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25 Nov
Baji. A thread.
Baji and bajiโ€™s donut fans
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25 Nov
The cheek the nerve the audacity and the stupidity of Maryam Nawaz and the absolute desperation of the amoral asswipes that support her , is the topic of this thread.

1) โ€œwo awaz meri hai. Jab mein media cell chalati thi party ka โ€œ
There is video evidence of her categorically
Denying that fact and also the time period during which sheโ€™s claimed to have sanctioned certain media houses, is all wrong for the claims that sheโ€™s made.
Her fatherโ€™s party was in power at the time so it was govt funds that she was dispensing like candy, not party property
This is a non elected member of a pol party who by dint of her relationship w the party head admits to disbursing funds.
This is 1) unconstitutional 2) a crime 3) a wtf moment
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