is supposedly breaking out like wildfire that the CDC has been combining virus tests and antibody test results?


That inflates the numbers... GREATLY

What states are doing this?
11 of them are...
FL, TX, ME, VT, PA, just to name a few in this article.
They happen to be hotspots right now...
Here's the problem. Antibody tests don't tell you if someone had COVID, just if they were exposed to it.
It's not an active case tho... Image
And as a result of this blending of data it's making the cases look like wildfire when that is just not true!

Your July 4th holiday is being taken away in many areas based on this bullshit. States are screwing with reopening plans based on this bullshit.

Scamdemic is official. ImageImage
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26 Jun 20
For all my patriot pals who are frustrated and think nothing has been happening....

Just cuz the media doesn't tell ya doesn't mean nothing is happening

Bill Barr ALREADY had a bunch arrested for illegal foreign campaign donations getting funneled to Schifty, HRC & others
Of course, that didn't get talked about on the media because on June 4th they were talking about nothing but the phone George Floyd marches, riots, and looting

But look!⏬
51 people were arrested over that crap!

Let's talk about those foreign donations to Schifty and others too...
Indictments of 8 people already...back in December

For funneling millions in FOREIGN DONATIONS to Adam Schiff, Ted Leiu, HRC, Corey Booker and more!

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7 Jun 20
Check out new Good Lion Films on the Soros Connections!

Great work Nick and Jeremiah Q!

Yours truly also gave an assist with info gathering on this. The scrubbed opposite angle video of the Floyd Incident is in here showing an empty sidewalk!

Here's the thread that helped put this stuff together

You will see ALLL the inconsistency clearly here going thru this material. The race war bait timeline the empty sidewalk the badge and car# mismatch, leaked tax return links...

Eyes open Patriots
Big PsyOp - all of it!
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6 Jun 20
This gal was on Fox tonight, shanon bream I think- & she knocked it outta the park!

She asked "How did you have a black president if blacks are oppressed here? Oprah, how did you get famous if blacks are oppressed here? You are not oppressed, stop telling me I am!"

Watch her on Shanon Bream - video link below

Fast forward to 26:40 mark and listen to this gal-

she reminds me a lil of Candace Owens in a way, very well spoken and gets fired up!

You're gonna like this I promise- Amazing!👍

I can't get over the "Karen" arguing to CONVINCE THIS WOMAN SHE IS OPPRESSED

Laughing so hard I'm gonna piss myself right now! 😂😂
Irony impaired much?

That "Karen" was actually BLACKSplaining to a LEGAL African Immigrant & AIRFORCE Reservist?!

Who are the racists, again?
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5 Jun 20
Anyone besides me think GOD is pissed?
This was may 22 in Bejing...
Don't think God's too happy with the CCP either

Middle of the afternoon it got dark as night and this massive lightning storm breaks out. Takes a lil bit in the video before the lightning really licks up but when it did?
Russia too...
This is Samara

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5 Jun 20

You want this? You want your national monummets defaced, to have your kids called racists for cleaning grafitti?

You want mayor's keeping you locked down? Roving bands of kids smashing shit with skateboards?

Look at what party is allowing cities to be destroyed
The storm is here and 💩s about to get real.

Get your supplies together and get ready to hunker down kids

There are tweets circulating with childlike sketches about pulling down the Washington monument for crying out loud

Peaceful protests my ass
Look at who is allowing antifa to run wild. They are telling you protests are peaceful. They are telling you your a racist for disagreeing

Systemic racism is a LIE
It's 🐂💩
It's narrative

And your being shamed for not wanting this in our country?!🤬
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4 Jun 20


disband the police dept & leave your city over to the thugs?

Are you going to refund taxpayers all that tax $ you've charged them for all this 💩 by not quelling the looting?

Vote blue & you get what you deserve

Los Angeles too gonna cut their PD budget

Well thos crazy asses said they didn't have the budget to keep paying first responders. Now they are going thru with that threat too I guess?
Are we in the freaking twilight zone?

Jeez isn't this the riot where Antifa was throwing "milkshakes" with concrete in them???

GTFOH with this one too!
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3 Jun 20
Someone somewhere can identify this car via make and plate#
Have a look at the screen grabs from this video and let's catch these little bastards

Photos next tweet
Do your thang Twitter peeps let's get these punks

Who can tell us what state the plate is?
Looks like a maroon colored Mercedes Kompressor

Now I wonder where Antifa got that?

Someone's ass gonna get a kicking when mommy and daddy get a visit from law enforcement over this video
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2 Jun 20
Sarasota PD put out a statement today regarding an arrest that had video pop up of a cop with a knee on the suspects neck on May 18. Suspect not injured not killed.

But the timing of this is pretty suspect.

Load up Patriots

Expect trouble tonight if pantifa gets wind of it.
It happened a week before the Floyd incident..

And before you champion the suspect?

He beat the absolute shit out of a domestic partner who was bloodied an bruised.

Make sure you know all the facts folks


St Pete

There's a vigil of sorts for tonight's riots that you should turn your porch light on and be outside for about 9 minutes as solidarity for Floyd

Sounds more like the thugs will be looking for who doesn't turn their lights on and target you.

Virtue signalling 🙄
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2 Jun 20
Sorry but I'm getting tired of the narrative on the news that these protestors and the rioters have anything to do with each other.

They DON'T.

I'm also sock of them saying only blacks get killed by cops. Here's some facts from Statista . com

Guess what? More whites die by cop
This is not a race issue it's a training and psych eval issue plain and simple

Doesn't matter what color you are

So stop feeding into the racial divide
Stop cowering in fear of teenagers and 20 something's being paid to shape your opinions while they break shit

Smarten up
Stand up for yourselves Patriots

Do what it takes to protect your families and vote out the scumbags who are raising money to get looters and rioters out of jail!

