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Reanimated illusion
11 Jun
It was not an accident. It was never an accident. The design was always intended, carefully crafted.

If one has to take help of bhashyas/commentaries of the ancient texts to understand the texts, s/he is definitely not ready yet.

And that's why it is said that...
... one must start the journey with the Itihasa texts - the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It a different matter that sometimes there are those who never come out of that first journey. Bless them!

... if you are one of those who can come out, move on to the Dharma Shashtras - the Sutra texts, the Smriti texts, and sometimes the Samhita texts.

(In parallel, Puranas will always continue, because they never end.)

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10 Jun
Often the Puranic lores associate Brahmarshi Vashishtha with the Solar Dynasty (Surya Vamsha) than any other clans. This is not incorrect, as there are probably maximum number of lores that associate him with various kings from the Solar Dynasty.
However, there are some pivotal moments in the history of the Lunar Dynasty as well, where Rishi Vashishtha came at the right juncture, and made things happen - things that enabled the flow of events all the way down to the birth of his great-grandson Vishnu-avatara Krishna.
Confused? I meant Krishna Dwaipayana Veda Vyasa. 😇

And not just that, but also Shree Krishna (Vaasudeva) was also born in the same Lunar Dynasty.

And finally that dynasty was the royal line that carried forth into the next yuga (lineage of Abhimanyu).
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9 Jun
A blog is linked, a good read... recommended!

On the question about distinction between Maya and Leela, the concluding paragraph of the blog is quite apt - Maya is "how" the world is created and Leela is "why" the world is created: hindumediawiki.com/story.php?id=6…
+ as "it is a spontaneous manifestation of the Brahman".

Think of it as this way:

The particles are the Maya, while the Brownian motion is the Leela.

The paper and ink are the Maya, and what is written is the Leela. +
The bones, muscles, nerves and skin on the hand are Maya,


the SLAP is the Leela.

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