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15 Apr
Hidden hand and horns. Nothing to see here
Prince Harry.. As clear as day intentional..

The hidden hand lets the other initiates know that the individual depicted is part of this secret Brotherhood and that his actions were inspired by the Masonic philosophy and beliefs. Furthermore, the hand that executes the actions is hidden behind cloth..
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13 Apr
Freemason Symbols and the 'Code Of Silence' ImageImageImageImage
Freemason Symbols 'Code Of Silence'

And you aren’t in it.. ImageImageImageImage
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8 Apr
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in NY, is the home of American Eugenics and was the Eugenics Record office. This same lab holds the annual mRNA conference. And are big fans of Pfizer and Moderna. A little history below. ImageImageImageImage
And to quote ‘Did you know that ‘CHSL’ was key in mRNA history?


These are the last people we should be taking advice from. These eugenicists are behind the mRNA vaccines and the Nazi links are obvious.
Dr Watson became Cold Spring Harbor's director in 1968, its president in 1994 and chancellor a decade later.

James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race.

And guess what, he was Director of the Human Genome Project. ImageImageImage
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6 Apr
Apple’s first computer was satanically priced

Wozniak liked triple digit numbers, so he suggested $666.66

Steve Jobs created the “Black Cube” at his company Next after leaving Apple in 85
Anyone noticed the Poste Box for the Melbourne Museum is P.O Box 666 Image
Who remembers this from September 2020

And right over the Melbourne Museum P.O. Box 666

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29 Mar
You have heard of Cambridge Analytica. Learn about NationBuilder, both Cambridge Analytica equivalent primed to profile and manipulate you.

A powerful, internationally-renowned data harvesting company and campaign tool busted harvesting our data.

But what ABC is not telling you is that labor has been using Nationbuilder.

Now just imagine what Vault and Palantir are doing

Deliberate mind manipulation of the masses is, by itself, nothing new.

Read about how a sample of Americans were asked to research candidates for an Australian election using their own mock search engine, Kadoodle.
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29 Mar
I want your honest opinion.

Would you trust someone who wrote a book with this person below, who is an organiser in Australia’s freedom day protests?

I’ll tell you who it is later
Now pay attention to Wildfire mentioned. Now check out this site..

So an intelligence agency trying to make this look like grass roots?

Now this:
In Wildfire>_. Other Wildfire>_ operatives remain anonymous.

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28 Mar
OPERATION SUEZ SHUTDOWN: A Global Psyop With Multiple Nefarious NWO Ambitions?

This article argues that Suez blockage was deliberate, designed to stop transport of oil and help usher in “Green New Deal.”

#syria's Ministry of Oil says it has begun rationing the distribution of fuel in the country in anticipation of a disruption in supplies caused by the blockage of the Suez Canal.

A military manoeuvre?

From 2019

From Venezuela to Syria, economic strangulation is the preferred form of war for the US Regime.

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28 Mar
If you are following Reignite Democracy you are being led down a very dangerous path.

Morgan Jonas and Monica Smit in Wodonga yesterday.

It’s not by chance this is the ‘True Blue’ crews little operation

You may remember this one. amp.theguardian.com/australia-news…
If you want an understanding of the funding behind Morgan Jonas, Avi Yemini and Sanjeev Sabhlok. Loads of info in this long thread.
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25 Mar
Why are we directed to see this now?

Evergreen who has been linked to child trafficking drawing a giant penis..

Welcome to The Twilight Zone
You make up your own mind..
What ever you believe you have to admit this story is high strangeness
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23 Mar
Looks like we missed an opportunity to clean up ‘gun buyback’ USA

I should of bought in my potato gun.
Not related
1988 NSW Prem Unsworth: “It will take a massacre in Tas before we will be able to introduce gun laws” March 96, less than month b4 Port Arthur, "the Gun Coalition's Tas coordinator Rowland Brown, wrote to the Hobart newspaper warning of a massacre in Tas unless gun laws changed"
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23 Mar
Boulder shooting at King Soopers look at the address #33 3600

Means nothing I’m sure
Didn’t take long to hear ‘Gun Control’
@razorback11111 🙏

Is this what you would do?
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20 Mar
Shall we talk about this?

Good breakdown going on in here.