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31 May 20
C0cks*cking Pantifa made their way to Florida last night. Curfew begins 630 pm tonight

This is why there were no demonstrations in FL til last night.

Took em a few days to round up assets and crisis actors and bus them in
Make no mistake.
NO ONE FROM TAMPA demonstrated b4 then
While demonstrating for George Floyd they broke into a show store owner by this man and stole 100's of thousands in inventory

This is domestic terror and has nothing to do with George Floyd whatsoever. And it took extra days to happen because the agitators are out of towners
If Tampa was gonna riot they'd have been doing it long before last night. Would've been going on all along. Same as Charleston SC and numerous other cities.

This is horse manure

DeSantis sent the national guard and will not tolerate any more nonsense.

F off, ya imports
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30 May 20
I'm going to turn your attention now to the timeline of Mr Colin Kapernick....

See what he tweets and make your own decisions about what is happening across the country right now
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29 May 20
NOT missing anymore...

Fastest arrest of a cop in state history, huh?

More info on his story

These two guys knew each other
He was missing for a few days - but arrested in the area?

Neighbors didnt know he even WAS a cop?

Had a bunch of dogs?
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28 May 20
Get ready for a seismic shift in how financial markets-
China CCP just cut their nose off to spite their face. Their financial window to the world & investment, Hong Kong, just lost special status because the CCP just HAD to have extradition 4 dissent
With the law they just passed to allow for arrest and extradition of Hong Kong residents who speak against the CCP, the US has no choice but to suspend Hong Kong's special status because they no longer have autonomous control despite the deal that was made when Brits released em
Chaos has broken out as Hong Kong residents resist the overt move by the CCP to take away their right to free speech. Stopping journalists, firing pepper spray at protesters - all hell broke loose after the national security law was announced -
The implications are huge
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27 May 20
You are ALREADY being contact traced folks

I'm in FL doing a couple errands now that things are reopened. Put an address in my GPS for a landscape place I've never been to, and a message popped up that the information was being sent to Google then disappeared off the screen
It didn't stay on the screen but a fraction of a second - too fast to get a screenshot when I wasn't expecting it.

Just saying - you're warned now

And I'm going to be looking up places from now on, not using Google maps. F**k that. I'm not sick I don't need to be f'in TRACKED
Adding this pic
I'm outside of Lowe's

They have a cell on wheels sheriff vehicle playing recorded messages about following social distancing and preventing COVID spread

And look ... They got the camera on top just to make sure you follow the rules

F this 💩
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27 May 20
New information about the nursing home abuser.

Apparently he had COVID virus and was sent to work at a "hub" facility for the nursing home

More proof that blue states tried to wipe their seniors out?

You gotta see this
Now, by itself this case is bad enough that this young guy was beating on patients.

But he had COVID asymptomatic and was sent to work in nursing homes?

I'm gonna put this right here too

Here's the numbers by the states last week
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27 May 20
Joe on the View.
He's been on more than once...
Talking Feb 13, 2020- Joy asks "all white people right?"
This makes what he recently did even more crazy - he knew he had a perception problem in FEB! The View gals were covering for him even then too !!
As I'm looking thru these, he's been on The View once a month at least for quite a while-clearly the View is working w/campaign.

But the gaffes are getting worse - even with their help he's looking like a fool

Remember this gem about the cure?3:20 Mark
Then there was that awful response to the Tara Reade allegation.
the View gals covered for him again, but watch body language
Sunny is so UNconvinced of what she is saying, she can't even look at the camera FFS - til she spins it to "what about Trump"
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24 May 20

it HAS happened

It IS being uncovered

And it WILL happen AGAIN if we don't get loud and obnoxious about the vote by mail fraud AND the illegal Popular Vote State Compact, Patriots.

Get LOUD get social get on the phone to your reps email em
NO #VoteByMail
Why were south Carolina ballots found in MARYLAND
The printers fault, for 20 ballots huh?

My left foot

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24 May 20
Well, as Memorial Days go, this one was memorable. I'm home 3 hours early after spending over an hour in the car. local PD blocked off half the beach parking. Packed Madhouse. They they watch everyone park (no signage), then issued parking tix after they left their cars
Not cool
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23 May 20
This is why new laws are coming for Chinese companies on the nasdaq-
Luckin Coffee and others have been caught inflating their sales/ income by 4O PERCENT

This is why POTUS is blocking federal retirement funds from investing in Chinese companies!

By the way, despite all the economic chaos is China right now, & the billions they dumped into propping up their stock market back in Feb?
They're still charging shop owners rents for biz they forced closed.
They just promised WHO 2 billion dollars, but nothing for their people.
And did you catch that at the 5:29 mark, China's testing is only 30% accurate?
Right now they are mass testing Jilin province and Wuhan among other areas. Prior Vids showed they put the test swabs into communal cups with no labels.
What is this designed to do spread it, goose #s
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20 May 20
Ummm gang?


INAUGURATION was 11:41 am Jan 20th. Email dates to less than an hour after the inauguration.

Which means Flynn WOULD and SHOULD be talking to Kislyak as part of his job - and not any of Obummers concern anymore...
Tell me Susan Rice, after having been at this meeting 2 weeks prior to inauguration, wasn't covering her ass?

She emailed that TO HERSELF.
2 weeks after the meeting on inauguration day, half an hour after Trump was inaugurated

CYA? That's not sketchy AF at all, right?
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