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Mom. Very concerned with teen and young adult girls suddenly identifying as trans. Healthcare economist. Follow the money.
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18 Aug
Mastectomies for gender dysphoric girls & women continued to rise in 2020 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is remarkable, since COVID restrictions led to dramatic reductions in all other areas of healthcare utilization in 2020./1 plasticsurgery.org/documents/News…
For the first time, the Society of Plastic Surgeons is also calling out genital and facial surgeries. So, plastic surgeons alone now conduct over 16,000 procedures per year--and that's just one part of it. It's not counting general surgeons, OBGYN, urology, and others. /2
In comparison, overall US health services dropped by 1% in 2019. Non-COVID related services dropped by far more. But not mastectomies for gender dysphoria. These "life-saving" procedures for self-loathing young women climbed by 15%, despite the pandemic./3 healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collecti…
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16 Aug
Key question of the day: “how many false positive GNC kids is it OK to harm (infertile/sterile, bone impaired, IQ drops, psychological harm of being reared in the wrong sex) , do give a more passing appearance to 1 male child who will (in hindsight) be a persister?/1
Key facts/assumptions:
1. Early transition only benefits male passing as females. Females easily "pass" at any age given T. In fact, PBs make girls shorter so it hurts their chance to pass.
2. Only 1 in 10 boys with GD will persist. We can't predict who will persists vs desist /2
3. The 1 in 10 boys who "benefit" by passing above waist, will be hurt below the belt (not enough penile tissue).
4. Living as a GNC person, and child specifically, is far more acceptable now than ever--boys can wear dresses. /3
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28 Jul
A reminder: we are in the midst of an unprecedented epidemic. And I am not talking about COVID. Medical professionals have not just let these kids down: they are actively conducting physician-inflicted harm.
How long can this phenomenon hide behind the cloak of social justice? /1
Breasts removed at 15. /2
Went to gender clinic, left with testosterone, mastectomy, and a hysterectomy. /3
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21 Jul
Dear @gorskon, have you read the UK NICE systematic review of evidence for pediatric transition? The conclusions are: very low certainty of evidence (modified GRADE). Unclear how to balance certainty of benefits against risks of harm. It's is a high quality systematic review. /1
The home of the Nobel Prize of Medicine (the Karolinska hospital, affiliated with Karolinska Institute) no longer thinks transitioning minors should be done in general medical settings b/c of the risks and uncertainties, only allowing it in clinical trials [none are ongoing]. /2
A prominent gender program in Finland (a leader in pediatric transitions) issued new guidelines last June saying "psychotherapy first" after they noted kids who suffer from MH problems (majority of GD youth) fail to improve with hormonal treatment. /3
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17 Jul
I had a dream. A dream that our children are no longer treated differently because of the length of their hair or the clothes they wear; but get the same quality of medical care demanded of other areas of medicine: the benefits must outweigh the harms.
My dream was really more of a nightmare.
Me (in the dream):"My kid is generally happy, has friends, doing well in school. But does not like (his/her) body. Pls help"
The doctor responds: "I can chemically, then surgically castrate your child. Later we'll cut off their bits". /1
The doctor goes on:
"Your child's bones will get frail. We DK about brain development. Heart attach /stroke risk will go up by 300-500%. He/she will be sterile, may never experience desire. Will be a patient for life. But I can get you a 3-9% improvement in "functioning" now". /2
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17 Jul
Jack Turban likes to make things up. He went to a good school. In theory he should have decent analytical skills. Why does he work so hard to create an illusion of certainty, when the only intellectually honest position is to acknowledge profound uncertainty? Let's #factCheckJack
𝙙𝙚𝙑𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝙚𝙩 𝙖𝙡 2011: Before puberty blockers (PBs) were given, the Dutch adolescents were mentally healthy: no depression (BDI=8); high global functioning (CGAS=70). After PBs there were minor changes, from healthy to healthy. But 100% proceeded to cross-sex hormones./1
𝙙𝙚𝙑𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝙚𝙩 𝙖𝙡 2011 was attempted to be replicated once, and failed upon replication (Carmichael 2021). They could not find any mental health benefits. Even worse, the interim results broken by sex showed girls’ suicidal ideation increased while on puberty blockers./2
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5 Jun
Parents of ROGD kids. When your kids were in still diapers, WPATH was called the Harry Benjamin Foundation. Harry was a quack who, besides his passion for transitions, used turtle fluids to "cure" TB, and performed vasectomies to increase "vim and vigor" in middle aged men. /1
Then, in 2006, came a major re-branding. Eli Coleman, who is still a WPATH leader, unveiled his "10 principles" at a board retreat, and a new name was created. Each word in the name was strategically chosen to signal credibility that wasn't there. It was an aspirational name. /2
The 10 principles are a worth a read. "Let old paradigms die and new ones emerge", proclaimed principle 3. Take over public and religious institutions, change laws and policies. 10 years later (and a few hundred million $ from transwomen billionaires) they achieved these goals./3
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15 Apr
@AnnelouDe @olsonista Annelou, for a long time many of us have looked to the Dutch team for your ethical approach to care for gender dysphoric youth (even if some disagreed). I understand you are feeling cornered by the UK judgement. But citing Turban's terrible research is discrediting your stance /1
@AnnelouDe @olsonista Do you know that the US researchers like Turban don't believe the basic fact (demonstrated by a dozen studies & acknowledged in the Dutch protocol) that most trans-identifying youth will NOT be trans-identifying adults; don't believe it's problematic to socially transition kids/2
@AnnelouDe @olsonista Do you realize that your careful protocol administered by experts in the Netherlands is being misused egregiously in the US; that kids with post-pubsecent onset of GD are not differentiated from childhood-onset; that "therapists" are required only to confirm a teen's self-dx /3
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11 Apr
You are the average of your 5 friends. In research, you are the average of the references you rely on. The Dutch team's choice to quote Turban and his debunked work speaks volumes. The UK ruling's put them in the survival mode. They r getting desparate. /1
This is the same team that rightly criticized Turban's earlier claim that autism is curable w/transition.
To use their own words, relying on Turban's laughable study "seems counterproductive and not contributing to better care for those who need it". /2
Turban has quite a reputation in the scientific community. A medical trainee with a huge ego and a God savior complex, he is known for his thirst for the limelight, ad hominem attacks on researchers who challenge him, and a proclivity for online samples/3
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10 Apr
WPATH is a curious nonprofit: no conflict of interest policy (highly unusual); managed by a for-profit company w/ a stake in pharma companies. And now WPATH's own journal has invented a new definition of financial conflict of interest: "𝙙𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 the writing of the article."/1
Every person on this list is fighting for their livelihood: they have staked their carriers on medically transing youth. They can't afford neutrality and integrity. How is this for a COI? Then, Veritas, which manages WPATH and has a stake in PB Pharma companies, gets to benefit/2
Perhaps it's no surprise that when groups of scientists with NO financial interest in perpetuating transitioning of minors examine the data, they come to vasty different conclusions../3
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10 Apr
Disappointed, but not surprised, by the Dutch team's recent capitulation. They had already let down the world by NOT alerting the medical community that their protocol was being wrongly applied worldwide (ROGD youth was disqualified from their studies)./1
It must have been an amazing high, to watch your tiny but ambitious experiment--which used the power of hormones to turn feminine boys into nearly perfect replicas of girls, and vice versa --to go viral in the world. Did this "high" impair judgment? Why did they NOT speak out? /2
Then, Detrans voices got louder. The Dutch got concerned, rushed to reanalyze their data. There WAS a major sex ratio flip in their data too. Instead of digging further, they picked a few inconsequential similarities between past v current cases, and quickly buried the concern./3
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10 Apr
Staff editor @nytimes, @bokatlindell asks good questions in his opinion piece. Why all the laws targeting trans issues? Party-politics aside, what's the debate? Yet his answer is disappointingly, squarely political: "it's the right-wing conspiracy." /1
As a life-long democrat, let me answer these questions, Twitter-style.
1. Why now? In the last 5 yrs, there has been a massive increase in youth self-id as trans. We r talking 2+ million in US alone today, vs. a few thousand for decades prior. A truly unprecedented phenomenon /1
2. Coinciding with this shift (which baffles even the most experienced gender experts who worked with this population for 30+ yrs), is a huge push for pathologizing of gender-non-conforming behaviors, and medicalizing youth with experimental hormones and surgeries. /2
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19 Mar
It's a poorly-held secret that most researchers and gender medicine experts roll their eyes at Jack Turban (even if few take on him publicly: he is litigious).

