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6 Jul 20
@piersmorgan thread part 3

Just because I'm blocked doesn't mean I'll stop on part 2
1. @piersmorgan accused Ewan McGregor of being a "Pedophile loving hypocrite" after Ewan cancelled his appearance on GMB.
2. Ewan refused to appear on @piersmorgan's show on a Tuesday morning because he didn't like what @piersmorgan said about the women's march against trump. @piersmorgan said the Protests were vacuous and attracted Rabbid feminists.
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6 Jul 20
@piersmorgan thread part 2
1. @piersmorgan the man who condemned Justin Trudeau and said he should have resigned over the black face scandal when he was a student. @piersmorgan has been photographed wearing the uniform of the Nazi SS.
2. The SS were the Hitler's military wing who were very loyal to Hitler, the members of the SS were involved in some of the largest atrocities. At the post war Nuremberg trials was judged to be a criminal organisation with direct in numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity
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6 Jul 20
@piersmorgan thread.
1. In page 279 of @piersmorgan's book (The Insider) Morgan wrote under the date January 6th 2001 [he was warned] that people might be listening to his voicemails.

He went on to say:
1 (continued) "Apparently if you don't change the standard security code that every phone comes with then anyone can call your number and if you dont answer, tap in the standard 4 digit number to hear all messages. I'll change mines just in case -
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3 Jul 20
This thread is 10 facts that blow the "trump is racist" narrative.
1. In 2008, Jennifer Hudson's Mother, Brother and Nephew were murdered. @realDonaldTrump invited Hudson and family members to stay at his hotel for free. He made sure they were safe and taken care of.
2. In 2001 @realDonaldTrump dated a half black women named Kara Young. Kara said that she had never heard Trump say anything Racist in the time they dated.

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29 Jun 20
1. Liddle kidz foundation had several training workshops within @RepAdamSchiff's 28th district of California
2. Tina Allen the founder of Liddle kidz has a long history of working in the Hollywood area, same as @RepAdamSchiff. The organisation is a global non-profit offering [international accredited pediatric and infant massage certifications]

Look for yourself
3. A known symbol used by Pedophiles.
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26 Jun 20
@icecube thread.

1. After leaving N.W.A and pursuing a solo career ice cube became affiliated with the black supremacist group [N]ation [O]f [I]slam and incorporated a lot of their intolerant views regarding race etc.

2. In numerous songs Ice Cube incorporated the NOI's beliefs that the "white man" is the Devil and refers to white women as "cave bitches"
3. Ice cube was called out by a former NOI member Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who featured on Ice Cube's songs.

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16 Jun 20
@HillaryClinton and the multiple crimes committed by her.
1. January 2001, Clinton stole $28,509 worth of furniture from the white house.

Bill and Hillary started to ship white house furniture to their personal home in chappaqua, N.Y. the Clinton's claimed they were donated, only some were proven to be donated -
1 (continued) - and meant to stay in the white house after contacting the manufacturers. The Clinton's returned some of the furniture after pressure was put on to them to do so.
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15 Jun 20
Fake Moon landing thread.
1. The American Flag

The image of the flag of the United States that was planted on the moon and is Gently moving in the breeze. Only there is no breezy on the moon, meaning there is no air in the moon's atmosphere and hence there is no wind whatsoever.
1. This is one of the main talking points in the moon landing hoax. NASA tried to destroy the claims by saying it wasn't blowing in the wind it was just crumpled from being rolled up for the journey.

You're the judge.
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14 Jun 20
(Last Antarctica thread unless you want more)

1. Antarctica

Is the home of many many secrets and mysteries. Let's go back to the incident of Operation Highjump.
2. It is believed that 250,000 senior officers that were part of the Nazi Party maneged to escape in U-boats from Germany towards the end of the second world war.
3. There are rumours that Hitler was among those who escaped. If those many people ran away where would they have went? Some say it was to Argentina but surely this isn't feasible? 250,000 men can't be hidden in plane sight can they?
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14 Jun 20
1. In the first initiative of Barack [Hussian] Obama's presidency he sent vice President Joe biden on what he called "an important and special mission" to Antarctica.

2. The [Former] president was "vague" about the mission to Antarctica would entail. But [Hussain] did say it would take "up to four years".

3. Dr Jill Biden said on the subject that "Joe was given a choice of place to go and picked Antarctica" she also said "President Obama said he could also go to the moon or mars"

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12 Jun 20
Is ritual rape, child sacrifice and the use of Adrenochrome a conspiracy theory?

1. Per an article by Shad Olson. Previously relegated well beyond the awareness and understanding of the general public.
2. a naturally occurring human endocrine secretion is becoming a focal point of attention of people awakening to the broadening Jeffrey Epstein scandal and the tectonic realignment of human perception lurking beneath the surface of that legal proceeding and it connotations for -
3. the reality of the greatest evil in our time: child sex trafficking, ritualised sex abuse of children and child sacrifice.
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12 Jun 20
In this thread I will be showing you the people who have took funding form George Soros, republican and democrat.

Even a certain organisation.

Data is took from the link below.

@SpeakerRyan's campaign received $10,800 from [Soros]

[Soros] invested the same amount towards the senate minority leader @SenSchumer's campaign. ($10,800)
@LindseyGrahamSC received $3,500 in donations from [Soros] fund management employees.

Of that $3,500, $1,500 was from [Soros] fund management executive Scott Bessent.
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3 Jun 20
In this screenshot you are shown that the [D] party have tried to hide there history. And this screenshot then rips that apart by showing you what the [D] party has supported and what they were deeply involved in.
This screenshot shows you that the republican party were against slavery, and that the [D] party defended it, while pushing laws which were against the black people, and being against the civil rights act 1964.
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8 Apr 20
Over the days I have seen a massive drip in likes, retweets and replies from @rothschildmd (mini mike's) tweets.

This shows that his followers don't see his tweets or that they are simply bored of the constant tweets about Q.
As you can see mike's attempts to pin Q as a "dangerous movement" will not work, we saw the same thing in 2016 before the election where they tried to pin Trump supporters as A violent movement.
@rothschildmd (mini mike's) constant obsession with Q followers is starting to get creepy and worrying, you need help.

@rothschildmd got triggered by a military command "fire at will"

And I don't see how "don't let them get away with it" is dangerous either.

All for a "Larp"
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