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I kill things for science (mostly plants). I study crops, weeds, and sometimes other things. Way more political than I was before 2016.
Apr 9, 2021
I've been trying to figure out that recent paper in @ScienceMagazine about pesticide toxicity over the last few days. There are a few things that don't make sense to me, so I'm going to make a thread here as kind of my scratch pad. Maybe I'll write a blog post about it later. This is the paper: science.sciencemag.org/content/372/65…
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May 6, 2020
I just finished analyzing some long-term crop yield data. I should probably publish it somewhere, but that'll take forever and require more writing and there's a solid chance I'll never get around to it. So I'm just going to drop all the plots right here. THREAD: First I want to acknowledge all the data came from USDA-NASS (quickstats.nass.usda.gov). It is a very rich data source and we should keep them well-funded.
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Sep 11, 2019
"Let me just open up this tomato canopy with my bare, unprotected arms so that I may direct this pesticide spray directly onto the tomato."
alamy.com/stock-photo-yo… "Sometimes I like to hold the spray nozzle close to me and pretend that I am peeing out the pesticides onto the tomato plants." alamy.com/stock-image-yo…
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Jun 6, 2019
@tedlieu Hi Congressman Lieu. Can we chat about this? About what it would actually mean to completely stop the use of this herbicide? @tedlieu Because I understand that a lot of people are concerned. I consider myself among those who are concerned about potential health effects of pesticides in general, and this herbicide in particular.
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May 14, 2019
Did you know that weeds can reduce crop yield EVEN IF the weeds don't actually use resources the crop needs? Our paper describing this phenomenon in Beta vulgaris is 'officially' published today in Weed Science. cambridge.org/core/journals/… If you know anything about weeds, it is that they use water, nutrients, and light that the crop needs. And if the weeds use these necessary resources, then the crop can't have them. And this is true - but it is just *one way* that weeds reduce crop yield.
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Mar 4, 2019
Kansas. It always starts in Kansas. @KSUweeddoc "Kansas Weed Scientist" is like the Florida Man of weed science. No joke.

If there's a weed problem that doesn't exist yet, Kansas weed scientists are like "hold my beaker" then there's a press release 4 days later.
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Aug 17, 2018
Hey journalists - can we talk?

I know you are under a lot of pressure lately. And I know you are sick and tired of being called "fake news" and I don't blame you. I know you're mostly doing good things.

However... You need to do better when covering activist press releases. As a scientist, let me just say, you really suck sometimes. If you don't want to be accused of publishing fake news, one great thing to do would be to stop publishing actual fake news.
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Oct 19, 2017
Some pretty interesting things here about the IARC glyphosate decision: (ht @tamarhaspel) reuters.com/investigates/s… As a rule, I' uncomfortable comparing 'draft' documents with final docs, because we don't know the deliberation leading to those changes.
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Sep 4, 2017
Watched @foodevomovie today (finally), and I really enjoyed it. With one exception. 1/ As others have said, it was powerful, persuasive, & exposed much of the hypocrisy of anti-GMO rhetoric. Very well done, on balance. 2/
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