Exhibit 1: Per Jack, the ASD (autism)-GD link is a myth invented by the media.
The Dutch (who pioneered transition for kids, and should in theory be rooting for Jack) are not amused. After decimating Jack's shoddy analysis, they say this: "This seems counterproductive and not contributing to better care for those who need it." /2 jaacap.org/article/S0890-…
Another team of 21 (!!) pro-trans researchers signed a letter decimating Jack's claims that the autism/GD link is a figment of transphobic imagination. They are concerned that Jack is “perpetuating misunderstanding…[that ]places individuals at risk” /3
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29 Nov 20
Guess what. The Dutch DID test 2 groups of adolescents: those who were given SRS, and those who were denied/told to wait. (BTW the Dutch would NOT treat anyone with adolescent-onset GD biomedically: it was viewed as too recent/likely due to homosexuality, fettish or confusion)./1
The Dutch found that the "treated" group resolved their GD, but GD also improved in the untreated group! Social functioning was comparable. What happens later, as the treated group deals with infertility/sex issues, while untreated continues to resolve their internal conflict? /2
Clearly, the Dutch model has issues. Those who were denied treatment improved, and may continue to improve. The "treated" group GD functioned v.well both pre- and post- SRS. We know from adult SRS studies the honeymoon is 10 yrs. Which group will fair better long-term? We DK. /3
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21 Nov 20
As many people know, in a New York minute, @PsychToday published, and than swiftly removed an article about trans-identified young people disowning their parents-a known fact to the parents, but apparently a novel narrative to the happily uninitiated /1
The article was pulled within minutes, after what looked like a coordinated attack by the TRAs. Comments from grateful and concerned parents were drowned out by the "How dare yous". Not surprising to anyone anymore, is it? /2

