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12 May 20
1/n Ashok Swain the Muslim hating ISI’s Concubine.
On 23rd April 2020, Mr. Sajid Hussain, the Exiled Journalist who fought or the Baloch issue was murdered in Sweden, his body was found in the river in the city of Uppsala. #balochistan #BalochFreedom
2/n Guess who else is in Uppsala? @ashoswai or Ashok Swain. In previous articles/thread I showed how he hates Hindus, Muslims and everyone who moves. I also showed how his research made no sense.
3/n But, the gullible Pakistanis donot know this yet. They think he is a hero because he criticizes Modi. However, I sympathize with the naivety of Pakistanis, they simply cant think clearly because they are under a massive illusion.
#balochistan #BalochFreedom
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18 Apr 20
[1/n]Thread #AshokSwain #Lies #PakistanPhobia #AntiPakistan #AntiIndia
"Peer Reviewed Lies of Ashok Swain"
I came across an interesting Peer Reviewed article by Ashok Swain published in 2009:
[2/n]Thread #AshokSwain #Lies #PakistanPhobia #AntiPakistan #AntiIndia
On the 2nd Page, Swain parrots the argument that India and Pakistan waged war against eachother.
[3/n]Thread #AshokSwain #Lies #PakistanPhobia #AntiPakistan #AntiIndia
The said source of Parroting comes from this reference
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16 Apr 20
[1/n] Is Ashok Swain Anti-Muslim?
On April 14 2020, Prof. Dr. Ashok Swain tweeted a very offensive tweet. A tweet which is as offensive for passionate Muslims, as much as it is for the Right wing Hindus. He compared Modi to Muhammad PBUH
[2/n] Soon several tweets started flowing in, which saw both Hindu and Muslim tweeples abusing the eminent UNESCO professor. One TL with the handle name @biggirl1711 seem to be all praises for the UNESCO Professor. She seems to be smitten with Professor Ashok Swain.
[3/n] The professor after this tweet went on the bust more Modi supporters through his somewhat short of facts tweets. This led us to ask an important question. I am sure even well meaning Mulsim people can also see through the farce of Ashok!
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10 Apr 20
[1/n] Anatomy of a pamphlet Gujarat Files! Its not a book @RanaAyyub its under 95 pages. Reminds me of the Soviet era pamphlets we used to get them when I was a child at a Soviet Union established steel plant of the Steel Authority of India Limited in the Central India.
[2/n] Who certified Shahid Azmi as one of the finest mind's in criminal law? The Bar council of India? Image
[3/n] Tell me something who killed the 76 CRPF jawans in Dantewada in April 2010? That day is still in my memory. Image
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9 Apr 20
[1/n] This is a thread on my beloved Ramchandra Guha, who is not a Bengali but a Tamilan Da! He wears many hats: Economist, Environmentalist, Historian. We will look at the selected works of the man himself in the coming series of mega threads. @Ram_Guha
[2/n] There probably exists no other poet in the history of India other than Galib. न भूतो न भविष्यति, Na Bhuto Na Bhavishyati. As per Delhi University and JNU social sciences faculties. See the excerpts from the Book Indian- Unnatural Nation
[3/n] Well, the Maratha Empire took over most of the Mughal territories and it was not chieftains fighting for territory. It took 3 Anglo-Maratha wars for brits to take over. That’s an inconvenient fact for these faculties.
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8 Apr 20
[1/n] Ashok Swain 2 @ashoswai now I come to analyze your psychology! Yo Baby! I am doing it on twitter as I dont have any political affiliations.
[3/n] All screen shots thread
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4 Apr 20
[1/n] Anatomy of a certain Swain. Super misinformation shredder thread. As you have guessed it, it is none other than @ashoswai or Ashok Swain. His Wikipedia page looks impressive [see screenshot]. However, it is inflated! Let’s look at his peer reviewed articles.
[2/n] Here is the google scholar profile of Swain, For a someone who has published his first article in 1991, the Citations[right side of the screenshot] 2458 is mediocre.
[3/n] Lets, 1st look at Some other profiles. Here is a researcher from a comparable field having a lot more citations.
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1 Apr 20
Massive thread on events leading to the #lockdown begins now. Misinformation shredder thread.
1st case in India 30th Jan 2020 medical student who returned from Wuhan. 2nd &3rd case 2nd and 3rd Feb 2020. All three Wuhan university medical students.
[2/n] All flights from and 2 china suspended by 4th February. All passengers screened. BTW I was required to fill symptoms & travel related forms on 10th Jan 2020 while returning from Guangzhou. This implies the Indian Govt was keeping a tight vigil and knew something we didnt.
[3/n] Links to all flights suspended
This is the mail I Got from IndiGo 6E on orders from the Government of India.
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1 Apr 20
@JuliaF1fan @DebopamMajumde1 @anneila_ @damin_lilly @BBCIndia @paulmasonnews [23/n] So this not even half of the prep done by the Indian govt, I dont think now I should bother to show when and where BBC indulged in misleading, selective reporting, and sensationalism?
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