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30 Jul

1/ Track and field is now underway at the Olympics — a quadrennial reminder that Biological Race Does Not Exist, and that those massively disproportionate racial differences in performance amount to “nothing to see here.”
2/ OK, now that I have muttered the Polite Lie, let me break this down for you: As always, athletes of West African descent will dominate the sprints (especially the 100) and athletes of East African descent will dominate the long-distances (especially the marathon and 10,000).
3/ The racial differences in performance are stark for both males and females, but they are slightly less stark for females. (Rarely, a non-doping non-African-ancestry female will be able to grab a not-gold medal in the sprints or long-distances.)
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30 Jul
Advocating indefinite paid leave for black people — who are apparently being "brutalized" and "traumatized" by "white supremacy."

Examples of "brutalization": The "devaluing" of "Black hair."

This isn't regular old woke race grift. No, what is being described and advanced here is something bigger and more ambitious: Systemic Grift. It's grift on a national scale.
Last sentence in article: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.”
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17 Jul

1/ Whenever a person I knew or met in my distant past pops into my head, I immediately head to Google search to see if I can find out what happened to them.

Tonight I ended up at an obituary in the Houston Chronicle archives.
2/ The person who popped into my head tonight — and whose obituary I read — was a wealthy Houston socialite. I spent very little time with her, but she left an impression.
3/ I met her because there was a recession going on after I graduated from college and I couldn't get a job and decided I would move to the city with the lowest unemployment rate in the country. That city was Houston, a long way from where I lived.
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16 Jul
The New York Times. Image
The same newspaper that told its readers for years that things were going swimmingly in the Soviet Union under Stalin while millions were dying in famines due to agricultural collectivization.
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16 Jul

1/ Reading about the latest affirmative action insult today in Boston schools, I am reminded of the 2012 London Olympics, which allowed athletes from "underrepresented nations" to compete in events in which they weren't even remotely qualified to participate.
2/ The most extreme example of this was the case of Tahmina Kohistani, an Afghani "sprinter" whose fastest time in the 100 meters (15.02 seconds) was more than 1.5 seconds (an eternity in the sprints) slower than the fastest 7 year-old today.

3/ I ran the 100 meters as a 5th grader — wearing long pants and street shoes — faster than she ran the same distance leading up to the Games. And I wasn't even the fastest guy in my class.
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14 Jul

1/ What threatens the foundation of the modern left more than the scientific research into race and intelligence?


So it's not surprising that a co-founder of critical race theory, Richard Delgado, wants it stopped.

2/ Delgado et al proposed in 1983 that scientists conducting race and IQ research could be "regulated through an institution's control over tenure, promotion, and merit increases," and, if that failed, perhaps the government could step in and establish "a complete prohibition."
3/ After reluctantly acknowledging that scientific inquiry has constitutional protection, Delgado wondered whether calling intelligence research (one of the most robust research areas in psychology) "pseudoscience" might provide an opening to kill it. (Sound familiar?)
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13 Jul
Grief turns out to be a place none of us know until we reach it.

— Joan Didion
Didion is pictured above with her late husband, John Gregory Dunne, and her late daughter, Quintana. She wrote about her grief in losing Dunne in The Year of Magical Thinking, and then shortly thereafter described the loss of Quintana in Blue Nights.
“We are imperfect mortal beings, aware of that mortality even as we push it away, failed by our very complication, so wired that when we mourn our losses we also mourn, for better or for worse, ourselves. As we were. As we are no longer. As we will one day not be at all.”
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12 Jul

1/ Redirection away from scientifically-measurable traits like intelligence, and toward subjectively and ideologically-assessed values like "heart and soul," goes hand-in-hand with the elimination of standardized testing and gifted programs.

It's entirely about race.
2/ Let me put it this way: If there were no race gaps in standardized educational testing or academic achievement, no one would be talking about prioritizing vaporous qualities like "heart and soul" over "brains".
3/ "Equity" demands the removal of gaps. and since the "brains" gap appears largely immovable, that means either de-prioritizing "brains" or undermining the measurement of abilities related to "brains."
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12 Jul
DiAngelo is absolutely correct here in describing the smiling forced oversolicitousness of white people in the presence of black people, especially in "white spaces."

I've become convinced that DiAngelo understands a lot of racial dynamics better than "colorblind" people.
The fact that DiAngelo has now pissed off everybody (or at least made them uncomfortable) — wokes and anti-wokes alike — shows that she's on to something.

I recommend White Fragility. About 70% of it is half-baked, but a lot of it is right-on-the-money.
DiAngelo can be very good at *describing* the black-white dynamic, but then stumbles when she tries to shoe-horn it into an ideological framework.
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12 Jul

1/ There's a lot of outrage over this clip, but what she's saying ("[blacks] can't tell a story without telling the ten things that led up to that moment"), while exaggerated, is largely true in my experience.
2/ I once had a job that involved interviewing thousands of people and I experienced this pattern over and over, and it drove me — as an INTJ and an analytical person — absolutely nuts. I couldn't get people to distill relevant info into a few sentences.
3/ Instead, I had to listen to a lengthy narrative & then had to fish out the relevant details from it. This was true of almost all low-income blacks I interviewed, and a lot of mid-income blacks, too. But I didn't experience this with whites, except for the most poorly-educated.
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10 Jul
Noted genocide expert and science denialist blocks me. Image
Lindsay claims that there is no differences in the average IQ of blacks and whites in the US — which literally no published intelligence scientist believes and which the American Psychological Association officially affirms is false— but then accuses the CRT crowd of Lysenkoism.
Of course the CRT crowd is full of Lysenkoism — science denial is rife on the progressive-left — but he's a hypocrite to call them out for science denial if he's guilty of it, as well.
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4 Jul

1/ Many years ago, I lived in a very large foreign city, about halfway around the world, in an apartment located in a nondescript middle-class neighborhood.
2/ At noon during the summers, I'd walk to the bread shop about a block from my house and buy a loaf — while it was still hot —that had come straight from a stone oven, and then go back home, and sit in my kitchen and have my lunch.
3/ After a while, I couldn't help but notice that an attractive young woman would make the same journey each day to the bread shop, arriving at about the same time I did. I started thinking about her, and entertained the idea of starting up a conversation with her.
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2 Jul
No, CRT does not inexorably push us toward an "endpoint" of "Marxism itself" (a dictatorship of the proletariat) and it isn't "designed to tear down capitalism and replace it with Marxism."