The comments illustrate perfectly what's going on in the gender debate. It's not hard to see who the unhinged bully is, and who is the reasonable voice in this conversation. But we live in the world were bullies win. /3
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13 Oct 20
You re not paranoid. The TRA movement going after our kids' bodies is operating from a play book, which has been published by Thomson Reuters. Key strategies include "De-medicalise the campaign" (#2) "Avoid excessive press coverage and exposure" (# 8). /1 iglyo.com/wp-content/upl…
The other side has been incredibly effective at the complete institutional takeover. Let's learn from the best, shall we?

Rule #1: Target youth politicians.
"Main wings of political parties are often keen to listen to youth wings."

@AOC you are in the playbook, as the pawn. /2
Rule #2. De-medicalise the campaign.
"It was observed that the public often finds it difficult to accept irreversible surgeries until the age of maturity" and thus may be "apprehensive" to support gender laws for minors.

Let's make the public not notice where this road leads./3
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12 Oct 20
A new and important thread on r/detrans. A young male, questioning his transition after 10 yrs. Believes his underlying mental health problems led to an unstable identity and created the void for trans ideation to take over. Many detransitioners agree/. /1
A female desister talks about how her OCD and social anxiety led to trans identification. Stopped at 23. /2
Another voice of a detransitioner, who calls out that trans ideation for many lifts in mid-20's. /3
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24 Sep 20
Wondering if the rumored Mermaids' expansion into the US is tied to the UK's announcement today that UK schools should not use education materials by third parties that equate gender non-conformity w/ trans and that bodies need changing. /1
If I were the head of Mermaids, I would definitely be looking to refocus operations on the US and its Wild West of gender medicine. The UK seems to be waking up: the NHS is independently reviewing evidence on hormonal treatments for youth (not willing to accept WPATH SOC); /2
The NHS removed links the Mermaids, and changed the "puberty blockers are safe and reversible" to "unknown with possible brain and bone adverse effects." Now the government cautions schools to cease the use of materials that pathologize gender-non-conforming behaviors as trans /3
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17 Sep 20
The study that Jack Turban is writing about is another troubled convenience sample with strange results.
Net-net: 738 respondents (out of 2784) knew someone who died by suicide. Of these 738 known deaths, only 172 (23%) were trans people. The rest - 77% - were "cis suicides". /1
What do we make of the finding that the vast majority (8 in 10) of suicides that trans survey participants know of were by "cis" people? And that those participants were "non-binary" females? Other that it's a highly flawed survey and a bad sample describing a troubled group? /2
Little is said regarding recruitment methods beyond the survey being sponsored by a trans suicide hotline organization. It would be temping to recruit from past trans suicide hotline callers. Fishing from the numerator will overstate population exposure./3 medium.com/@Translifeline…
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10 Sep 20
Dr. Kalin at @APAPubJournals. Thanks for listening to the concerned scientists and asking for a reanalysis of the Brandstrom study, and for publishing a correction. But why is the original study with uncorrected, misleading title and conclusion still on?/1
Can you really stand by the study's title? "Reduction in Mental Health Treatment Utilization Among Transgender Individuals After Gender-Affirming Surgeries: A Total Population Study"? Or its conclusions? They directly contradict the reanalysis and your own editorial./2 Image
Dr. Kalin, your correction says, "the results [of the reanalysis] demonstrated no advantage of surgery in relation to subsequent mood or anxiety disorder-related healthcare visits or prescriptions or hospitalizations following suicide attempts". /3
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5 Sep 20
Dr. Kalin of @uwsmph, the editor the AJP, followed up on concerns raised by scientists re: methodology issues in a major trans health study. This resulted in a publication of a correction to a key, erroneous claim: No objective benefit of SRS on mental health has been found. /1
But the original study's permeated medical literature, public health eduction, and medical eduction. How does one put toothpaste back into the tube? What's the @APAPubJournals's obligation to correct the original study's actual title and conclusions, which are still misleading?/2 Image
Not a single study to date has demonstrated long-term objective health benefits of hormones or surgeries. Not a problem, though. According to trans researchers, since the problem is not objectively verifiable, we shouldn't look for objective evidence of success of a solution. /3 Image
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