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3 May
45/ Previous thread on abuse by Melissa “Claudio” Lewis with 23-44 here:
46/ Here’s where things start getting really weird and uncomfortable. Melissa sent a group text to me and another journo telling me how they talked and how concerned they were about me not spending enough time with them, or how I was becoming distant.
47/ I immediately got a call from the other journo telling me they hadn’t talked to Melissa about any of that and she had no idea why Melissa said it or got them involved. I asked for clarification, “Like you didn’t talk at all about it? She made all that up?” they replied, Yes.
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3 May
23/ Previous thread on abuse by Melissa “Claudio” Lewis with 1-22 here:
24/ Our friend was already staying at my house when Melissa came to stay temporarily. Everybody got a key at the same time. Four people. This wasn’t some special gift just for her. I treat all the people in my group like family, because that’s who I am and what I’m about.
25/ I originally tried to be nice and outgoing to her. I’d give her tips on how to improve her tweets or videos. The first action after the fires I hugged her and complimented her new haircut. I complimented her cooking. I was just being the nice and supportive friend I try to be
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3 May
I need to talk about the sexual harassment and mental abuse I was repeatedly subjected to for months by Melissa “Claudio” Lewis @Claudio_Report Twitter bio for Melissa “Claudio” Lewis @Claudio_Report
1/ These three threads are less than a fifth of what I’ve written on this over the last couple weeks. There’s so much more that I could have said that makes this so much worse, but making it public bordered on being embarrassing and mean.
2/ This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. I’ve spent every hour of every day since the 18th in complete shock, stressed, and in a constant state of anxiety, not knowing what to say, or how much to say, or even where to start.
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2 May
"What do you think your pictures are going to do? Do you think they're going to change the world?"

No you see, the person spray painting ACAB or breaking a Starbucks window, and making sure cops get overtime pay. That's how you really change the world.

Anti-Press = Pro-Cop
Anti-Press = Pro-Status Quo
Anti-Press = Pro-White Supremecy
Most protesters by a large margin are pro-press. It's a tiny group of very violent and uninformed people against the press. Always ignore these people and do your job.
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12 Apr
Police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota shot and killed a young man earlier today. According to his girlfriend, police told him to get out of the car, he complied then they shot him.
Hearing another report that the victim was still in the car when he was shot and killed by police.
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3 Apr
Mexican women protesting the death of Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza, a 37 year old mother of two that died in handcuffs with a police officers knee on her back, crying that she couldn’t breath.

Women chant “The police don't take care of me, my friends take care of me.” as they march to the National Palace.

@abismada_ is on the ground at the #JusticiaParaVictoria protest. Their thread from yesterday has more coverage.
Solidarity from Portland with #JusticiaParaVictoria A portrait of Victoria Esperanza Salazar ArriazaVictoria Esperanza Salazar lifts her head in distress as twoA woman attacks a police shield wall with a pick axe while bA lone woman in block gives two middle fingers to a huge pol
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6 Jan
So all the cops in DC are going to be charged with sedition, right? It's not like this would have been hard to stop. Capitol Police intentionally let this happen.
Capitol Police are there to protect the Trump supporters.
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23 Aug 20
I spent all day on the Blue Lives Matter side. They seemed to trust me. Oops. I couldn't upload while I was on their side so I'll start a thread now.

I got hit in the eye, covered in motor oil, eggs, and bear mace, so send me a buck if you can.

License plate
"Hey guys, let's wrap this up. Let's get out of here."

"Lets get into the Terry Schrunk park."

"No not the park, the cops don't want us there."
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20 Aug 20
Cop just ripped my mask off and threw a tear gas canister under me as I was kneeled filming an arrest of another member of press. I had been in the same position filming for quite a while before this cop decided to target me.
44 seconds into this video you can just barely see a cop single me out for attack. I was surrounded by press and wasn't moving.
This has been an ongoing strategy from PPB.
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8 Aug 20
Last night a domestic terrorist threw pipe bombs at protesters gathering before going home in Laurelhurst Park. Who is Garrick Fernbaugh?
An ex-Navy SEAL with twenty years service currently living in Happy Valley.
Upon return he founded Red Frog Team, a tactical training company for law enforcement and military. This look familiar?

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8 Aug 20
Here's one of the two men that threw pipe bombs at protesters in Portland tonight.
It took me a second to pull my phone out, but as soon as I saw him walking west on Pine I said, "hey you look familiar," and he immediately changed direction and went south on SE 32nd.
Portland domestic terror suspect
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26 Jul 20
Federal enforcement officer responds with CS gas after protester hits them with an orange.
The FEO is hit with another orange, but this time his response doesn't go as planned.
I got maced really bad right here. My face and skin were burning all night after this.
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