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12 May

I'm coming to you live from the "Uncensored Truth Tour" at the Legacy Church on Wyoming, featuring Dr. Simone Gold, a COVID truther and Capitol insurrectionist. I'm not wearing a mask, the better to blend in with the estimated 300+ crowd here to see the doctor speak.
The line is spilling out the door for the greater Albuquerque populace to listen to Dr. Gold, who was arrested for her involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Shoutout to @161ABQ and @Spicey22997574 for the intel.
Simone Gold, who gained her notoriety as an anti-vaxxer activist during the pandemic, is the founder of the extremist right wing organization America's Frontline Doctors and was arrested for her actions on Jan. 6. She has done her best to spread misinformation regarding COVID-19.
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