Cruz knows better, but apparently doesn't care. He knows this is effective red meat.
The fact that you can find a few critical race theorists who support de-privatization of all property doesn't make this loopy characterization of CRT true.
Remember that support for Antiracism is highest among the wealthiest group in America: Progressive Democrats. Do you think that they'll want to live in a country in which they have to give up their summer homes and live by "to each according to his needs"?
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11 Jun

1/ I've asked @wokal_distance repeatedly — others have, as well — to provide one example, in thousands of my tweets, of a scientific finding I've tweeted which was "pseudoscience."

No response.


Instead he just continues to hurl insults.
2/ His style of discourse appears to be not unlike his woke enemies — open with a smear or provably-wrong claim, follow it up with hyperbole and ad hominem, and then avoid defending the original claim. And lots of emotionally-charged and strident language along the way.
3/ His obsessiveness in digging up my old tweets
("keeping receipts") — sometimes with no context available — and his shrillness and moral scolding — does this sound like a certain type of person we know? Does it sound like the people we're fighting?
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9 Jun

1/ Do you remember how crazy the American left was during Trump's presidency? Do you remember the paranoia, the hyperbole, the insane conspiracies, the inability to civilly engage, the binary thinking?

This describes a lot of the foot soldiers in the anti-CRT movement.
2/ I regularly tweet examples of Antiracist and CRT nonsense. I've been engaged in the fight against the woke-left since I started a FB group back in 2017. I like to think I have some anti-woke street cred.
3/ But I'm now regularly called "soft" and "deluded" in my replies by people who appear to be recent converts to anti-Wokeness because I don't believe, for example, that the left wants to conduct a genocide of whites.

I'm not kidding.
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9 Jun

1/ Whether abhorrent or not, widely-held stereotypes are typically accurate. In fact, there may not be a more statistically-powerful finding in all of social psychology than stereotype accuracy.

2/ "There is overwhelming evidence of stereotype accuracy... Over 50 studies have now been performed assessing the accuracy of demographic, national... and other stereotypes. Stereotype accuracy is one of the largest and most replicable effects in all of social psychology..."
3/ "The evidence from both experimental and naturalistic studies indicates that people apply their stereotypes when judging others approximately rationally... When individuating information is clear and relevant, its effects are massive."
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9 Jun
"Open borders? That's a Koch Brothers proposal... It would make everybody in America poorer. You're doing away with the concept of a nation-state, and I don't think there's any country in the world that believes in that... I don't believe in that."

— Bernie Sanders, 2015
"How did progressive leaders go from understanding that mass immigration is a de facto tax on the poor... to casting it as the only morally defensible position, the only non-racist one?"

"If we once had one party representing the rich and one party representing labor, today, we have one party representing the rich and one party representing the highly educated and no party representing the working class."
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7 Jun
Don't make me like Trump.

The highlight of Trump's presidency, in my mind, was when he called Haiti a "shithole country," an insult so reviled by good-thinkers everywhere that I knew it had to be empirically supported — which, of course, it abundantly is.
Is there a single significant national outcome in which Haiti doesn't badly trail all other countries in our hemisphere? I looked into it, and there sure weren't many.
Of course Trump might be the single most retarded president in my lifetime. But I still love the fact he used the term, and that the left thinks this is some kind of "gotcha" moment.
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3 Jun
Colorblindness is a dead horse. Stop kicking it.

Racial outcome disparities are a permanent feature of American society. Underperforming groups are no longer going to accept their position at the bottom, so inevitably they will reject the ethos of colorblindness.
Don't ask me for a solution. There is no solution to the problem of the (extremely predictable) outcome differences between groups in America. If you build a society around the naivete of group equalitarianism, eventually reality is going to smack you in the face.
Why do you think a theoretical framework as ridiculous as "antiracism" (or critical race theory or whatever) was able to so quickly take root in our institutions?

Because people can see that "equality of opportunity" and colorblindness aren't going to get you group equality.
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3 Jun
The composite SAT score gap between Asians and whites exploded from being virtually non-existent to being almost the same size as that between whites and blacks.

It's the gap that no one talks that much about (it's less incendiary) but may end up being every bit as impactful.
It's easily explainable: Positive selection in Asian immigration means that Asian immigrants today (many of whom emigrate to the US to work in tech) tend to come from their nations' cognitive elites (this is particularly true of Indians & ethnic Chinese).
This was not the case until about twenty or thirty years ago, and only really began accelerating over the last decade.
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31 May

1/ I've tried in the past to find out *precisely* what this woman's role was in developing the Moderna vaccine, but all I've been able to learn is that she was part of two research teams that contributed to developing the vaccine.
2/ The post-Floyd PR campaign that made her the poster child for "black scientific achievement" seemed mostly fake to me from the beginning — sort of the typical semi-patronizing overselling of any crumb of black accomplishment in areas of STEM.
3/ Her CV, apart from being part of the Moderna vaccine development, seems unremarkable.

This fits the pattern I've seen all my life. Whether it's the new Chinese-American comedian or the new white sprinter or the new black scientist — the establishment desperately wants us...
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