First photo is from Jan 16th. Interesting that our latest star of the show is seen with Helmet man.

Steve ‘Flag guy’ Booth swapped out with a new flog.

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19 Mar
This is a very interesting video highlighting the role of Extinction Rebellion in diverting attention away from 5G agenda to enable #Agenda21 #greenwashing and #GreenNewDeal
Globalists funded groups like XR are pushing stealthily towards agenda 21/30 as in the creation of super surveillance ‘smart cities These stunts like yesterday only justify more surveillance at the expense of our civil liberties. Image
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18 Mar
Extinction Rebellion protesters have driven a truck into the centre of Flinders and Swanson streets, parking it on the tram tracks before chaining themselves to the top.

Full video here.

Don’t fall for the hype, the 20th protest is a sham that co-opted not only a worldwide protest that was currently underway for the 13th, it has also been lined up on the same date as the “international day for Racism” worldwide protests. dereferer.me/?https%3A//www…
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14 Mar
2008-Genomes Project 🧬 major support from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute 🇬🇧 , the Beijing Genomics Institute, Shenzhen (BGI Shenzhen) in China and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). sanger.ac.uk/news_item/2008…
June 26 2000, White House event with British PM Tony Blair, President Clinton announced the international Human Genome Project and Celera Genomics Corporation have completed initial sequencing of the human genome -the genetic blueprint for human beings.
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14 Mar
Sirius Dog Star
Sirius - the Dog Star
K9 Sirius -the "hero dog of 9/11"=911(Su)

Number 23-Dog-Sirius-NED
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11 Mar
And now I’ll here, it’s actually code..
Literally 2 months before WHO officially recorded this a Pandemic. Trump signed with Moderna
Blackrock (part owner of Moderna)-where Fink is Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of and also sat on Trump's business council. Also the Managing Director, Craig Phillips sat on Trumps Transition Team.
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10 Mar
On Thur. March 11 1:00pm ET- one year ago when @WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.
Same day:
WEF announced a partnership with WHO to launch the ‘COVID Action Platform’, to “convene the business community for collective action... Platform partners included AstraZeneca
• The WEF announced that in a “high-level COVID Action Platform Virtual Meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum, CEPI CEO Richard Hatchett said for businesses the shift in funding towards covid vaccine development would be “the best investment your companies will ever make.”
March 2020, WEF published ‘Workforce Principles for the Pandemic, Stakeholder Capitalism in Time of Crisis’
“businesses that live up to the values of stakeholder capitalism are likely to be best placed for a rebound, having supported their human capital during the present crisis”
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10 Mar
Take a look at this article outlining the longstanding chumminess of Daniel Andrews and Lindsay Fox.

And now the rumour going around is that Andrews was actually hammered at Lindsay Fox’s when he slipped over.


Linfox has held extensive contracts with state and federal governments for years. Part of its success is an uncanny knack of offering solutions to problems governments don’t know they have.

If the Vic gov shifts its COVID-19 quarantine from city hotels to Avalon, it is likely to substantially boost the number of flights in and out of the airport. This will strengthen Linfox’s argument for an airport rail extension abs the Fox family’s interests will be well-served.
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9 Mar
Who played #Pokémon Go?— access to all players' data — created by a tech "entrepreneur" who started in the US Foreign Service and whose companies were funded by the CIA's venture capital firm and worked with the US gov, military & Google. networkworld.com/article/309909… ImageImageImage
#Tech and #defense interests have had the creation of a global augmented reality overlay in the works for decades.

The trial run for this was the Pokémon Go #game. Niantic was bankrolled by In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CIA. @Philly852

In-Q-Tel backers of Skincential Sciences, a firm that sells consumer skin creams, also provides dermatological pros with a system that ccollects biomarkers in the process. DNA collection is the reason In-Q-Tel gave for being interested in the company. Image
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9 Mar
Austria suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine batch after death.

One 49-year-old woman died while a 35-year-old woman developed a pulmonary embolism and is recovering, after taking the shots.


South Korea🇰🇷 Urging Caution over Administering AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine to people older than 65

France has joined Sth Korea, Germany and Austria in recommending that the @AstraZeneca vaccine is not provided to anyone over the age of 65. - But why?
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