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Proud to be chosen as St. Albert Public School Board Trustee. I believe in our kids, our teachers, our staff and our community. I speak only for myself.
9 Jul 20
My heart is breaking. Tonight my youngest daughter, at the age of 25, broke into tears and called out to me.
“Mom, I’m so scared, make them stop,” a river of tears running down her face. Gasping for breath, she pushes out her words. “I’m just so scared. I don’t want to ...(more)
live in a world like this.” I held her in my arms and rocked her while she wept. She has been suffering from depression since COVID hit us all in March. It’s been a tough go for her.

“It’s OK, honey,” I said, taking her in my arms. “It will be OK, tell me why you are scared? /2
“Make who stop?”
And then it all came pouring out, and I was stunned! I should have known the impact this would be having on her and so many kids her age. To me it has been a call to action; to fight for what is right. For her it’s been a complete reign of terror ... /3
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21 Jun 20
I’ve spent a lot of hours lately researching choice in education (at all levels). I’ve been trying to decide who wins in the neo-libertarian world of Milton Friedman adopted by the UCP. I can clearly see that it is neither parents nor students. #abed #abpse ...2
In the hope that choice meant a better education, improved results, more employability and special attention for kids with special needs, two decades of U.S. experience with failed voucher-systems (where money follows student) show “choice” was never for parents. ...3 #ableg
Choice in education has not lead to better student outcomes in the U.S. A multitude of studies prove it. Go online and see. Competition in a quasi-privatized, fractured system has only led to profit for the very rich or a sustainable faith-base for certain churches. ..4 #ableg
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